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New York Phone Number Top Features

»  No term commitment - the service is month-to-month

»  Customer Portal

  • Change personal preferences 24/7

  • Modify your call forwarding (ring to number) in real time

  • View call details: date, time, duration, Caller ID, etc.

New York Phone Number
Enables Call Forwarding to Any Phone Worldwide

New York Phone Number Use Cases

If you have associates, vendors, customers or family in New York or if your business is expanding to New York, those callers in New York can now communicate easily with you regardless of where in the world you may be located.

You don't need to be physically located in New York to own a New York phone number and receive calls from New York and have those calls instantly redirected anywhere you desire internationally.

A theoretical use scenario:

A customer gets a private New York number and diverts Staten Island New York callers to his/her cell phone in Canada (or any other country).

Enjoy complete control, via the Web, as to where your New York Virtual Number will redirect calls. Easily change your 'ring to' number 24/7. Simply login to you account online and change your 'ring to' number in 'real time' to any other landline or mobile phone worldwide.

Have your New York phone number call forward to your hotel in the morning and change it to your mobile phone number in the evening.

  • Enjoy instant call forwarding connections
  • Choose from a vast New York area code selection
  • Have calls forwarded to any phone, in any country
  • Change the 'ring to' (call forwarding) number 24/7
  • Highest global line quality available
  • Enable your New York cell phone or landline to forward calls internationally

Need a Toll Free Number instead of a local number?

Unlike a New York local number, which is usually appropriate when your callers are located within a specific geographical area, a U.S. Toll Free number is accessible to callers from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

There is no minimum usage commitment and no taxes added to either plans, New York Virtual Local Numbers or U.S. toll free Numbers.

Call forward your New York mobile phone or landline calls to any country

Get a virtual phone number from AIT and have your New York cell phone automatically redirect your callers to any international phone or any U.S. number.

If you have a U.S. cell phone or landline phone number and want to receive your calls while out of the country, you can subscribe for a specialized call forwarding number (
Global Call Forwarding).

You then set up the call forwarding feature you already may have with your U.S. cell phone or landline and then forward the calls to the phone number that we assign to your account.

The new number that we assign to your account will then forward and redirect your U.S. cell phone calls or landline callers to your overseas phone, in any country.
Learn more about call forwarding your existing phone calls.

Please check
here to view the latest additions or deletions on area city availability.

Activating New York virtual phone numbers requires no equipment or installation and usually takes one day or less to activate your New York phone number.


New York Phone Number Activation

New York Phone Number Activation

Upon account activation you will receive an email with user instructions including:

1 Your New York Phone Number

Your account number and Customer Portal enabling you to:

  • Change your 'ring to' (call forwarding) number 24/7

  • View call details in real time

  • Manage your account preferences

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New York Virtual Phone Number Enables Call Forwarding to any Cell Phone or Landline Globally.

Create a New York Phone Presence

» Global Call Forwarding

Own and Control a New York Phone Number

New York Virtual Phone Number

New York Virtual Number provides a direct connection to the New York marketplace or your associates and family located in New York. Virtual phone numbers are extremely simple to use.

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that isnít directly linked to a telephone line. It can ring to any phone in any country you choose. This number can be accessed and managed in the cloud.

For example, you can have the New York virtual number ring to a mobile phone between specified hours in the daytime and then ring to a different number at night or even a different country.

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New York Virtual Phone Number in Action | Use Cases

New York virtual phone numbers are a flexible telecommunications method that provide you with a more affordable way to facilitate international phone calls between New York and other countries.

Let's take a look at some example uses of New York virtual phone numbers in action.

Using a New York Phone Number from Abroad

Many international companies seek to have a local presence in New York, one of the world's fastest-growing Times Square, New York, United Stateseconomies in the nation.

While many companies occupy local offices, others have opted to use New York virtual phone numbers to establish a local business presence and have the calls divert to their phones in another city, state or even outside of the US.

Here's how it works:

In this example, the importer is a sole proprietor who frequently travels to New York. During his trips, he changes the destination number to his local mobile phone number so that he can receive calls wherever he is. When in USA, calls ring to his New York City office; when in New York, they ring to his mobile phone.

1 An international business looking to establish a local telephone presence in New York orders a toll free virtual phone number from us. The number works in New York and is toll free to callers as expected; however, its "destination" or "ring to" number can be set to any phone number in the world where it will ring. For example, a US gemstone importer has set the ring to number to divert all incoming calls to its main office in New York City.

2 Calls can be answered live as they come in or sent to voicemail based on several factors that the account holder can control such as time-of-day or a certain number of rings.

