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International 800 Numbers Enable New Customer Inquiries, Sales and Customer Service to Companies Worldwide

International 800 number is convenient for both you and your callers. Your virtual phone number can be a local number or an international toll-free number, so no matter where your office is located, you can be accessible for remote callers. Calls can be forwarded to your landline, cell phone or VoIP globally.

Get a Toll-Free number in many serviced countries

Short list of Global Toll Free Number Countries

United Kingdom

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Example of global virtual phone numbers provided by (SanDisk) for use by their global customers for sales and service:

SanDisk Global Customer Service Numbers

Australia 1-800-262-504 New South Wales
China 400-670-6071
France 0800-907-929
Germany 0800-183-0258
Greece (30) 2111980054
Hong Kong 800-963-959 (English)
Hong Kong 800-967-481 (Cantonese)
Israel (972) (0)3 7219616
India 1800-102-2055 (English, Hindi)
Italy (39) 0245508473
Netherlands (31) (0)20 808 18 48
Portugal 0800-863-356
Romania (40) 318107943
Russia (7) 812-243-1692
Russia 88001006339 (Mobile)
Saudi Arabia (Arabic) 800-814-0100 (Arabic)
Saudi Arabia (English) 800-814-0100 (English)
Singapore 800-130-1859
South Korea 00-308-13-1920
South Africa (English) 27105004709
South Africa (English) 0800991393 (Toll Free)
Spain (34) 911-436-460
Sweden 46840309673
Switzerland 41435000428
Taiwan 00-8-01-147031
Turkey (90) 8503907060
Turkey (90) 2129880279
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 800-017-8775
United Kingdom 0808-234-9816
United States (English) 1-866-726-3475

When someone dials your virtual phone number, your ring-to number will ring. You can change your ring-to number at any time, as well as add or remove additional virtual phone numbers to your account. Some customers have multiple country virtual numbers that divert calls to their central office.

Number Activation and Use
Activating virtual phone numbers requires no equipment or installation.

Toll-Free Numbers are Alive and Well Worldwide
There are millions of toll-free numbers offered by companies globally. Below is a small sampling of U.S. Companies that offer a Toll-Free Numbers for customer service and sales.

