How to Set Up International Conference Calls with Toll Free access

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How to Set Up International Toll Free Conference Calls


How to Set Up International Conference Calls
with Toll Free access

It doesn't take a lot of thought to know that a conference call meeting is a lot less expensive than having all involved meet at a hotel or an office in another city or country. It's a major expense to have geographically diverse people meet in person to collaborate, although there are certain situations that make a conference call impossible versus an in-person meeting.

If your meeting has attendees that are in another country, it's very easy to host an international conference call with guests located in just about any country these days, and FROM many of these countries, the participant can dial-in Toll-Free. Just a little pre conference homework is all it takes.

Some countries do have offer Toll-Free access but that's not a problem. There's a feature called international dial-out that enables the host to actually make a call from the conference to the participant in 'any' country. Look for a conferencing company with an exhaustive list of Toll-Free access number that closely match your requirements. And a provider that also has the dial-out feature that could be used to bring in a few attendees in faraway places that have no Toll-Free access.

After you choose a provider and activate your new account, send out emails to your guests with their Toll-Free access number. If their country is not on the Toll-Free country list, send them a nite that you will be calling them on a certain date and time. Of course you'll need the conferees phone number.


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