3 The New York virtual phone number can also be configured as a virtual PBX with extensions and interactive voice response menus.

Virtual New York Phone Numbers for Local Businesses

Businesses in New York also use virtual phone numbers, both domestically and internationally. Having a toll free number lends a degree of professionalism to the business and can make a small business appear larger. PBX features reinforce those impressions. In addition, toll free numbers reassure callers that they won't be charged for the call.

For local businesses that frequently call other countries, having a virtual phone number dedicated to making outbound calls is a great strategy to keep calling costs low. Since you can change the destination number on the fly, a few simple steps are all that's needed to make cheap international phone calls from New York.

New York Temporary Phone Number

Since our New York virtual phone numbers are offered on a month-to-month basis, they can be used for short-term or temporary international assignments and projects.

Another illustration, an energy consultant from the United States will be in New York for a 3-month project and needs a convenient, cost-effective way to communicate with his office during his stay.

His office has ordered a New York toll free virtual phone number for him to use and set up the ring-to number to the US office.

Each week, he calls the office with a status update simply by dialing the New York toll free virtual phone number which instantly rings to the US office phone number.

There's no complicated country codes, exit codes, or calling card codes to deal with and no reason to get an international operator involved in order to place the phone call.

Because our New York phone numbers are mobile accessible, the consultant can call from his landline or mobile phone.

New York Phone Number | Auto Attendant Feature

If you intend to use your New York phone number for business purposes, your New York virtual number has an auto-attendant feature included, ready for you to utilize if and when desired.

The auto attendant enables you to have more control over customer service calls and sales leads with advanced call routing capability.

New York Auto-Attendant is a menu-driven system that automatically answers and transfers incoming calls to the callers' desired extension using the touch-tone keypad.

An Auto Attendant system is often thought of as a virtual PBX receptionist.

You can customize your New York phone number to send calls to an appropriate department, extension, or voicemail inbox, even outside of office hours. You can also set-up any extension to (call forward) and ring-to a phone number in a different country when required.

| IVR (Auto Attendant Menu) English

New York Phone Number | Create a Hotline Announcement

Your New York phone number includes a hotline creation option. You can upload an MP3 file of any length to an extension. An extension is where your audio file resides.

Enable unattended delivery of information to New York based callers including recorded message hotline for influencers, alerts, announcements, emergency messages, company product updates, etc.

  • Upload your audio file to your account using your customer account portal.
  • Place the MP3 or WAV in any line extension or use it as the primary virtual number greeting.
  • Change the audio file online anytime 24/7.
  • Advertise or publish your New York Hotline Phone Number.

Our team is always available to you so that your experience matches your expectations of this feature.

New York Phone Number Announcement Prompt | Set-Up a Custom Phone Greeting

  • Use the custom greeting feature included free with your New York Phone Number service.
  • Customize your greeting message to welcome and direct callers to the right place.

You can upload an existing MP3 or WAV file or record your New York phone number greeting from your customer portal directly using a microphone or by phone.

When your New York phone number receives a call, the audio message will be played to the caller. Example of a greeting can be, "thank you for calling New York Bagel Company" or "please wait while we connect your call".
You can upload or record anything you wish.

Make Outbound Calls Using Your New York Business Phone Number

People are 4x more likely to answer incoming calls from a local number that they recognize. Make outbound calls using your New York business phone number as Caller ID.

Make outbound calls using your Botswana business phone number as Caller ID

  • Make New York outbound international phone calls to any country.
  • Use the included free Softphone or connect using your existing phone system.
  • Display your New York phone number as Caller ID to call recipients.
  • Receive return phone calls to your New York Phone Number Caller ID.

New York based associates or family members can easily communicate with the call forwarding destination number located in any country.

If a business is interested in expanding into the New York market from an overseas location, when they buy a New York phone number they create a phone presence in New York accessible from anywhere in New York.

Having a New York virtual call forwarding number makes for much easier communication with New York callers who will be instantly connected to the New York phone number owner located in any country, globally.

New York Phone Number

New York virtual phone numbers assists businesses in creating a phone presence in the New York marketplace without investing in a physical location. We do this by enabling businesses to own a New York phone number with global call forwarding capabilities.

New York Virtual Phone Number | Get Your Own

It's easy to get a New York virtual phone number, and a free trial is available. Doing so gives you access to our modern, global telecommunications network and advanced calling features like sequential and simultaneous ringing, local ringtones, fax forwarding, voicemail-to-email, customized greeting, call transfer, and more.

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