Why Use International Conference Calls

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Why Use International Conference Calls


Why Use International Conference Calls

With new technologies such as Web conferences and online collaboration tools, you may be wondering if international conference calls still make sense. While the Internet and its interactive tools have certainly made it easier to communicate with colleagues and partners around the world, telephone technology has yet to disappear. Take a look around and you'll see that not only are people actively using their phones, they're doing so everywhere. The rampant use of cell phones coupled with advances in smart phone technologies ensure that international conference calls will remain one of the best ways to communicate with a global team.

Because of the mobile nature of today's workforce, just about everyone has a phone in hand around the clock. If you schedule a conference call with your international associates, none of the participants needs to be physically present at an office or logged into a computer. Participants can call in from virtually any location including the beach, a parking lot, a park bench, a coffee shop, or even while commuting to work on a train.

Why not just send email messages? After all, email messages are free and they reach all intended recipients in an instant, no matter where in the world they are located. Email certainly has its place; however, international conference calls occur in real time and allow team members from around the globe to interact and get to know each other on a more personal level. You'll still use email as a regular means of communication. By holding regular conference calls with your team, everyone can interact with each other as well as pick up on verbal cues that would otherwise be lost through the written word.

International conference calls also help team members realize that others are involved in the project, each with their own responsibilities and concerns. Holding regular team meetings through a group phone call puts this into perspective and facilitates team building.

Another huge advantage of international conference calls is the elimination of travel. Instead of booking flights or holding expensive regional meetings, hold a conference call. Not only does doing so save significant sums of money, it also saves time. Participants do not need to make a special trip to the office in order to participate in the meeting. Instead, they simply dial into a telephone-based conference room at the appointed time and then begin interacting.

International calling rates have fallen dramatically, making conference calls more attractive than ever. With low per minute rates and toll free access for the callers, a teleconference is by far one of the most cost-effective meetings you will ever hold. Because participants only need a phone, it doesn't matter where they happen to be when the conference call's start time arrives. Whether callers are using VoIP phones, land lines, or cell phones, doesn't matter. Internet access is not an issue either because these calls use regular telephone lines.

International conference calls can be held at any time, 24/7. Of course, this requires a bit of advance planning as you must consider time zone differences. If participants are scattered all over the world, it's inevitable that some participants will need to call in at an awkward time of the day such as in the middle of the night. For best results, try to schedule the conference call at a time that's convenient for the majority of participants. If you will be holding regular and frequent calls, consider rotating the schedule so that no team members are repeatedly asked to call at inconvenient times.

In addition, many teleconference service providers offer call recording. By recording the conference call, you can later listen to it and share the recording with the call's participants or other key people who were unable to attend. How you use these recordings is limited only by your imagination. For example, if you are holding an employee orientation teleconference, you may want to post an excerpt from the call on your company's intranet. Later, new hires can listen to the call and hear the same information that past employees have heard.

If you need to communicate with vendors, suppliers, customers, or employees located in other countries, consider using international conference calls. You'll save money, improve relationships, and be able to communicate on a more personal level.


Despite new technologies like instant messaging, webinars, and video conferencing, international conference calls continue to be effective communications tools. In fact, conference calls offer several advantages over these newer technologies.


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