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Large Conference Conference Call Service
Large Conference Call Service

Coordinating large event conference calls with hundreds or even thousands of participants joining the call requires much more advanced planning than holding a quick ad hoc meeting with your inner circle.

For example, with a large event conference call such as a shareholders' meeting, you may have attendees from around the world.  Which access numbers are available to them?  In a smaller call, you could manually dial and connect them to your call, but with potentially hundreds of individuals to connect, that simply isn't practical.

Likewise, with a small conference call, it's easy enough to open the lines for questions and answers, but how will you field questions from hundreds or thousands of attendees?
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Large Event Conference Calls
Fortunately, the challenges of large group conference calls can be handled with ease when you use a conference calling solution built specifically for event conference calls.  Our operator assisted conferencing service can accommodate up to 12,000 participants in a single audio conference room.  It is fully customizable, scalable, and loaded with features.

The Personal Touch

Planning a large audio conference is essential, and we're here to help from the moment you reserve your spot. Reservations can be made over the phone or online. Various features, such as sub-conferences, audio recordings, transcription, Q&A management, polls, custom greetings, global local and toll free access numbers, operator-assisted dial out, and translation, are available.

Our consultants and live operators work before, during, and after your large audio event to ensure:

  Easy access to the conference call regardless of global location
  Trouble-free, crystal clear audio connections
  Questions are monitored and prioritized
  Instant support to the conference moderator on a separate communication line
  Security, we can limit access to only those on an authorization list
  Professional greetings and introductions

What Happens Before a Large Conference Call?

We work with you to customize the event to best meet your needs. Some of the options you might want to consider include: developing a personalized greeting, adding a web conferencing element to the audio call, polling attendees, monitoring the question queue for a Q&A session, providing international access numbers, or dialing some participants directly.

What Happens During a Large Audio Conference Call?

Our team of live operators actively monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your call behind the scenes. The lead operator will be involved at all times, welcoming participants, introducing speakers, and managing other aspects of the call such as muting and unmuting speakers' lines, polling, and Q&A sessions.

Our managed audio conferencing service is ideal for events like:

  Large corporate meetings
  Cross-functional team meetings
  Legal audio conferences
  Pharmaceutical and healthcare conference calls
  Investor relations teleconferences
  Shareholders' meetings
  Global media announcements / press conferences
  Crisis management communications
  Special events and lectures

What Happens After a Large Conference Call?

We continue working, even after the last attendee hangs up. We'll prepare and deliver your post-conference attendance reports and any other additional services you've requested such as audio recordings, audio and chat transcripts, translations, poll results, and so on.

Hold a Humongous Event Conference Call without a Hitch

Our pay-as-you-go operator-assisted service is easy to set up and use - and we do most of the heavy lifting. We appreciate that each event has its own unique requirements and are committed to providing personalized service before, during, and after your audio event. Our exceptional audio conferencing technology and professional live operators have the logistics of large audio calls covered, allowing you to focus on your presentation with confidence.

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Large Conference Call Service

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We work even after last attendee hangs up