Call Forwarding | U.S. and International Virtual Phone Numbers

Call Forwarding - International Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding | U.S. and International Virtual Phone Numbers


Call Forwarding | U.S. and International Virtual Phone Numbers

Local Call Forwarding number

Call Forwarding - USA and International

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International call forwarding is playing a major role in permitting businesses to have a call forwarding phone number in a growing list of countries.

A call forwarding number can be used where you want callers to be able to dial a local or toll free number in their country or city and have the call forwarded directly to your phone number in another country.


  • No minimum monthly usage requirement
  • International and U.S. call forwarding telephone number choices
  • Change your 'ring to' number online in real time
  • Month-to-month, no long term contract
  • No taxes added
  • Voice Mail to email
  • Ring up to 10 numbers simultaneously
  • Time of day routing
Advantages of Call Forwarding

The advantages of your own call forwarding number are many and would vary depending on what type of business or situation you are in.

Some customers use it to permit callers to reach them 24 hours a day no matter where they may be located.

Other customers use it to forward calls from their existing cell phone or landline to another phone number in another country.

You can modify your 'ring to' number to ensure you receive your calls at the phone number you desire. So for example, you could have calls forwarded to your landline in the daytime and to your cell phone at night.

Toll Free Call Forwarding

Toll free call forwarding permits your callers to contact you without the caller paying for the call. When you provide a toll free call forwarding number, it means that you have regard for your callers budget and that you wish to make it easy for them to contact you.

Local Number Call Forwarding

We now can provide you with a call forwarding number in more than 2000 U.S. cities and over 2500 worldwide cities. Local number call forwarding permits you to more effectively target a specific city as your call forwarding call origination point. Local number call forwarding can also reduce your costs because the caller will pay for the access to your call forwarding number themselves. Your cost would be the per minute rate from your call forwarding city choice to your 'ring to' number.

Call Forwarding Virtual Numbers

Call forwarding is now an important part of the telecommunications arsenal of any person that travels or is mobile and needs to stay in touch with others.

Calls can be diverted to your existing landline or mobile phone in any country.

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Call Forwarding | U.S. and International Virtual Phone Numbers