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New Jersey virtual phone number provides a direct connection to the New Jersey marketplace. You can be located in virtual any country and own a New Jersey phone number.

Virtual phone numbers are extremely simple to use. A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isnít directly linked to a telephone line. This number can be accessed and managed in the cloud.

Customers can login 24/7 and manage their number via a portal that allows for easy configuration of the virtual phone number. Setting the destination of the phone number and adjusting or experimenting with advanced features is easy with this system. Any changes made are effective in real time.

New Jersey, United States

New Jersey Virtual Phone Number Top Features

  • Local New Jersey DID Numbers
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced IVR/PBX Extension Options
  • Customized Greeting
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Local Ringtone
  • Live Technical / Customer Support
  • Outbound Calling Option with Caller ID Override
  • Simultaneous Forwarding to Multiple Phones

» Portal access.

  • Change options and personal preferences 24/7

  • Make changes to your call forwarding number (ring to number) in real time

  • View call details and billing history

» No term commitment - the service is month-to-month

New Jersey Virtual Number
Instantly Divert Calls to any phone Worldwide.

New Jersey Phone Call Forwarding

If you have associates, vendors, customers or family in New Jersey or if your business is expanding to New Jersey, those callers in New Jersey can now communicate easily with you regardless of where in the world you may be located.

Usage Example - New Jersey Virtual Numbers

A theoretical use scenario:
  1. A customer gets a private New Jersey number and diverts Teaneck New Jersey callers to his/her cell phone in California (or any other city or country).

  2. Enjoy complete control, via the Web, as to where your New Jersey Virtual Number will redirect calls. Easily change your 'ring to' number 24/7. Simply login to you account online and change your 'ring to' number in 'real time' to any other landline or mobile phone worldwide.

  3. Have your New Jersey Virtual number call forward to your hotel in the morning and change it to your cell phone number in the evening.

  • Choose from vast selection of New Jersey Phone Numbers
  • Have calls forwarded to any phone in any country
  • Make 'ring to' number changes online 24/7
  • Highest quality connections available
  • Have your New Jersey cell phone forward calls internationally
Do You Need a Toll Free Number ?

If a U.S. toll free number is needed, view the 1 800 pla
here. Unlike a New Jersey local number, a U.S. toll free number is accessible to callers from anywhere in the U.S.

There is no minimum usage commitment and no taxes added to either plans, New Jersey Virtual Local Numbers or U.S. toll free Numbers.

Call forward your New Jersey mobile phone to any country

Get a virtual phone number from AIT and have your New Jersey cell phone automatically redirect your callers to any international phone or any U.S. number.

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New Jersey Phone Number

Furthermore, not only does the city of New Jersey have an advanced telecom sector, but as with every US city and state, none of the telephone companies permit call forwarding beyond the US border. No international call forwarding is permitted from a phone number supplied by a US phone company.

This means if you own or want to own a New Jersey phone number and choose to have the New Jersey calls divert to another country, you cannot do so.

Our service provides a solution to the international call forwarding requirement from New Jersey and assists you to buy and own a New Jersey phone number with global call forwarding capabilities.

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New Jersey Phone Number Enables Call Forwarding to Any Mobile Phone, Landline or VoIP Globally.

Get your own private New Jersey virtual phone number and have your callers instantly divert to your 'ring to' number located in any country or city.

Now there's no excuse for your sister in Hoboken NJ to not call you. She can just dial your local New Jersey virtual phone number and connect to you no matter where in the U.S. or the world your phone is located.

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