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Keypad Commands & Controls

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Audio conferencing keypad commands help control the conference call
Touch Tone Management for Reservationless Conferences

Control many aspects of the conference call from the telephone with the following keypad commands
Most often asked questions while on a conference call

Whose kid is screaming?
Please, can you mute your line?
Who is on the call right now?

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, when it comes to conference calls these issues simply are a part of conferencing. As an example there is a solution to any noise irritants while on a call. It's called self mute.

This is accomplished usually by the participants themselves by using a keypad entry on their phone to mute their phone line. They can still hear the conference but the noise in their environment won't continue to infiltrate to the entire call.

The easiest DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) keypad commands can make it all much easier. We’ve compiled the list of dialpad commands that can be used on a conference call. By the way, DTMF is the tone sound you hear when you press a key on your phone.

Automated Keypad Entry Commands


*0 Operator Assistance



*2 Start/Stop Recording (available to the leader)


  System will then ask you to press *1 to start or *2 to return to the conference

  Follow instructions given by the automated system

  When ready to stop the recording, press *2 again


*3 Start/Stop Playback (only plays back the last recording made)


*4 Toggles (Increase Audio Volume)


*5 Toggles Lecture Mode on and off (available to leader only)


  Places all guests on mute while leader speaks. Leader can then use *5 again to open up the call to everyone


*6 Toggles Self Mute for any participant, on and off


*7 Toggles Conference Secure (available to leader only)


  Secures the conference so that no one else may join


*8 Play Roll Call


*9 Stop Roll Call

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Conference Bridge Keypad Commands