Local Phone Forwarding | Establish a local phone presence in another country

Local Phone Forwarding

Local Phone Forwarding



Local Phone Forwarding

Local phone forwarding is a communications method often used by businesses to assist local callers or establish a business presence in a given community.

This communications method involves ordering local phone numbers for the desired communities and then using local phone Local phone forwarding is a communications method often used by businesses to assist local callers or establish a business presence in a given community.forwarding to
forward calls to a predetermined destination such as a call center or main office.

The destination phone number or 'ring to' number can be located locally or in any country.

Local phone forwarding is a cost-effective way to expand a business's reach. It works in much the same way that 800 numbers work. While you could use an 800 number for callers in other communities, local phone forwarding adds localization to the mix.

For example, a travel agency based in Orlando, Florida targeting clients in New York could order local phone numbers throughout New York and then use local phone forwarding to route those calls to its main office in Orlando.

CLICK Rates and Availability

Callers from New York will dial local numbers for their communities, yet the phone will physically ring in Florida. The cost of the call will be incurred by the business, not the callers (unless the caller dials from outside the phone number's local area in which case standard toll charges will apply).

In this example,
local phone forwarding allows the Florida business to establish itself in New York without having to rent New York office space or staff it.

Local Phone Forwarding Features

Local phone forwarding services extend beyond the actual forwarding of phone calls, too. Online account management tools make it possible to configure the behavior of your local phone forwarding number or activate additional features. You can even change the destination phone number online in real time.

For instance, you can set up your plan to serve as a local fax number and then route those faxes to your email inbox as image attachments. This feature allows you to receive faxes without the expense of adding a separate fax line or equipping an office with a fax machine.

Advanced routing features make it possible to change how local calls are handled. For example, it may make sense to designate specific customer service agents to handle callers from various regions. In addition, you could route calls to different offices or even voicemail based on the time of day.

Other important features include simultaneous call processing, audio quality, customized greetings, and voicemail options. Simultaneous call processing ensures that incoming calls are routed through your phone system's hunt group or sent to voicemail. It eliminates busy signals when two or more callers call at the same time.

The quality of each call is crucial, making the (PSTN) public switched telephone network a superior choice over VoIP. Customized greetings add a personal touch while voicemail options ensure your messages are promptly delivered.

Extend your business's reach, order
local phone forwarding.

Local Phone Forwarding with month-to-month plans, no long-term contract, and optional rollover minutes make local call forwarding even more attractive.

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Local Phone Forwarding | Establish a local phone presence in another country