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AAA 800-222-4357
Allstate Road Service 800-869-7997
Chrysler Financial 800-700-0738
Ford Interest Advantage 800-462-2614
Ford Motor Credit 800-727-7000
GMAC 800-200-4622
Honda Financial Svcs.
Nissan Credit (NMAC) 800-888-2799
Nissan USA 800-647-7261
Toyota Financial Svcs. 800-874-8822
VW USA 800-822-8987
Amazon Visa 888-247-4080
American Express 800-528-4800
American Express Business 800-492-3344
Aspire Visa 800-348-8783
AT&T Universal Card 800-423-4343
Bank Card Services 800-655-1491
Best Buy Card 800-365-0292
Bloomingdales Credit 800-295-4057
Chase Credit Cards 800-625-5161
Circuit City Visa 888-363-8001
Citi Cards 866-696-5673
Dinerís Club 800-729-5309
Discover 800-347-2683
Exxon Mobil Card 800-344-4355
Gap Credit Card 800-887-1198
GM MasterCard 800-947-1000
Household Bank Credit Card 800-771-7339
Key Bank Visa 800-444-4539
Macyís Credit 866-593-2543
Marshall Fields Credit Card 800-280-4356
MasterCard 800-622-7747
MBNA 800-421-2110
Providian Card Svcs. 800-356-0011
RBS Credit Card 800-747-8155
Samís Club Credit 800-203-5764
Sears Credit Card 800-917-7700
US Bank / Visa 800-285-8585
Visa 800-847-2911
Wal-Mart Credit Card
AAA Financial 800-523-7666
ABN AMRO Mortgage 800-783-8900
Accredited Home Lenders 877-683-4466
Advanta Bank Corp. 800-705-7255
AIG VALIC 800-448-2542
Allmerica Financial 800-533-7881
America First 800-999-3961
American Education Svcs. 800-233-0557
American Funds 800-421-0180
Ameritrade 800-669-3900
Bank of America 800-432-1000
Bayview Loan Svcs. 800-457-5105
Capital One 800-903-3637
Charles Schwab 800-435-9050
Chase 877-226-5663
Chase Auto Loans 800-346-9670
Chase Home Finance 800-848-9136
Citibank 800-756-7047
Citizens Bank 800-922-9999
Columbia Mutual Funds 800-345-6611
Commerce Bank 888-751-9000
Compass Bank 800-239-5175
Computershare 800-317-2512
Countrywide Loans 800-669-5864
Decision One Mortgage 888-264-3663
DirectMerchants Bank 800-379-7999
Dodge and Cox 800-621-3979
e*Trade 800-786-2575
Edward Jones 314-515-2000
Electrolux Financial 800-388-1826
Emigrant Direct 800-836-1997
Equifax 866-640-2273
Fidelity 800-544-6666
Fidelity NetBenefits 800-581-5800
Fifth Third Bank 800-972-3030
First National Bank of Omaha 888-530-3626
GE Finance CareCredit 866-893-7864
GMAC Mortgage 800-766-4622
Homecoming Financial 800-206-2901
HSBC 800-477-6000
IndyMac Bank 800-781-7399
ING Direct 800-464-3473
John Deere Credit 800-541-2969
Key Bank 800-539-2968
M&T Bank 800-724-2440
Mellon Investor 800-522-6645
Merrill Lynch 800-637-7455
MetLife Bank 866-226-5638
Moneygram 800-926-9400
NAVY FCU 800-914-9494
NOVA Information Systems 800 377-3962
PNC Bank 888-762-2265
Principal Financial 800-547-7754
Privacy Guard 800-734-0199
Prudential Annuity 888-778-2888
Prudential Financial 800-778-3932
Regions Bank 800-734-4667
Sallie Mae 888-272-5543
Smith Barney Benefitaccess 888-822-6067
Sovereign Bank 877-768-2265
State Farm Bank 877-734-2265
Student Loan Corp. 800-967-2400
Student Loan People 888-250-6401
SunTrust 800-786-8787
T. Rowe Price 800-922-9945
TD Waterhouse 800-934-4448
TIAA-CREF 800-842-2733
TransUnion 800-916-8800
US Bank 800-872-2657
USAA 800-531-2265
USAA Investment Mgmt 800-531-8448
Vanguard Funds 800-662-2739
Wachovia 800-922-4684
Washington Mutual 800-788-7000
Wells Fargo
Western Union 800-325-6000
Sallie Mae - Student Loans 888-272-5543
Thrift Savings Plan 877-968-3778
US Dept. of Edu - Financial Aid 800-422-3243
US Dept. of Edu - Loans 800-848-0979
US Dept. of State - Passports 877-487-2778
US Dept. of Transportation 800-832-5660
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs 800-827-1000
US Federal Trade Commission 877-382-4357
US Homeland Security - FEMA 800-621-3362
US Homeland Security - INS 800-375-5283
US IRS 800-829-1040
US Medicare 800-633-4227
US Mint 800-872-6468
US Postal Service 800-275-8777
US Social Security Admin 800-772-1213
Apple 800-275-2273
Belkin Technical Support 800-223-5546
Compaq 800-652-6672
Dell 800-999-3355
Dell Customer Service 800-624-9896
Fujitsu PC Support 800-385-4878
Gateway 800-846-2301
Hewlett-Packard 800-474-6836
IBM 800-426-4968
AARP Healthcare 800-523-5800
ADP Benefits 800-422-9409
Aetna 800-738-7674
AIG 877-638-4244
American Home Shield 800-776-4663
Ceridian Benefit Svcs. 800-877-7994
CIGNA 800-849-9000
GEICO 800-841-3000
Humana Medicare Claims 800-457-4708
Humana Prescription Drug 800-281-6918
Liberty Mutual (Claims) 800-225-2467
Cox Communications 877-247-2474
MCI 888-624-5622
MCI/Costco Calling Card 800-938-4949
Motorola 800-331-6456
Qwest 800-244-1111
RCN 800-746-4726
SBC 800-310-2355
SBC DSL Support 877-722-3755
Sprint 800-658-7564
Sprint Broadband Direct 888-996-0001
TalkAmerica 800-608-0577
Verizon 800-870-9999
Verizon Billing 888-780-3964
Verizon Fios Customer Service 888-553-1555
Verizon Fraud Number 888-483-7200
Verizon Phone Repair 800-275-2355
Vonage 888-250-1799
Air Canada 888-247-2262
AirTran Airlines 800-204-5695
Alaska Airlines 800-252-7522
American Airliines 800-433-7300
American Airlines Baggage 800-535-5225
Amtrak 877-444-4773 800-211-5119
Continental Airlines 800-784-4444
Delta Air Lines 800-221-1212
Dollar Rent-A-Car 866-434-2226 800-397-3342
Greyhound 800-231-2222
Hilton HHonors 800-548-8690
Holiday Inn 800-465-4329
Hotwire 866-468-9473
Jet Blue 800-538-2583 203-899-3120
Lufthansa 800-399-5838
Mariott Rewards 800-321-7396
Midwest Airlines 800-452-2022
National Car Rental 800-227-7368
Northwest Airlines 800-225-2525
Northwest Airlines WorldPerks 800-447-3757
Orbitz 888-656-4546
Song/Delta Airlines 800-359-7664
Southwest 800-435-9792
spirit air 800-772-7117
Travelocity 888-872-8356
United 800-864-8331
US Airways 800-428-4322
Walt Disney World 407-824-4521
Adelphia 888-683-1000
Bright House Networks 877-892-3279
Cablevision 800-868-9840
Cebridge Connections 877-423-2743
Comcast 800-945-2288
Directv 800-494-4388
DISH network 800-333-3474
Sirius 888 539-7474
TiVo 877-367-8486
Atmos Energy 800-460-3030
Avista Utilities
BGE 800-685-0123
Commonwealth Edison 800-334-7661
Consumers Energy 800-477-5050
Dominion East Ohio Gas 800-362-7557
Dominion Virginia Power 888-667-3000
DTE Energy 800-477-4747
Entergy 866-377-3700
FirstEnergy 800-633-4766
JCP&L 800-662-3115
PSE&G Co 800-436-7734
Reliant Energy 866-735-4268
Shell Energy 877-677-4355
Southern Company 866-762-6427
TXU Energy 800-242-9119
United Illuminating 800-722-5584
USI West 800-203-0773
Vectren Gas 800-227-1376
Xcel Energy 800-895-4999

