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California Virtual Numbers

If you have associates, vendors, customers or family in California or if your business is expanding to California, callers in California can now communicate easily with you regardless of where in the world you may be located.

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Examples of California Virtual Phone Numbers

Use Example - California Virtual Numbers

A theoretical scenario
  1. A customer gets a private California number and diverts Los Angeles California callers to his/her cell phone in France (or any other country or worldwide city).

  2. Enjoy complete control, via the Web, as to where your California Virtual Number will redirect calls to your 'ring to' number. Easily change your 'ring to' number 24/7. Simply login to you account online and change your 'ring to' number in 'real time' to any other landline or mobile phone worldwide.

  3. Have your California Virtual number call forward to your France hotel landline in the AM and change it to your France mobile in the PM.

  4. View list of Cities Available in California
  • Choose from vast selection of California Virtual Numbers
  • Have calls forwarded to any country or any other city
  • Make 'ring to' number changes online 24/7
  • Highest quality connections available
  • Have your U.S. cell phone forward calls internationally
Need a Toll Free Number instead of a local number ?

If a
U.S. toll free number is required, view the 1 800 plans here.

Unlike a California Virtual local number, a U.S. toll free number is accessible to the caller from anywhere in the U.S.

There is no minimum usage commitment and no taxes added to either plans, California Virtual Number or a U.S. toll free call forwarding Number.

Call forward your California or U.S. cell phone to any country

Get a virtual phone number from AIT and have your U.S. cell phone automatically redirect your callers to any international phone or any other U.S. number. Learn more

California Virtual Phone Numbers Enables California Call Forwarding to Any Phone Anywhere.

If you have associates, vendors, customers or family in California or if your business is expanding to California, your California callers can now communicate easily with you regardless of where in the U.S. or the world you may be located.

Get a private California virtual phone number and have your calls redirected to any phone number, landline or cell, worldwide.

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