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What is 800 Number Forwarding Service?

800 numbers are toll free phone numbers that route callers from across the nation to a designated call center, central office, or even an individual phone.

800 number call forwarding service is not physically 800 numbers are toll free phone numbers that route callers from across the nation to a designated call center, central office, or even an individual phone.installed at a given location. Rather, calls are routed to a designated landline or mobile phone, call center, fax or PBX by the customer.

Because of the virtual nature of 800 numbers, an
800 number forwarding service is used to set up and manage the 800 number.
Benefits of Using an 800 Number Forwarding Service
Using an 800 number forwarding service is a fast, affordable way to set up a toll free phone number.

Toll free numbers are available for over 150+ countries, allowing businesses of all sizes to better serve callers from around the globe.

Top Features
  • SMS Mobile Numbers
  • Outbound Calling Option with Caller ID Override
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced IVR Extension Call Forwarding
  • Customized Greeting
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Local Denmark Ringtone
  • Live Technical / Customer Support
  • Simultaneous Forwarding to Multiple Phones

With an 800 number forwarding service, you can:

  • Provide toll free access to callers across an entire country

  • Centralize customer service

  • Designate different "ring to" numbers as needed (such as based on time of day or callers' locations)

  • Project a more professional image

  • Provide better customer service

    And more…

Features of 800 Number Forwarding Service

When you sign up for 800 number forwarding service, you'll gain immediate access to a variety of useful features including:

  • Choice - Choose between domestic and international 800 numbers (over 150 countries are available).

  • Clear calls - Exceptional call quality is consistently delivered using the traditional public switched telephone network, not VoIP.

  • Custom greeting - Record your own personal message.

  • Voicemail and fax forwarding options - Configure your voicemail box to send messages to your email address if desired or activate fax forwarding to your email address and eliminate the need for a separate fax line and fax machine.

  • Multiple call processing - Because many callers call at the same time, it's crucial that your 800 number forwarding service can process simultaneous calls. With this feature, simultaneous calls are routed to the next available service agent through your hunt group or sent to voicemail (depending on your phone system and how you set up your account).

  • Local ring tones - If you order an international 800 number, you can specify a local ring tone so international callers will hear familiar ringing sounds.

  • Advanced routing features - Because callers dialing 800 numbers often come from a large geographic area, it's smart to set up advanced call forwarding options such as routing callers to certain agents or call centers based on the local time of day or calling region.

  • Online account tools - Online account tools ensure that your 800 number forwarding service conforms to your needs 24/7. Whether you need to change the destination number in an emergency or want to record a new greeting, being able to sign in and make the change at any time, day or night, is crucial.

Enjoy all of these features and benefits by ordering 800 number forwarding service.

800 Number Account Activation

Upon account activation you will receive an email with user instructions including the following:

Your 800 Number

Your account number and PIN and Customer Portal web address enabling you to:

  • Change your 'ring to' number in real time, 24/7

  • View call details online

  • Manage your account online

How do you get this service?

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800 Number Forwarding Service with low per minute rates and month-to-month plans.

Optional rollover minutes are also available. Best of all, there's no long-term contract.

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