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Operator Assisted Conferencing Features

Expert Operators, Global Access plus Many Features
Operator Assisted Conference Call Features

Our operator assisted conference service is built on reliable, state-of-the-art conferencing bridges that support participants located anywhere globally.
No Setup Fees No Prepayment 24/7 Operators
Personal Support
Turn Key Service
We Guarantee to Lower Your Current Rates
Assisted Audio Conferencing Operator
If you host large calls
No charge for no-shows up to 100 attendees.  We are the only provider that does this.

White glove customer service
Our event specialists will take you by the hand before, during, and after the call. Let us handle all the details!

Up to 12,000 attendees
Our service is built for large groups and actively managed to ensure a professional event experience.

Domestic or International Participants
We provide more than 100 country specific toll-free plus 52 worldwide local access numbers for use by your attendees if you want them to dial-in from their country.  Of course, our operators can dial-out to them as well.

Audio conference event registration
Let us know what information you need to collect from your participants and how you would like attendees to register.  You can tell us on this form or by phone with our event department.

Telephone and online reservation system
Participants can register over the phone or via a website.

Event registration options
We can also send out reminders and customized messages via email.

Lecture mode
The operator will mute all lines except the speaker's for a lecture-style audio conference.

Q & A sessions
With a large group, opening up the lines for questions can quickly become chaotic. Using a question queue managed by live operators is much more orderly. Participants use the telephone keypad to “raise a hand.” This puts them in a queue managed by one of our operators.

Call recordings
We record the audio conference and send it to you either on CD or in a digital format.

Attendance reports
We capture attendance information such as names, phone numbers, and call duration by default and can accommodate up to four other types of information based on your request. After the call, we will generate the report and email or fax it to you. Use attendance reports to see who attended the call, who missed it, and who you might need to follow up with.

One of our live operators can poll participants during the audio conference, allowing you to get instant feedback while simultaneously helping to keep your attendees engaged in the call. The questions are determined before the audio event, and attendees submit their responses via their keypads. We will compile the poll’s responses into a report detailing the questions, participants, and responses.

Our pod casting feature allows for offline listening on iPods and other audio players. With this option enabled, customers, employees, and others can download a recording of your audio conference and listen to it at their leisure on their audio player.

“Event Plus”
This feature uses a hybrid approach to joining participants into your conference and is ideal for large conference calls. With Event Plus, we use an automated process to join participants, reserving operator assistance for chairperson use.

Custom script
Personalize your audio conferences by providing the operator with a custom script to be read. Scripts are appropriate for several portions of the call including the opening statement, closing comments, and questions and answers session.

Approved participants
When creating a reservation for an operator assisted audio call, you can tell us which participants are approved to join the conference and we'll make sure to restrict access to the call to only those who have been approved.

If requested, we can provide you with written transcripts of the call and send them to you in your preferred format (hard copy or electronic). Transcripts can serve as a written record and are useful for quickly finding portions of the conference to review without having to listen to the entire recording. We can transcribe the entire audio conference or a designated portion such as the questions and answers session.

Pay as you go pricing
We understand the need to be flexible, which is why our service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no activation fee or prepayment or monthly fees of any kind.
Pre and Post call planning and recap is provided free
No ancillary fees
Our customers enjoy the clearest audio lines available
You can expect impeccable expert event execution
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Operator Assisted Conferencing Features