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Nevada Phone Number
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Owning a Nevada Phone Number is easy.

1 Go to this Virtual Number Database

Use the drop down arrow and choose Nevada in the top left country field.

2 Select the Nevada type of number you desire from the drop down list.

3 Enter your call destination country and ring to number on the top two selection boxes on the right.

See example banner at top of this page.

4 Click “
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Lastly, enter your contact information and account type.
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NEVADA Virtual Phone Numbers

  • Austin
  • Baker
  • Battle Mountain
  • Beatty
  • Carson City
  • Carson Plains
  • Crystal Bay
  • Ely
  • Empire
  • Eureka
  • Fernley
  • Fish Lake Valley
  • Gabbs
  • Gardnerville
  • Hawthorne
  • Imlay
  • Indian Springs
  • Jean
  • Las Vegas 702
  • Las Vegas 705
  • Lathrop Wells
  • Laughlin
  • Lovelock
  • Lund
  • Mina
  • Mount Charleston
  • Nelson
  • Nixon
  • Pahrump
  • Reno
  • Round Mountain
  • Sandy Valley
  • Searchlight
  • Stagecoach
  • Stateline (Douglas)
  • Topaz Lake
  • Virginia City
  • Winnemucca

Las Vegas Phone Numbers

When one of your customers in Las Vegas or Nevada feels more of a comfort level working with a local business, you may want to get a Nevada or Las Vegas phone number.

If you don't have a physical office in Las Vegas, you can now have a virtual number in Las Vegas Nevada.

AIT offers Las Vegas Local Numbers to any subscriber. That includes businesses, corporations and individuals outside of Las Vegas Nevada.

You may even consider getting a virtual Las Vegas Nevada Local Number if you travel to Las Vegas often because you can then use it as a means to out-dial at great rates to any other number worldwide by changing the 'ring to' number online.

Nevada SMS Virtual Numbers are accessible from the following devices and networks:

Nevada Virtual Numbers are accessible from the following devices and networks

Nevada Phone Number Activation

Nevada Phone Number Activation

Upon account activation you will receive an email with user instructions including the following:

1 Your Nevada Phone Number

Your account number and Customer Portal enabling you to:

  • Change your 'ring to' (call forwarding) number 24/7

  • View call details in real time

  • Manage your account preferences

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Nevada Virtual Phone Number Enables Call Forwarding to Any Mobile Phone or Landline Globally.

Create a Nevada Phone Presence

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Own and Control a Nevada Phone Number

Nevada Phone Number

Furthermore, not only does Nevada have an advanced telecom sector, but as with most every US city, none of the Nevada telephone companies permit call forwarding beyond the USA border. No international call forwarding is permitted from a phone number issued by the Nevada phone companies.

This means if you own or want to own a Nevada phone number and choose to have the Nevada calls divert to another country, you cannot do so.

Get Calls Out of Nevada

Our service provides a solution to the international call forwarding requirement from Nevada and assists you to buy and own a Nevada phone number with international call forwarding capabilities.

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Nevada Virtual Phone Number in Action | Use Cases

Nevada international call forwarding numbers are a handy tool for businesses and individuals who need to have a phone presence in Nevada and receive the calls elsewhere in the US or any other country..

There are many ways you can use a Nevada virtual phone number. Below are some examples.

Nevada Temporary Phone Number

A businessman from Taiwan will be consulting in Nevada for about four weeks, and needs a reliable way to call his Taiwan office and stay in touch with his family. Upon arriving in the US, he plans to purchase a mobile phone and calling plan to avoid costly roaming charges.

However, he still needs a way to stay in contact with his office in Taiwan. To do this, he's ordered a Nevada virtual phone number and set the call forwarding number to his Taiwan main office line.

Once his US mobile phone is activated, he will be able to call his Taiwan office without having to dial country and exit codes or place a costly international phone call using his local mobile phone plan.

Instead, he simply dials the Nevada virtual phone number and the call to the Taiwan office is connected instantly.

Nevada Auto Attendant Feature

If you intend to use your Nevada virtual phone number for business purposes, your Nevada virtual number has an auto-attendant feature included, ready for you to utilize if and when desired.

The auto attendant enables you to have more control over customer service calls and sales leads with advanced call routing capability.

Nevada Auto-Attendant is a menu driven system that automatically answers and transfers incoming calls to the callers desired extension through a phone’s touch tone keypad.

An Auto Attendant system is often thought of as a virtual PBX receptionist.

You can customize your Nevada phone number to send calls to an appropriate department, extension, or voicemail inbox, even outside of office hours. And you can also set-up an extension to ring-to a phone number in different country if required.

| IVR (Auto Attendant Menu)

Create a Nevada Hotline Announcement

Your Nevada phone number includes a hotline creation feature. The Nevada virtual number owner can upload an audio file of any length.

Enable unattended delivery of information including Nevada influence alerts, announcements, emergency messages, product updates, etc.

Simply upload an MP3 or WAV file or record it using your phone or microphone, to your account using the customer portal. Place the audio file in any extension or use it as the primary virtual number greeting. An extension is where your audio file will reside.

Our team is always available so that your experience matches your expectations of this feature.

Nevada Phone Number Announcement Prompt | Set-Up a Custom Phone Greeting

  • Use the custom greeting feature included free with your Nevada Phone Number service.
  • Customize your greeting message to welcome and direct callers to the right place.

You can upload an existing MP3 or WAV audio file or record your Nevada phone number greeting from your customer portal directly using a microphone or phone.

When your Nevada phone number receives a call, the audio message will be played to the caller. Example of a greeting can be, "thank you for calling Nevada Travel Company" or "please wait while we connect your call".
You can upload or record anything you wish.

Make Outbound Global Calls Using Your Nevada Business Phone Number

People are 4x more likely to answer incoming calls from a local number that they recognize. Make outbound international calls using your Nevada business phone number as Caller ID.

Make outbound international calls using your Nevada business phone number as Caller ID

  • Make Nevada outbound international phone calls to any country.
  • Use the included free Softphone or connect to the network using your existing phone system.
  • Display your Nevada phone number as Caller ID to call recipients.
  • Receive return phone calls to your Nevada Phone Number Caller ID.

Get a U.S. Nevada, Las Vegas Virtual Phone Number

A Las Vegas Local Number can be ordered through our automated secure sign up form.

Select your Las Vegas phone number or choose another Nevada city.

Las Vegas Virtual Phone Numbers

Get a Las Vegas Local Number and redirect your callers to your telephone located anywhere, worldwide.

Designate your virtual Nevada corporate phone Number to 'ring to' your office, or your cell phone. Las Vegas virtual phone numbers can be used as a personal phone number or corporate number and even enable International Call Forwarding.

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