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Conduct US & Canada Conference Calls the Easy Way

Talk Together On Demand
Use our pay-as-you-go US/Canada conference calling service.

It's affordable to conduct group audio calls with participants in both countries. With this type of conference call, no one has to feel like they're making international phone calls. You can have attendees from Key West, Florida to the Yukon and everywhere in between, with each participant dialing a local or toll free number.

Our rates for Canada toll free and US access are just a few pennies per minute. By providing your Canadian participants with a toll free number, you ensure that international toll charges never appear on their phone bills.
View your account usage three ways

1  During the call, the Leader can optionally login online and see the call in progress. All caller ID's, date, time and other information is visible to the Host.

2  Receive an automatic email summary after each call including details of the attendees that accessed your call - caller ID, date, time, duration on call, cost, etc.

3  Receive a monthly PDF statement showing an itemized call history of your monthly usage.
Toll Free dial-in numbers enables joining your US or Canada partners, teams and associates on conference calls 24/7
Doing business with customers, vendors, and partners in Canada often involves US to Canada (and vice versa) conference calls.

Though you may be in New York and your attendees just across the border in Toronto, your Canadian attendees may incur international toll charges based on country differences.

Fortunately, our service solves this potential problem. Use the tips below to make USA to Canada conference calls with confidence.

Take stock of your U.S. to Canada conference calls in real time with our live conference viewer.

This is a free web app that you can use to view your conference calls while they take place. It's similar to the mobile app in that it provides a visual overview of all attendees currently on the call and has a variety of controls that you can use to manage your call in progress.

Counteract time zone differences by recording your USA and Canada conference calls.

With USA to Canada conference calls, time zone differences can limit participation. For example, there's a 7-hour time difference between Honolulu, Hawaii and Halifax, Nova Scotia. While USA to Canada conference calls involving these cities is still doable during normal business hours, such a large time difference may be problematic. Depending on the nature of your conference call and the absentee participants involved, recording the conference call may be an alternative.

Our advanced, high quality, and feature-filled USA to Canada conference calling service is available without a contract on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no monthly fees or recurring costs. Simply pay for the minutes you and your attendees use. Sign up for an account today.

Holding a Lecture-style Conference Call between the United States and Canada

If you're in the United States but need to address a group of individuals in Canada, you may quickly discover that your office PBX conferencing features aren't quite up to the task. Using your favorite conference calling service may also fall short thanks to international calling costs and dialing differences. Fortunately, our USA / Canada conference calling service solves these problems and many others.

To better illustrate how our USA / Canada conference calling service works, let's assume the following scenario:

  You're located in the United States

  You would like to host a teleseminar in “lecture” mode

  You will open the lines toward the end of the call for questions and answers

  You have dozens of attendees located in both the United States and Canada

  You would like to record the seminar so you can share or sell it

Though the logistics of the conference call may seem challenging, especially since you have attendees from two countries, our USA / Canada conference calling service simplifies everything. First, it’s a pay-as-you-go plan with no contracts or recurring charges. Thus, if you have just this one need, you can use the service once without being locked into a commitment of any sort.

The quality of our USA / Canada conference calls is top notch thanks to fiber optic networks, Avaya-powered conferencing bridges, and triple redundancy built in. Every connection, from Halifax, Canada to Albuquerque, New Mexico is crystal clear.

We provide both local access and toll free access numbers for cities across the United States and Canada, making it easy for attendees on both sides of the border to join your teleseminar. Our per minute rates are extremely competitive, ranging from 1.5 cents to 3.9 cents per minute. Each conference call supports up to 150 attendees.

Once signed up, here's how to hold a lecture-style conference call from the United States to Canada:

  Schedule the USA / Canada conference call with your invitees.

  Invite up to 150 participants from USA and Canada

  Join the call a few minutes prior to the appointed time and put the call in “lecture only” mode using the Live Online Viewer.

  Watch the Live Online Viewer’s screen to see participants from USA and Canada arrive.

  Welcome participants and click the “record” button to record the call.

  Begin the conference call.

  When you’re ready to take questions, use the Live Online Viewer to switch out of lecture only mode.

  End the conference call and automatically receive your recording MP3 link and attendance report.

  Repeat as needed.

Our Conference Call Canada and USA service is ideal for any number of use cases including for hosting teleseminar as described above. Whether you need to broadcast a message to the masses in U.S. and Canada or plan on hosting smaller groups in a conference call, our flexible and affordable conferencing plans are up to the task.

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