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Toll Free Conference Call FAQ

10 minute conference call example 10 minute conference call example

A cost example | US/Canada 5 attendee Conference Call

Attendees in Canada
Canada Local = 2.9¢ /min = 87¢

2 Attendees in U.S.
U.S. Local = 1.5¢ /min = 30¢

Cost of Call $1.17  (USD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about Toll-Free Conference Calls with this comprehensive FAQ guide. Learn about call setup, quality, and more.

If I want to host a conference call with 3 people, do I send them all the same PIN number?

Yes, you would send the attendee PIN code to all of your participants. The attendees all use the same participant code. As the Host, you would use your unique Host code.  Our conferencing bridge knows which codes belong to your account and will place eveyone into your call.

How can I know who is on the call and can I see their Caller ID?

You receive all caller ID's of all participants on the call including your own caller ID as the host. So yes, you would know the caller ID of all that participated. An attendance report is sent after each conference call with all call details.

Will I receive a PIN number?

Actually you receive two PIN's. The participant PIN that you send to all of your attendees and the chairperson PIN which is used by the moderator or leader to login to the call.

How can I lock the conference call so no more people can get on the call?

To lock the call and stop further entry, use the keypad command, [ * 7]

I have participants located in Canada, can they dial-in using the U.S toll free access number?

Participants in Canada dial-in using the supplied Canada/US Toll Free number that is sent upon account activation and is used by either Canada or U.S. originated callers.  Our system detects the Caller ID country of the attendee to determine rates.

Will I have an online account portal?

Yes. Your account includes the online Live Conference Viewer which permits the Host to gain more control over the call. In addition to being able to view caller ID's of all on the call, the host can actually mute all or individual callers, delete a caller, start recording, disconnect the conference, etc.

Do I need to schedule a conference with an operator?

This service is reservation-less so it is not necessary to schedule a call. You simply make conference calls whenever you wish. Just notify your participants, dial-in to one of the included access phone numbers and enjoy your call.

Is there a contract or any prepayment required to activate an account?

There is no prepayment required. There is no term contract or usage commitment. Any account usage is billed to a credit card or invoiced (billed at billing cycle), not prepaid.

Can I schedule a conference call in advance to receive the PIN's so I can send it to attendees?

There is no scheduling required. You can host your calls 24/7 without booking the call with an operator.  Conduct your call by sending the PIN's and dial-in number to your attendees immediately upon receiving your new account welcome email.

Could participants dial-in and have their own conference call without me?

No because the system will connect only callers that use the valid participant code. The Moderator code must be entered before the conference call can begin and then all can be heard. By default, there is no conference call until the Moderator enters the call with the Moderator code.  Anyone arriving early will hear only music and will not be able to be heard until the moderator logs in. You can have more than one moderator.

What if I want to change PIN's for my account, how is this done?

Simply email or call customer service and tell us you wish to change the PIN's for your account. It's fast and free to do so.

What happens if some participants do not hang up after the call. Can they stay on and talk without me?

No, the system has a built-in feature called "Auto Hang Up". This feature is enabled by default, unless requested otherwise. It automatically disconnects the entire conference call when the Host hangs up. This feature can be enabled or disabled on request.

What if some of my participants dial in 2 minutes early before I log in with my Leader code?

The early arrivals will hear only music (and cannot hear each other) until you, the Host, log into the call with your host PIN code.  Then everyone can hear and be heard.

If we have a participant located in China, can they use the U.S toll number to enter our conference call?

They can use the China Toll-Free numbers included on the dial-in list or they can choose to dial-in with Skype or any other method they desire. You do receice the two China access numbers, one for China North and another for China South. These can be viewed here.

Can we be on the same call even though different dial-in numbers are used?

Yes absolutely. The conference room is accessed by the passcodes that are entered by the participants and moderator. So no matter what dial-in access phone number is used, the passcodes will direct all participants to the same conference call.

How many participants can be on one conference call?

You can host a conference call with up to 300 attendees total by default. If you need to accommodate larger conferences, simply let us know in advance.

How do I order additional accounts so that other departments and teams can use the service?

To add more conference rooms, you can request as many as needed. This would permit separate conference calls to take place concurrently under your main account.  Each set of passcodes can have it's own conference ID for cost accounting purposes.

I have people located in other countries, can they call the U.S. toll-free access number to join my conference calls?

Your attendees can use the included toll-free or local access numbers included in your account welcome email. They simply dial-in to the number that corresponds to their country. They could also use Skype or any other IP phone to call the U.S. bridge number directly.

Is the Live Conference Viewer included free with this plan?

Yes, the Conference Viewer is free. When you use the Live Conference Viewer, you can do the following:

• enjoy advanced online control of your conference calls
• view Caller ID to help know who is in your conference call
• ability to mute or disconnect certain attendees
• stop additional attendees from entering a call in process
• start recording a conference call
Live Conference Viewer

Must I use the Live Conference Viewer on each conference call or is it optional?

It's included free but you do not have to use it. As the moderator, you can use the Conference Viewer anytime you have web access. If it's convenient for you to use it, you'll gain the additional control it provides during your conference call.

Can my attendees use their VoIP or Skype to join my conference call?

Yes, they can join your call with Skype or any IP phone they my have available.

Is there any minimum monthly usage requirement?

There is no minimum usage requirement. If you do use your account you will be charged for the minutes used. If you don't use your account, there will be no charges at all.

Can I pay by check?

Yes you can pay by check if the bank is in the U.S. or pay by international credit card.

Will the Toll-Free dial-in number be available to my company 24 hours a day?

Absolutely yes, 24/7/365

Will my participants be able to get on my calls at all times without getting a busy signal?

Yes they will always be able to get on your conference call without hearing a busy signal.

How do I know who was on a conference call I just hosted?

After each conference call, the host/chairperson receives an email from the system that itemizes the entire call including all of the guest caller ID's.

What will my conference call participants hear when they dial-in to my conference call?

Your participants will hear a voice prompt that says, "Welcome to the conference center, please enter your passcode followed by the [ # ] key".

Can beep tones be turned off or on for entry and exit?

Entry and exit beep tones are an included feature. The option can be modified by you when you login to your account and change your preference or customer service would be happy to do this for you.  You can also use a keypad command to enable or disable entry and exit tones.

Is there a way to mute all of the lines so I, the chairperson, can speak without interruption?

Yes, simply press [ * 5 ] on you phone keypad. That command will mute all lines except yours. Press [ * 5 ] again to disable lecture mode. Or you can use the Live Conference Viewer and tick the button that says 'Mute' or 'Unmute'.

What happens if one of my participants has a noisy line or has noise present in their phoning area?

That participant can press [ * 6 ] on his/her phone keypad. That keypad command will mute the phone line immediately. Then unmute by pressing [ * 6 ] again, when desired. The participant will still be able to hear the conference call while their line is muted.

Can we get a demo? Can my associates and I actually hear the line quality and discuss our requirements with you?

Yes, we can all meet on a conference call. We would be happy to give you a demo and discuss your potential use of the service on the demo call. Just give us a call or send an email to arrange a time.
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