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Remote Call Forwarding Number

Get a remote call forwarding number, or several, and reach out to customers in other communities. Using a remote call forwarding number to establish your company's presence in its service areas is a tried-and-true strategy that's surprisingly easy to implement.

It easy communicating with your customer base even if your customers are located in Tanzania and your company call center is in the USA.
See example above.

Here's how it works:

1 Order your number - First, you'll need a remote call forwarding number for each community that you are targeting. These numbers will be local numbers for each targeted community. For example, if you are targeting customers in Phoenix, Arizona, you'll want a remote call forwarding number within the 602 area code. Likewise, if you're targeting customers in Atlanta, Georgia, you'll need a number within Atlanta's 770 area code.

2 Designate a destination (ring to number) - When you order call forwarding numbers, the next step is to designate where each remote Get a remote call forwarding number, or several, and reach out to customers in other forwarding number actual rings. Because call forwarding numbers are "virtual," they do not require a physical installation. So, your Phoenix and Atlanta numbers won't be installed in offices located in Phoenix and Atlanta. Instead, call to those numbers will be forwarded to a remote phone that you've designated as the 'ring to' number. This could be your main office in Portland, Oregon, a call center located in Chicago, or virtually anywhere in the world.
3 Configure advanced features - After setting up the initial remote call forwarding number and its destination 'ring to' number, you can begin receiving phone calls. However, you may want to configure some of the advanced options that come with your remote call forwarding number.

For example, if you want to also receive faxes (as an email attachment), you'll need to enable that function and enter your email address. Similarly, you may want to record a custom greeting and voicemail message as well as specify how you want calls handled under a variety of circumstances.

Why order a remote call forwarding number for callers in various communities?

There are several reasons why businesses do so. While you could advertise your main phone number, doing so may alienate callers from outside your calling area.

For example, would a customer in Atlanta feel comfortable dialing a business with a Portland area code? By ordering a
remote call forwarding number local to Atlanta and then routing those callers to your Portland office, you immediately solve a common obstacle.

For example, if you currently advertise in three local phone books, on five local radio stations, and one television station, you could order individual remote
call forwarding numbers for each ad campaign and then track the performance of each ad campaign based on each number's call histories.

Remote call forwarding numbers are versatile tools that come with useful features including: online account access, time of day routing, custom greetings, crystal clear call quality, voicemail and fax forwarding, simultaneous call handling, and more.

Serve your customers no matter where they may be located, local or abroad. Order your own
remote call forwarding number.

In addition to looking like a local number to callers, you can use a remote call forwarding number to gain better insight into how well your advertising campaigns are working.

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