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Operator Conference Call Optimized for a Large Audience
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Operator Conference Call
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If you are a regular user of an operator conference call you likely have a routine you follow as you plan, hold, and review your conference calls.

As you know, the larger the audience, the more complex this process can become. And when your large audience happens to span the globe, audio conferencing becomes even more complicated.

Use the tips below to optimize audio conferencing for a large global audience.

Make sure your event conferencing plan supports access for an international audience, if you have overseas attendees.

Of course, even if you advertise your event domestically, you may be surprised to learn that a lot of your attendees require international access.

These attendees will need toll free or local access numbers specific to their countries. Our worldwide operator-assisted conferencing plans include global access numbers for your overseas audience.

Optional Operator Dial-Out

Again, we can handle connecting overseas attendees to your call for you.

Operator conference call and sharing information prior to the call

Attendees want to know if attending your audio conference is worth their time. Make sure to let them know what's in it for them.

For large event conferences, consider creating a landing page or Facebook event. Attendees will learn the benefits of attending your call.

Use these pages and/or email to share helpful information. Distribute relevant pre-conference materials, agendas, fact sheets.

Share helpful resources such as interpreting services for those who aren’t fluent in your language.

Provide Written Transcripts And Translations After The Conference

Add a poll to your landing page or Facebook event to find out which languages your attendees speak.

Hire a moderator, or even a team of moderators, for large conferences.

Whether your conference call is international or domestic, if the audience is large, you'll need help managing it.

In addition, our operator-assisted conferences are made to order and moderated by one or several of our experienced audio conference event operators.

This is a turn-key, concierge service that helps you plan and conduct an operator conference call up to 12,000 attendees. We work hard to ensure an outstanding attendee experience.

Operator Conference Call And Making Use Of Live Polling Features

Live polls throughout the event conference are a great way to keep attendees engaged as well as get their feedback.

For large audiences, this is a great opportunity to conduct mini-research sessions about topics relevant to your business.

When you use our operator-assisted event conferencing service, we’ll assign an operator to oversee live polling.

Polling Questions Are Determined Prior To The Conference

During the conference, we can conduct the polls as well as gather and report on the responses.

Produce and distribute audio recordings, written transcripts, and translations.

Large event operator conference calls aren't necessarily over once the last participant leaves the call.

For starters, you'll want to review the event's effectiveness, participation, and lessons learned.

You may want to follow up with attendees and share the audio recording.

Distribute Transcripts Or Translations

Equally important, another task involves producing and distributing written transcripts and translations.

We provide you with detailed attendance reports and call recordings on all of our audio conferencing plans.

Our event conferencing service can also provide written transcripts upon request.

If you need translations, be sure to talk to our event specialist because we can coordinate translations on your behalf.

Operator-assisted conference call requires planning and expertise.

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Operator Conference Call Optimized for a Large Audience

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