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Staying Connected in Atlanta with Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Nationwide and multinational companies based in Atlanta often use operator-assisted conference calls to stay connected with executives, sales teams, vendors, officials, partners, and other parties around the country and the world. With large conference calls ranging from dozens to up to 12,000 people, having operator assistance becomes critical.

How Atlanta Operator-Assisted Conference Calls Work

Atlanta operator-assisted conference calls are similar to regular dial-in conference calls, but with live operators, customization, and additional features as needed.

For example, with an Atlanta operator-assisted conference call, local attendees can join by dialing an Atlanta-specific access number while nationwide attendees can use a toll free number and international attendees can use country-specific international access numbers.

An operator can also dial out to attendees as needed, especially if they live in countries without local access numbers or whose presence is only needed during a given time period.

Our large event conference calls include a robust registration system where attendees can register via phone or website. Reminders and customized messages are sent prior to the call.

To ensure your Atlanta operator-assisted conference call goes smoothly and is staffed appropriately with the right number of operators, a lead operator goes over your conference call’s requirements in advance.

Operators greet attendees as they join the call. Not only is this a welcoming gesture, it allows for increased security and information gathering. As the call progresses, they can field questions, conduct polls, connect special guests to the call, mute noisy lines, and more.

Benefits of Operator-Assisted Conferencing in Atlanta

Conducting a large audio conference call requires a team approach to keep disruptions to a minimum. By having operators at the ready to take care of any potential mishaps, the call can continue as planned. For example, if you start your call with an open session and then move on to a lecture, an operator can quickly switch the conference mode to lecture mode. There’s no need to pause the conference while you fumble with controls or ask attendees to please mute their lines. There’s no chance of having a few errant lines open to interfere with your lecture.

Live operators also help to ensure the security of your conference call by validating attendees. If someone who is not on the approved list attempts to join the call, an operator can block them.

Call efficiency is enhanced with live operators who can help keep the call on topic and on time. Likewise, you can use the operators to field and compile questions for the Q & A session as well as run polls during the call. At the end of the conference call, an operator can generate reports, call recordings, and transcripts if desired.

How Companies in Atlanta Can Use Operator-Assisted Conference Calls to Stay Connected

Companies in Atlanta use operator-assisted conference calls for a wide range of purposes. Below are a few examples.

  Distance learning / training - School districts moving to distance learning use operator-assisted conference calls both in the planning and delivery stages. Human resources departments use operator-assisted conference calls to deliver training in group audio calls, helping them to stay connected with a dispersed workforce.

All hands meetings - Companies based in Atlanta often use operator-assisted conference calls to facilitate all hands meetings with branches around the world.

•  Board meetings - Operator assistance during board meeting conference calls often comes in handy by joining guests into the call at the designated time. This allows the board to conduct its business and seek input from external sources without requiring attendees to stay on the call for the entire session.

Atlanta Operator Assisted Conference Calling Possibilities

Industries of all types, including biotech, legal, academic, cultural, science, healthcare, public administration, law enforcement, and more, can benefit from Atlanta operator-assisted conference calls.

Whether you have local attendees in Atlanta or a much wider audience from New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Barcelona, Shanghai, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Moscow, or any other international city, our operators can bring everyone together via direct dial-out or local or toll free access numbers.

Schedule an Operator Assisted Conference Call in Atlanta

With live operators available 24/7, we can help you run a large event conference call at any time, day or night. Our reliable, global telecommunications network ensures crystal clear audio quality while our operators add the personal, human touch.

Low rates and no charges for the first 100 “no shows” help contain costs. Get a quote today and stay connected in Atlanta with a well-run operator assisted conference call.
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