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Operator Assisted Conferencing White Glove Customer Care

You Can Host an Event Conference Call with up to 12,000 Attendees

Worldwide Attendee Access
Your operator assisted calls are accessible internationally from over 120 countries with toll-free dial-in and our operators can connect the attendees for you.  No matter where your attendees may be located geographically, we will add them to your call.

We will deliver a planned, professional and perfectly executed event operator assisted calls per your specifications.

White Glove    Turn-Key Service
We work with you and accomplish your goals including specifics of how you wish the call to take place.

Attention is paid to every detail.  If this is your first call, we can assist by making suggestions as to what has worked well for similar calls like the one you are planning.

Rest assured we are here for you before, during and after the call.
New customers can receive up to $1,000 call credit
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Operator Assisted Conferencing

Holding large global audio event conferences with thousands of participants requires a purpose-built audio conferencing solution. Our operator conference call service includes features that the underlying technology requires to effectively gather a massive global audience into an audio conference. Equally important, this service includes live operators who actively monitor and manage the audio conference.

Whether your audience numbers in the tens, hundreds, or thousands, our operators manage the details so you can focus on your message.

Event Conference Call | What to Expect

This type of audio conference can be broken down into three stages: Pre-event, event, and post event.

Here’s what occurs at each stage

Large audio conferences require a pre-event planning to ensure your event is flawless. One of our project managers works with you to plan the audio meeting, select the desired features (such as event registration, polling, pod casting, recordings, and transcripts) select call-in numbers (local access or toll-free), and send invitations.

During the event, live operators will take care of the audio conference call details such as dialing and greeting participants, muting lines, polling participants, managing the question queue, facilitating a questions and answers session, perform dial-outs, and more. Depending on the size of your audio conference and the features you have requested, you may have several operators serving in different roles. For example, an operator may be dedicated to assisting you with communications, troubleshooting, patronizing questions, and so forth.

Our job doesn't end with the end of the audio conference. Once the call ends, we execute various post-event tasks such as generating attendance reports, sending audio recordings, transcribing the audio, translating the audio, inviting absentee participants to listen to a digital recording, or sending you an encrypted CD containing the audio and transcripts. These tasks depend on the features ordered during the planning stage.
How to Host Operator Assisted Calls
Conference calls can range from simple meetings with a handful of participants to huge events with thousands of attendees dialing in from around the globe. While the tasks for attendees are the same - dial a phone number, enter a PIN, and participate, as a conference call organizer, hosting a conference call event requires different technology, planning, and extra hands to help.

Here's what you need to know about hosting a large conference call event
Audio Conferencing for Large Event Conference Calls
First and foremost, you'll need to be able to accommodate a large volume of attendees. Most standard business conferencing plans are set up for smaller audio conferences, not mega events. Our operator conference calling service can accommodate up to 12,000 attendees, and it includes live operators committed to making your large conference call event a success.
Plan Your Audio Conference
There's a lot to consider when planning large conference calls and we will assist you with any of these issues.

For example, is your event intended for a local or international audience?

Do you want to offer toll free access numbers?

Are any attendees located in countries where access is limited?

Will your conference be audio only or do you plan on including web-based elements to it?

In addition to technical planning, you’ll need to create an agenda for your event and share that with the other speakers as well as with the person who will be helping you to manage the conference call.

Included in Our Event Conference Call Service Features
Assign a dedicated person to actively manage the call, helping to keep it running on track and on time. You may also need a second person, if not a team depending on the size of your audience, to field questions from attendees and help with various tasks such as greeting attendees, dialing out to international attendees, muting noisy lines, and so forth.

Decide if you will have an open discussion or Q&A session as part of your conference call. Our operators can help organize your attendees’ questions so that duplicates are avoided or similar questions grouped together. For example, throughout the conference call, attendees can submit their questions via a chat box or a separate line. The operator could then prepare a list of questions for you to answer at the end of the conference call without having to open the lines and take questions in random order.

These are but a few of the many considerations that go into a large event conference call. Let us help you. Our operator conference calls are expertly run on modern conference bridges capable of accommodating up to 12,000 attendees.

Pre Register Make a Reservation

Our event specialists are available 24/7 to set-up your operator assisted conference call and work with your requirements.  We can also recommend the features your business may benefit from on your planned call.

Whether you need to schedule investor relations calls, court or legal event or video web cast - we will help you sift through the latest technologies and features so that you well have a very successful outcome to your event call.
Operator Assisted Conference Call