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US & Canada Customer Comments and Testimonials
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"We're having very good results using this service. All of our conferees are Canadians. The line quality using your Canada Toll Free number is far better than what we experienced with AT&T Canada conferencing service. What began as a test with your company has proven to be a good decision for our organization. Thank you."

Frank H. -Surrey
"No problems to report. Really enjoy using the Live Viewer on our conference calls. We use the 'mute all' feature to stifle any unwanted background noise. The Canada conference plan is a first class service, and happy to report, much less costly than what is available locally here. It always works."

Charles C. -Newfoundland
"Most of our call conferences are in Canada with the exception of a few accessing from New York and San Francisco. We do record and download the MP3 files afterwards. Your service has helped us with our collaboration needs and saved us money to boot."

Michele G. -Toronto
"Let me say we all love your service here. It's very timely for us to be able to replace a high priced service with low costs and much higher quality. Very pleased!"

Karen T. -Montreal
"Superb experience with the conference between us and our Canada and US downline. Many on the call wanted to know who our provider is. We passed your name around so you'll be getting calls I'm sure. Thanks."

Mary O, -Montpelier, Vermont
"Huge monthly savings on our conference costs for my company because we were using Bell Canada at a much higher rate. Thanks."

Christine P. -Brampton
"Searched for an 800 conferencing service that looked easy to use. It's worked for us and has been very reliable. Good service, easy operation, good line quality, no dropped calls."

Chuck L. -Houston, TX
"Biggest change for us is the monthly savings. Our costs have dropped substantially. We were paying a much higher price per minute for the Canada participants to join us. But also the callers in the U.S. are now 1.7¢! It's all good, thanks very much for checking."

Howard T. -New York, NY
"What features do we most heavily use? The Live Conference Viewer would be on top of the list. We can see who is on the call and have more control which has worked much better than flying blind. It's a great conferencing service for us."

Eric B. -St. Laurent
"The service just works and the sound quality is tops. Even if we have a caller on the call with a noisy phone, we can easily mute it using the viewer before any damage is done. It's all around the best service compared to what we've tried, about four other services."

Maria C. -Galgary
"Great high value service."

Susan M. -Vancouver
"We can now have our regular call conference meetings at a much reduced rate than with the previous local conferencing company."

Robert G. -Ottawa
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