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Operator Conference Call Strategies and Solutions
We are committed to helping you conduct a successful operator assisted event conference call.

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Our clients rely on us for operator assisted audio conferences for a wide range of real-time audio communication purposes.

Here are a few use cases to give you a better idea how our services are used in various situations.

Finance Investor Relations
Large, operator-assisted conference calls are an efficient way to communicate with investors and shareholders en masse and in real time. These calls are often used for press conferences, quarterly announcements, and crisis control situations.

Legal Communications
Our operator assisted conference calling services are perfectly suited to the legal industry, offering secure, private audio conferencing services, transcription, and encrypted files. Law firms use our services for several purposes including contract negotiations, case reviews, remote depositions, press conferences, continuing legal education, and more.

Healthcare organizations, from pharmaceutical and insurance companies to medical centers, associations, and various departments, often use our live operators to assist in audio conferences for legal announcements, drug and product updates, training, research announcements, health advisories, and more.

Corporate Communications
Operator assisted audio is ideal for internal communications across large enterprises. Whether you need to communicate with an executive committee or the entire organization, we can facilitate an effective, perfectly executed audio conference with a massive, and even a global audience.

Radio Show Tours

  Various PR and production companies will work with certain talent to line up interviews across the country with different radio shows when promoting a topic (i.e. new book, new movie, etc.)

  Customers uses operators to connect

a) the producer
b) the talent
c) radio show

  Many of these tours last 6-8 hours with each interview being 10-15 minutes long

  The operator dials out to the producer 15 minutes prior to the first interview time to review details, then dials out to the talent about 5 minutes before the first interview.  For the rest of the day, the operator will dial-out to the pre-scheduled radio shows and connect them to the talent to conduct their interview.  Then, they have the next radio show lined up, ready-to-go, when one interview stops and another begins.

  The interviews are sometimes live on the radio and sometimes pre-recorded to air at another time.  If they are to air at another time, the operator collects the estimated air date.


Investor Relations Calls

  We conduct many quarterly IR and/or Earnings calls for customers worldwide.

  With 1 particular company, we book about 150 lines (U.S. & International).  They have their investors dial-in to a private speaker line and then present quarterly findings to the audience.

  There is a Q&A session at the end of the presentation that the operator manages with the assistance of an additional operator on Leaderview.

Leaderview is an online portal that the customer logs into to view the callers connected and to manipulate the order of questions (i.e. who should be called on first, second, etc.)

  A Participant List is collected so the customer knows who joined their call.

  A .Wav / MP3 recording is made of the call.

  Encore is also booked which allows callers to dial a phone number after the call to listen to the replay over the telephone (instead of on the computer).

  Transcriptions are also created for this company, so there is a written record of the call.


All Hands Meetings

  When a sales force is geographically dispersed throughout the country and overseas.

Sales programs, sales recognition, executive announcements, product launches, and marketing updates must be communicated on a regular basis in a way that easily keeps sales reps informed.

  Whether done weekly, monthly or quarterly, many companies use our service to hold their All Hands meetings to communicate updates to their workforce.

  International companies book 2 calls.  One to accommodate North American callers and one to accommodate another region (i.e. Asia Pacific).

  Our operators support calls 24/7 and in multiple languages, so this is easy for us to accommodate.

  Recordings and Participant Lists are typically booked with these calls as well as Q&A.


Press Release Scenario

  Press releases are a common use for operator-assisted services.  Once a product is released, the company will invite members of the press to dial-in and ask questions.

  Based on the size of the company and the release, audiences can vary from 10 to 300 people.

  The owner / marketing rep for the company typically does a brief overview and then allows members of the press to ask questions.

  A communication line and/or Event Call Director is booked so the customer can easily see what press outlets have joined and queued up for questions.

They will then manipulate Q&A and decide priority.

  Recordings and often transcriptions are booked with these calls.


New Product Release

Pharmaceutical Release

  A sub-conference room was used to prep the speaker with his associates before the call.

Controlled muting is used by the operator.

1 Chairperson dials-in using Canada toll free North America access number

275 total participant lines for North America

4 Turkey

3 Peru

6 Australia

5 Malaysia

2 India


Board Meeting

Monthly Meeting

  All muted except for voting attendees

Participant to announce name to operator so that the chairperson knows who is on the call.

1 attendee - Italy

20 attendees - U.S.


Company Meeting

Aircraft Manufacturing

First call

06:00-07:00 ETN With Q&A and a wav file recording

2 North America speakers

6 particpants in Australia

Second Call

Call Type: Event 100% Monitored

The speakers will be greeted by the operator and all participant lines will be automatically placed into music hold until the conference begins.

At the start time, all participant lines will be placed in a "Listen Only" mode until the Q&A session when lines will be opened on an individual basis.

This call will be recorded.

28 North America speakers

3 participants in Australia

2 particpants in South Africa


Research & Education

AIDS Training

  Organization uses aitelephone operators for Audio Conference Calls and Video Conference for trainings.

Group call is usually:

30 attendees
3 calls per week
120 minute duration per training

  The operator monitors the call and, if necessary, mutes lines that cause background noise and un-mutes when the signal becomes better for the affected lines.

Toll free "dial-in" numbers are used for participants to call in. However, in some cases when some are not able to, we have the operator dial-out to them and connect them to the call.

  We send the invitee's phone numbers in advance to the operator.

  Participants are located in the following countries: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam.

We also utilize the screen share feature and use PowerPoint files with the web/video conference function.

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