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Australia Virtual Number

Whether you export products to Australia, offer consulting services to Australian businesses or are thinking about entering the Australian marketplace for the first time, you could quickly establish a business presence with a virtual number.

Australia toll-free and local virtual numbers are available including Australia mobile SMS virtual phone numbers.In addition to ordering city-specific virtual numbers available throughout Australia, you could also order a toll free virtual number and forward any calls from that phone number to your call center or office phone located anywhere globally.

What is an Australia Virtual Number

A virtual number is a remote call forwarding number that is not tied to a physical location. In the case of Australia, you could get a virtual number for Sydney complete with its local area code of 28, and set it up so that any calls made to your Australian virtual phone number would be call forwarded to the phone number of your choice.

Local virtual numbers for Australia are available for dozens of communities throughout the country including Sydney, Perth, Cape River, Liverpool, Adelaide, Sunbury, Swan Hill, and Wagga Wagga to name a few.Australia

Virtual Number Use Cases

Perhaps the best way to see the value of an Australian virtual phone number is by seeing how others have used their virtual phone numbers. Below are a few use cases to inspire you:

Set up an Australian Virtual Number call center in the United States
— In this example, you have an established call center in the United States and need to set one up in Australia as well.

As you know, building, equipping, and staffing a call center is expensive. Instead of going to the trouble of doing all that, get a local virtual number for Australia, hire a few Australian CSRs, and route your Australian calls directly to your Australian CSRs desks in your US call center.

Set up an Australia Virtual Number tech support line based in India
— This scenario is nearly identical to the call center scenario, only it involves technical support calls to your tech support center in India.

Again, a virtual number for your Australia calls will save you a ton of money
— and your customers won’t know that they’re calling another country.

Set up a personal Australia virtual number and forward it to your personal cell phone
— In this case, you might have family, friends, or colleagues in Australia who need to call you on your personal cell phone. However, you want to save them the trouble and cost of an international phone call.

By getting a virtual Australian phone number and routing it to your personal cell phone, you can make their lives easier and be easy to reach no matter where in the world you may be.

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