How to Make a Low Cost Conference Call

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How to Make a Low Cost Conference Call


How to Make a Low Cost Conference Call

No doubt, conference calling is much cheaper than holding live conferences, especially when participants are scattered across the country - or world. However, if you hold frequent teleconferences, your calls can still take a large chunk out of your budget. Fortunately, it is possible to hold a low cost conference call.

A couple of different low cost conference call strategies exist: active conference calling management or an unlimited conference call plan. If you make occasional calls, taking a more active role in the call's planning can lead to lower costs. On the other hand, if you hold regular conference calls, an unlimited conference call service may be the better choice.

Manage Conference Calling and Save Money
Every conference call has the potential to be a low cost conference call - if you plan it right. For example, did you know that it may be less expensive to dial your callers directly rather than provide them with toll free access? Did you know that callers using mobile phones may incur higher per minute rates, thus impacting your conference calling budget?

Because per minute rates vary depending on the types of phones used to call in as well as how the caller accessed the conference (toll free access versus dial out), it pays to learn about your conference calling provider's rates and features and take advantage of any features such as dial out that reduce your call's overall cost. It also pays to ask participants to use landlines rather than mobile phones.

In addition to managing access, if you want a low cost conference call, you'll also want to manage time. After all, you will be billed per minute, per participant. Every wasted minute impacts your calling budget. Treat your conference call just as you would a traditional meeting by creating and distributing an agenda beforehand and strictly enforcing time limits. Start and end your call on time. Waiting around for "a few more minutes" for callers to arrive wastes time and money, so start promptly. Record the call and let latecomers and absentees know that they can listen to the recording afterward.

Unlimited Conference Call
Another strategy is to sign up for an unlimited conference call plan. These plans give you "price certainty." You know that no matter how long the call lasts or how the callers access the call, your monthly conference calling budget will remain the same. If you hold regular conference calls, signing up for an unlimited conference call plan that addresses your usage patterns ensures that every teleconference you hold is a low cost conference call.

Unlimited plans vary by provider, so make sure that you fully understand how you will be using your plan so that you don't overpay. For example, if you typically hold conference calls with ten participants throughout the month, don't choose a plan designed for larger groups. Also, be aware that some "unlimited" plans do have limits such as caps or lengthy contract terms.

Low Cost, Full Featured, Toll Free Conference Calls
Toll Free conference calls, although they are a by-the-minute plan, can be essential for businesses that need to remove any obstacle from the participant dialing into the conference call. An example would be a conference call with a prospective client or an existing customer.

Now toll free conference calls are low cost and offer all the bells and whistles that a business customer demands.

Hosting regular conference calls is a great way to communicate with your team while also keeping costs low. Manage your time well or choose an unlimited plan and ensure that every conference call you host is a low cost conference call.

Conference calling doesn't have to bust your budget each month. In fact, you can host a low cost conference call by better managing your teleconferences or even opting for an unlimited conference calling plan.

About Us:
AIT offers a variety of conference calling plans including an unlimited conference calling plan with no per minute charges, caps, or long term contracts. With AIT, every conference call can be a low cost conference call.


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