Host International Conference Calls No Matter where your Guests are Located

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Host International Conference Calls No Matter where your Guests are Located



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Host International Conference Calls No Matter where in the world your Guests are Located


Host International Conference Calls No Matter where your Guests are Located
If you were meeting a prospective or existing client for lunch, you'd graciously pay the bill - but what about meeting over the phone?

International conference calls are a great way to introduce the team, brainstorm ideas, present proposals, request additional project requirements, and more; however, expecting a prospect or client to incur international long distance fees for each minute of time spent on a conference call could be problematic.

toll free international conference calls are available utilizing local international toll free access numbers from many countries.

Why offer toll free access to an international conference call?

Providing toll free access numbers ensures that your prospects and clients do not incur any fees related to your international conference call, but it goes further than that. Convenience is equally important.

For example, different countries have their own unique dialing conventions and toll free prefixes and syntax. While a traditional American 800 number might look familiar to callers in the United States, it will look odd to callers from other countries (and it won't work from outside the US.)

Even if your guests don't mind incurring long distance charges, dialing a non-toll free phone number in a different country can be intimidating or require operator assistance. By providing a toll free access number that is local to the countries your guests are in, you can overcome these obstacles.

From the perspective of your international conference call's guests, dialing into the teleconference using a local toll free number is a routine matter.

It's just like dialing any other toll free number in their country. They don't see an unusual phone number syntax, nor do they need to involve an operator. In addition, they'll immediately recognize the number as being free to dial. Convenient and reassuring, toll free international conference call access is a vital tool when reaching out to future and existing clients around the world.

American International Telephonics provides low rates on toll free
international conference calls from dozens of countries around the world.

Whether your guests are located in Canada, Japan, Trinidad, Russia, China, Brazil, Norway, Argentina, South Africa, or
many of other countries, you can provide a convenient, local toll free access number to your international conference call guest.

In addition, the host can decide to use the
dial-out feature to place the attendee into the conference call. This makes it possible to place a participant into an international conference call no matter where in the world the attendee may be located.

High quality global conference call connections are available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no setup fees, no contracts, and no monthly minimums.

International Conference Calls can be accessed when your attendee dials a local Toll Free number from their country.

The conference call host can use the dial-out feature and place a guest into the conference call no matter what country the attendee is located.

Dial-Out rates are usually lower rate than Toll Free access rates depending on the country of the conference call guest. See dial-out rates.

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Host International Conference Calls No Matter where your Guests are Located