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Atlanta Operator Assisted Event Call

Operator Assisted Call in Atlanta
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Operator-assisted Call for a Large Audience
Benefits of Operator Assisted Conferencing in Atlanta Based Companies

Holding a large conference call is more complicated than holding a small one, with the potential for more disruptions and less organization. Atlanta operator-assisted conference calls solve this problem, allowing you to focus on your message delivery while we take care of the call’s logistics.

Atlanta Operator Assisted Conference Call

Staying Connected in Atlanta with our Operator Assisted Conference Call Service.

Operator-assisted conference calls allow organizations in Atlanta to stay connected with national and international partners, vendors, employees, bidders, trainees, and other people in expertly run group audio calls.

With an operator (or group of them for larger events) actively monitoring the conference call, the host of the call can focus on the task at hand without the distractions of greeting attendees, verifying attendance, fielding questions, or muting and unmuting lines.

Staying Connected in Atlanta with Operator Assisted Conference Calling

Operator-assisted conference calls allow businesses in Atlanta to stay connected with partners, staff, vendors, public officials, journalists, and other dignitaries in a well-organized group audio call.


Oftentimes, large teleconferences run the risk of becoming inefficient due to the sheer number of participants. By having an operator (or a team of operators if the call warrants it), you can ensure that your next large conference call goes as smoothly as possible.


How Atlanta Operator Assisted Conference Calls Work


Atlanta operator assisted conference calls work in much the same way as traditional conference calls, but are actively managed and monitored by an operator. You will be assigned a lead operator prior to your conference call and will work together to plan the logistics of the call.


Our operators will perform any number of tasks, depending on your specific needs, such as greeting participants, dialing participants, gathering information from participants, conducting polls and surveys, managing questions, troubleshooting, muting unmuted lines, moderating a Q&A session, and more.


You can have up to 12,000 participants from Atlanta and the world at large. Overseas participants can dial access numbers local to their own countries, including toll free access. US callers can dial city-specific access numbers or a toll free access number.


Benefits of Operator Assisted Conferencing in Atlanta


In general, the larger the conference call, the more important active management of it becomes. From registration through post-event report generation, our operators work to ensure your conference call is a success.


With operators actively managing your teleconference, you’ll spend less time worrying about the logistics of it—Oh no, someone’s dog is barking! How do I mute that noisy line? What key am I supposed to press again?—and more time focusing on connecting with your participants.


It all begins with conference call registration. Operators can collect information from participants as well as send reminders to help ensure optimal attendance.


When the conference call begins, operators can personally greet participants as they call in as well as enforce security by limiting access to authorized participants.


They can also dial some participants directly such as those who live in areas where access numbers are not available. Likewise, if you’d like to bring in a VIP at a certain point of the call, an operator can call and join them in as needed.


Operators can also conduct polls, manage questions, mute noisy lines, switch the call between lecture and Q&A modes, and more.


When it’s time for questions and answers, the operator will be able to filter out duplicate questions and prioritize the most pressing ones.


At the end of the call, operators perform final tasks like sending out call recordings, transcripts, and attendance reports. Having an operator assisting throughout your conference call makes it more engaging for participants and less stressful for you.



How Companies in Atlanta Can Use Operator Assisted Conference Calls to Stay Connected


There are many ways companies in Atlanta can use operator-assisted conference calls. Below are a few examples:


•  Crisis planning and response

When a crisis hits, groups of leaders, officials, first responders, and subject matter experts must quickly assemble and formulate a plan. Our operators can help with all of the details that go into planning and holding a large conference call with attendees from around the world.


•  Virtual conferences

Exchanging knowledge will never go out of style, though the format in which we do so varies. Teleconferences are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to share information with a large group. Because virtual conferences can become quite large, operators who actively assist and manage the conference call are essential.


•  Press releases

Your Atlanta team is on the brink of a major breakthrough. Whether it’s a potential cure for one of Earth’s most devastating diseases or you’ve just built the first Mars-ready spaceship, holding a large press conference with journalists from across the country (or around the world) via an operator-assisted conference call is a great way to spread the news and answer questions.



Atlanta Operator Assisted Conference Calling Possibilities


As you can see, there are all kinds of uses for an operator-assisted conference call. Whether you’re involved in biotech, government, energy, manufacturing, research, justice, academia, or even small business, operator assisted conferencing can help you to stay connected in Atlanta. Attendees can join your audio conference call from San Francisco, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Pittsburg, New York, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, and other cities from around the world.


Schedule an Operator Assisted Conference Call in Atlanta


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Our service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Get a quick quote for your next event conference call today.

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