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Do's and Don'ts of Hosting Large Event Calls
Manage, Moderate, Troubleshoot
Tasked with hosting a large event conference call for the first time?

Perhaps you've hosted a few and want to know what you can do better next time around.

This short list of do's and don'ts can help.
Take advantage of useful features such as call recordings, transcripts, and translations.
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Plan ahead.
You will have participants from many time zones and regional calling areas. A standard teleconferencing service offering domestic access numbers isn't necessarily set up for international participants. You'll need to make sure that it's either possible to dial out to those participants or provide them with local or toll free access specific to their locales. If dialing out, make sure that this task can be handled by technology or a team of live operators who can dial simultaneously just before the meeting's appointed start time.

Estimate your head count before reserving an audio conference.
This will help you to select an appropriate audio conferencing service provider. The larger your list of invitees, the more capacity and features you will require. As your numbers climb, do consider using operator assisted event conferencing services.

Consider adding visuals.
Though your event may be hosted in an audio conference room, some services, ours included, integrate with browser-based web or video conferencing. Blending your audio event with web conferencing allows you to share your screen, present a slideshow, conduct web chats, and more.

Familiarize yourself with the conferencing environment.
This may be as simple as reviewing the keypad commands for summoning an operator or muting a line or slightly more involved such as exploring any integrated web conferencing tools. The key is to be comfortable in your role as the moderator of the conference call. You may even want to host a small conference with your colleagues as a trial run a day or so before the scheduled event.

Communicate with your co-presenters before the event.
Obviously, you will be doing this as part of your planning process. However, you'll also want to spend some time in a sub-conference before the event begins. Here you'll be able to go over last minute details, make sure each presenter knows how to use any conference-specific tools or commands, and touch base with the lead operator who will be assisting you throughout the conference.

Take advantage of useful features such as call recordings, transcripts, and translations.
These are often offered à la carte because not everyone will require a record for posterity or a translation.

Wait until the last minute to schedule a large event conference call.
While it's certainly possible to reserve a large conference call on short notice, you'll need sufficient time to invite participants and plan your message. Exceptions do exist such as when a crisis strikes and you need to react quickly. Having a reliable, operator-assisted conferencing service you can call up at any time is crucial in quickly planning and executing large audio conferences - even in a pinch.

Get stuck with a long-term contract for services you may rarely use.
Pay-as-you-go plans offer the best of both worlds: competitive rates, robust features, live operator assistance, and the flexibility to use the service as needed.

Rely solely on technology.
Operator-assisted services exist for several reasons: timely connections, active management and moderation, immediate troubleshooting, and the personal touch.

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