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Global Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing
No software or hardware requirements
Audio, Video, Phone Conferencing Operator Assisted
Audio, Video, Operator Assisted Conferencing

We offer a full range of operator assisted services spanning audio, video, and phone conferencing, and more, all designed to make holding a large teleconference as seamless as possible.

With audio conference rooms capable of holding up to 12,000 attendees from around the globe, we have the technology and the expertise to manage your next large shareholder meeting, board meeting, media conference, or corporate meeting.

All attendees need to do is dial an access number, enter the conference ID, and listen in. We can make this even easier with live operators who can either dial participants directly or cheerfully greet them as they enter the conference room.
Audio and Phone Conferencing Solutions for Large Group Conference Calls

Audio and phone conferencing remain the easiest and most effective communications methods for large groups for several reasons.

There are no special software or hardware requirements. With thousands of participants, requiring software or hardware poses a serious obstacle to participation.

Meanwhile, almost everyone has a phone in their pocket. To further simplify access to your phone conference, we offer local and toll free access numbers for countries around the world.

With large phone conferences, live operators become essential. Managing the logistics of a large group audio call and communicating your message to hundreds, if not thousands of attendees, become two distinctly separate tasks.

Based on the services and features selected, audio, video, phone conferencing, our operator assisted audio conferencing specialists will play an active role in monitoring and managing the call.
No Setup Fees No Prepayment 24/7 Operators
Personal Support Turn Key Service
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Assisted Audio Conferencing Operator
Available features include

  Greeting participants upon dial-in

  Dialing participants directly

  Joining international attendees into the call

  Verifying participants are on the authorized participant list

  Conducting polls

  Monitoring requests for operator assistance

  Managing the question queue

Private communication with an operator during the call (simply dial *0 and the operator will place you in a separate line for a private discussion)

Planning for a Successful Large Audio or Web Conference

Our scalable solutions are ideal for busy executives, directors, public relations professionals, and others who need to communicate with a large, potentially global, group in real time.

As you can imagine, planning a group audio call with hundreds or thousands of attendees around the world requires a great deal of coordination. Fortunately, you don't have to figure this out on your own. Let us manage the details like local and toll free access numbers, invitations, reminders, direct dial, personal greetings upon dial in, security, audio quality, polls, questions, troubleshooting, call recording, transcription, translation, and reporting while you focus on your message.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend at least 24 hours advance notice before scheduling a large (100 or more) operator assisted conference call. For emergencies and crises, we can quickly gather a team of operators to assist. Either way, we'll hold your hand throughout the process, providing "white glove" customer service to ensure a well-executed audio meeting.

If you need audio, video, phone conferencing, operator assisted audio conferencing specialists are available to facilitate your large event 24/7.

Web Conference Call
Our world-class audio conference service is incorporated with the leading web conference technologies providing a comprehensive meeting experience with phone audio.

Microsoft® Lync Audio Conference Calling
Aitelephone® and Microsoft® have joined forces to provide advanced audio conference call service that is fully integrated with Microsoft Lync Online (Office 365) or premise based Lync deployment. Aitelephone Conferencing audio integration enables you to easily integrate audio conference calling with Lync web conferences.

Microsoft® Skype for Business Audio Conferencing
Aitelephone's audio conference call service is fully integrated with Microsoft Skype for Business.

Adobe Connect Audio Conferencing
Aitelephone's integrated voice conferencing brings the audio from a phone conference into the Adobe® Connect meeting room. The integration enables advanced call control, such as combining computer VoIP audio and telephone audio callers, muting specific participants, dialing a participant's phone and including audio in recordings.

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Video and Web Conferencing for Large Group Conferences

Need to add a visual element, share your screen, or add a text-based chat to operator assisted audio conferencing?

Our video and web conferencing service integrates with audio conferencing seamlessly and can be used in conjunction with or without operator assistance.

Here's a quick overview of how our video and web conferencing works:

  Schedule web conferencing on demand or in advance

  Customize a registration form (if you want to require pre-registration)

  Set up the meeting to send invitations, reminder emails, post-meeting surveys, and follow-up emails

  Promote your web meeting on social media

  Invite participants and co-presenters

  Participants dial into an audio conference and enter the access code as usual

  They visit the event's URL and enter a password to view the web conference - no software or download required

  The conference leader's view provides access to a variety of tools such as a Participants Panel list, one-click recording, chat box, presentation tools, screen sharing tools, and webcams.

  Our web conferencing solution is extremely flexible, too, with both on-demand and operator assisted audio options. You can even broadcast the audio-only portion of the event over the Internet if desired.

After the web conference, you can view the recording (no download required), edit it, archive it, or embed it as well as view detailed reports, chat transcripts, poll results, attendance information, and more.
Pre and Post call planning and recap is provided free
No ancillary fees
Our customers enjoy the clearest audio lines available
You can expect impeccable expert event execution
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Audio, Video, Operator Assisted Conferencing