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Grow Your Business Globally with an International Toll Free Number.

Are you looking to expand into global markets?

In both cases, ordering an
international toll free number for each country that you operate in or are entering into allows local callers to reach your overseas office without incurring international long distance costs.
Like a domestic toll free number, an international toll free number is free to your callers.

As the account holder, you will be charged for each minute of incoming phone calls.

In the cas
Like a domestic toll free number, an international toll free number is free to your callers.e of an international toll free number, the rates you are charged per minute depend on the countries involved.

For example, toll free phone numbers are assigned different prefixes and dialing conventions based on the country each phone number is for.

They generally only work within the designated country as well. This is why a U.S. company can't simply publish its standard
1800 number in other countries.

Callers from outside of North America won't be able to connect to a US 1800 number. Plus, the number will look odd to them as their own countries have different prefixes and dialing conventions.

You can solve this problem by ordering an international toll free number for the specific countries you serve and then routing those incoming phone calls to a phone inside your home country - or another country if so desired.

For instance, you could order a toll free phone number for Hong Kong and route incoming calls to a call center in the US, UK, India, or anywhere else in the world.

Benefits of International Toll Free Numbers

Not only does such a number make it easier for global callers to call your main office, it makes your company look as though it might actually have a local office inside the targeted country.

For instance, if you're based in the United States and you see a company with a 1800 or 1877 number, you likely recognize that number as being a traditional
US toll free number, right?

While the number looks like a US number in appearance, it might actually ring to a call center in another country.

This same effect can be leveraged when you want to appear as if you have a local office in other countries such as Ireland, South Africa, or Dubai.

By ordering an
international toll free number for those countries and publishing or distributing it to customers residing in those countries, your company will look more friendly and less foreign.

This perception can solve common objections callers may have about dialing a company in another country.

Some of these objections have to do with national loyalty while others are centered on cost, language, and time zone concerns.

Getting the Most Out of Your International Toll Free Number

While establishing an international toll free number and routing it to your company's main office or call center can overcome common objections, to get the most out of your international toll free number follow these tips:

  • Time of day routing - This routing feature can route calls based on the time of day it is. This helps with time zone differences and ensures that callers are handled during normal business hours for them. Of course, if their business hours are the middle of the night for your organization, you'll need to add a night shift to your call center or outsource customer service to a call center that can handle those calls. In either case, you may need to change destination numbers based on the time of day calls are made.
  • Plan for language differences - If you're targeting callers in a country that speaks a different language, it's smart to route calls to fluent customer service agents. You may need to hire additional staff to handle your international callers. Using advanced routing features, you can route calls to specific agents based on where calls originate. For example, you could route all calls from Italy to your agents that speak Italian fluently.

  • Set up local ring tones if available - The sound of a phone ringing just after placing a phone call sounds different depending on which country you are calling from. By using the local ring tone, your callers will hear the same sounds that they are accustomed to hearing when making regular phone calls.

International Toll Free Number Features

When ordering an international toll free number, call quality is one of the most important features available.

While you may take call quality for granted, it's not necessarily a given especially with the rise of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Though inexpensive, VoIP calls are notorious for poor sound quality, echo-like sounds, audio dropouts, and other flaws.

The best sound quality comes from the traditional public switched telephone network.

When your international toll free number is tied to this system, you can rest assured that your callers will hear you loud and clear.

Another vital feature for any international toll free number is simultaneous call processing.

  • This means that when several people dial the international toll free number at the same time, none will receive a busy signal.

  • Depending on how you set this feature up, the callers can be routed through your existing hunt group or sent to your voicemail box.

  • A single international toll free number can also be configured to accept international faxes.

  • With this option enabled, the faxes are sent as image files to your designated email address.

  • Whether you need an international toll free number temporarily or for the long term, affordable month-to-month plans are available.

With support for over 160 countries and all of the most important features, consider ordering an international toll free number.

International Toll-Free Numbers

International toll-free numbers are an essential tool for companies with branch offices or employees in other countries, facilitating communication and customer service while bridging geographical gaps.

In this overview, we will explore various aspects of international toll-free numbers, including the types of companies that benefit from them, how call forwarding is utilized to their advantage, a list of countries with the most telecommunications traffic worldwide, and the industries that leverage these numbers.

Types of Companies with International Toll-Free Numbers

Multinational Corporations: Large enterprises with a global presence often maintain branch offices or subsidiaries in multiple countries. International toll-free numbers enable these companies to establish a local presence and provide customer support in various regions.

Export-Import Companies: Businesses involved in international trade rely on international toll-free numbers to establish a point of contact for their overseas clients, making it easier to place orders and address inquiries.

Technology Companies: Tech firms with a global customer base use international toll-free numbers to offer technical support and facilitate sales across borders.

Hospitality Industry: Hotels, travel agencies, and airlines employ international toll-free numbers to make it convenient for travelers to book reservations and inquire about their services.

E-commerce Businesses: Online retailers operating in multiple countries use international toll-free numbers to improve customer service and sales inquiries.

Benefits of Call Forwarding with International Toll-Free Numbers

Call forwarding is a critical feature of international toll-free numbers, allowing calls to be seamlessly redirected to a central or regional office. This feature offers several benefits, such as:

Global Reach: Companies can establish a local presence and ensure that customers in different countries can reach them without incurring international calling fees.

Cost Savings: By centralizing call handling, companies can reduce costs associated with maintaining multiple offices for customer support.

Customer Satisfaction: Quick and easy access to support or information can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Market Expansion: Call forwarding enables businesses to expand into new markets without the need for physical offices, making market entry more cost-effective.

Countries with the Most Telecommunications Traffic Worldwide

Countries with high telecommunications traffic represent significant opportunities for businesses using international toll-free numbers.

As of our last update in 2022, some of these countries included:
  • China
  • India
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Russia

Industries Benefiting from International Toll-Free Numbers

Numerous industries derive substantial benefits from international toll-free numbers. Some notable examples include:

Telecommunications: Telecom companies use international toll-free numbers to offer customer support and sales assistance globally.

Travel and Tourism: Hotels, airlines, and travel agencies utilize these numbers to cater to international travelers.

E-commerce: Online retailers depend on international toll-free numbers for global customer service.

IT Services: Information technology companies provide technical support through international toll-free numbers.

Financial Services: Banks and financial institutions use these numbers for customer inquiries and international operations.

Case Study: A Global Enterprise Leveraging International Toll-Free Numbers:

An example of a company successfully using international toll-free numbers to create a phone presence in multiple countries is the international courier and logistics company, DHL.

DHL employs toll-free numbers in numerous countries to provide a localized customer service experience, simplifying shipping inquiries, package tracking, and deliveries.

Companies Considering International Toll-Free Numbers

Several companies from diverse sectors are considering the adoption of international toll-free numbers to enhance their global presence.

Some of these companies include:

ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp: A Taiwan based offering Taiwan Power Inductors, Choke Coils.

Brainly: Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community where hundreds of millions of students and experts put their heads together to crack their toughest homework questions.

Global Consulting Group: GCG provides you with an opportunity to use your academic knowledge and skills on real projects with industry professionals helping build leadership and problem solving.

In conclusion, international toll-free numbers are indispensable for companies with international operations.

They enable global communication, enhance customer service, and provide a competitive edge in the global market, making them a valuable asset for a wide range of industries and businesses.

As telecommunications continue to evolve, the relevance and utility of these numbers are likely to increase.

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