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Virtual Phone Number Forwarding



Virtual Phone Number Forwarding

What is virtual phone number forwarding?

Virtual phone number forwarding involves ordering a virtual phone Virtual Phone Number Forwardingnumber which is not tied to a single, physical location. Instead, it is highly portable and can ring to just about any phone number that you determine it should ring to -worldwide.

For example, you could order a virtual phone number for your business and use the included 'time of day routing feature' of the virtual phone number forwarding service to route calls to your office from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and then to your voicemail after 5:00 PM.

Or another strategy, should you travel frequently, you may want to change how
virtual phone number forwarding works by changing the 'ring to' number to your mobile phone when you are out of the office and back to a landline when in the office.

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Many sales professionals, business consultants, and home-based business owners use call forwarding numbers to ensure that callers can quickly reach them no matter where they may be working each day. Others use these call forwarding plans to create a virtual PBX complete with customized greetings and advanced routing features.

Larger businesses often use
virtual phone number forwarding to create local phone numbers for customers in various cities to call. This creates the impression that the business is located nearby - and therefore is potentially better able to serve the customer than a competitor located further away. In fact, callers may never know that a local phone number actually rings at a location across the nation or even the world.

You can also use
virtual phone number forwarding in conjunction with your advertising efforts. Virtual phone numbers are inexpensive and are billed much like traditional 800 numbers. You could publish dedicated virtual phone numbers in different advertisements and then evaluate the number of phone calls each ad generated based on the amount of corresponding virtual phone number forwarding calls received.

For example, if you use
virtual phone number forwarding exclusively for a television ad, then you know that all callers who dialed that phone number saw and responded to your television ad. If only a few calls show up on your call usage report for that virtual phone number, then you know the ad was ineffective and either needs to be revised or canceled. On the other hand, if thousands of calls are documented, then you know your TV ad was a success.

Must-have features include: advanced routing, customized greetings, fax forwarding, simultaneous call processing, local ring tones (if ordering an international number), and online account management tools. Other important options are: month-to-month
virtual phone number forwarding plans, no long-term contracts, and optional rollover minutes. Take advantage of an innovative communications strategy, order a virtual phone forwarding number.

Virtual Phone Number Forwarding is a strategy used by companies and individuals alike to better serve customers and stay in touch in an increasingly mobile world.

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