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International 800 Number Enables Overseas Sales and Customer Service Collaboration

Many companies use a virtual phone number as a communications tool to create a local presence without a physical office in the country or city where a phone number is required.

For example, you may want to advertise in Paris, France. you can own a 'local' phone number in Paris or your choice of cities throughout France. When the number is called, the call is instantly forwarded to your phone located any country.

Choose from a vast selection of Global and U.S. Numbers. Have your calls forwarded to any country.

Virtual phone numbers are actually real phone numbers that redirect callers to any phone number that you designate worldwide.

Your calls are forwarded instantly to a landline, mobile phone, fax line, IVR/PBX or VoIP globally.

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800 Number Forwarding Service in Action | Use Cases

Our 800 number forwarding service is ideal for all kinds of business and personal scenarios. With an 800 call forwarding number, you can create a virtual bridge across international boundaries. Below are some examples of how you can use 800 number forwarding to receive calls from international callers.

Using 800 Number Call Forwarding in a Call Center

In this example, we have an established US-based skincare company that is entering a new market in Singapore. Its call center is currently located in the United States with a traditional US toll free number. However, customers from Singapore cannot use a North American toll free number because they are not in the region. Fortunately, our 800 number call forwarding service enables the company to establish an 800 number local to Singapore and then forward the calls to the existing call center in the United States.

For example, if a customer in Singapore needs to call for customer service, they simply dial an 800 number as expected. There's no need for Singaporean customers to make an international phone call in order to reach the US call center. Likewise, there's no need for the company to establish a local call center. Instead, the company can utilize its existing assets to service this new market.

The biggest challenge has to do with time zone and language differences, which is solved through scheduling and staffing. While most Singaporeans speak English, some speak Chinese or Malay. Using our advanced call routing features, it's possible to route incoming calls from Singapore to bilingual agents who speak the local language.

Should the skincare company later decide to route incoming calls from Singapore to a different call center, doing so is a simple matter of changing the 800 call forwarding number's destination number to the new call center. In fact, you can change the destination number to any phone number in the world at any time.

Using 800 Number Forwarding for Small Business or Consulting Work

By their nature, 800 numbers immediately give businesses a more professional image. Even the smallest of businesses appear larger and more credible when they have an 800 number. In this example, we have an Australian logistics consultant who consults with clients in the United Arab Emirates. He's a one-man operation, but uses a UAE toll free number to conduct his business.

His UAE toll free call forwarding number appears on his website, brochures, letterhead, and business cards, instantly making his consulting business appear more professional and accessible to existing and potential clients. When they need to reach him, they simply call his 800 number. They are completely unaware that he's located half a world away.

Because he travels frequently, the ability to change the destination number on the fly is crucial. He oftentimes rents office space during his time in the United Arab Emirates and changes the destination number accordingly. This ensures constant communication with his clients no matter which country he's in at any given time.

Get Your Own 800 Number Call Forwarding Plan

Getting your own 800 call forwarding number is easy and commitment free. In fact, you can try our 800 number call forwarding service for free to get a better idea of how well it will work for you. Our monthly plans are available without a contract and are competitively priced. You can upgrade or downgrade to get more or less monthly minutes as your needs change. Plus, we have a long list of calling features to make your experience great.

Perhaps your company needs a toll-free or local international phone number?

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