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International conference calling with participants located in Belize is easy. Bring participants into your international conference call utilizing our Belize toll-free access number.

Global Conference Calling in Belize

With Internet usage rates incredibly low, and VoIP just recently allowed, business people and others throughout Belize have limited access to conferencing technologies such as Skype and FaceTime. However, they can easily collaborate with global partners, colleagues, and family members using a traditional global conference call.

For example, a business owner in Belize could host a global collaboration conference call with suppliers, partners, and other Belize Caye Caulkerbusiness associates around the world without requiring any special technologies other than a phone and a pay-as-you-go global conferencing service. Whether participants are located inside Belize, Central America, North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Islands, or anywhere else in the world, the Belize global conference call takes place completely over a traditional PSTN phone network. Participants dial either a local or toll free phone number to join the conference - and they can use all phone types including landlines, mobile phones, VoIP phones, and satellite phones.

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Adding Remote Guests

Adding Remote ParticipantsDial Out details
Optional use free feature:
You can connect
anyone to your call regardless of their country location using the included dial-out feature.
Primarily used to add a participant in a remote country or to add another attendee while a call is in progress.

Included dial-out feature

Belize Telecommunications
As of 2012, Belize had 25,400 main telephone lines in use and 164,200 mobile cellular subscribers. This represents a teledensity of just under 10 fixed line phones per 100 people and nearly 70 mobile-cellular phones per 100 people.

Belize's telecommunications system is considered above-average with a trunk network relying on microwave radio relay. Belize is a landing point for the ARCOS-1 (Americas Region Caribbean Ring System) fiberoptic submarine cable. It is also home to 8 satellite earth stations.

As of 2009, Belize had roughly 36,000 Internet users. By 2013, that number increased to 74,700. However, this represents just 22.8 percent of the population. The main Internet service providers in Belize are Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and SpeedNet. Belize's Internet system is considered one of the weakest in the Caribbean with download speeds well below 5 Mbps. In contrast, download speeds in the Bahamas were 30 Mbps.

According to the Belize Chamber of Commerce, Belize's telecommunications industry is regulated in accordance with the Telecoms Act of 2002. Belize's industry was first privatized in 1988, but the incumbent BTL held a monopoly for 15 years. Though the market is open today, the government owns Belize Telemedia Limited, competing directly with SpeedNet.

For years, Belize operated under a "VoIP embargo." Not only did people living and working in Belize have to pay high telecommunications cost due to Belize Telemedia's long-standing monopoly and, later, limited competition, they couldn't take advantage of VoIP.

This changed in May 2013 when the government required BTL to open its network to VoIP services. Meanwhile, SpeedNet is making progress in the mobile sector. BTL's DigiCell brand has recently implemented LTE network upgrades and new roaming deals to dozens of other countries.

Another private telecommunications provider in Belize is SMART Telecom Belize which offers cellular service using a CDMA network. DigiCell and SMART remain intense competitors, particularly in the prepaid market.

International Conference Call Features
  • 119 country global access number service
  • Belize Local Toll access number included
  • No activation fee
  • Pay as you go, no monthly fees
  • No recurring fees of any kind
  • No monthly minimum usage requirements
  • No contract
  • 24 hour customer and operator support
  • [ 0 0 ] summons on-call operator, 24/7
  • Complete array of leader keypad commands
  • Superb quality international toll free network
  • Automatic emailed attendance report
  • MP3 session recordings
  • Add additional conference call rooms for other users
  • Free Connect app for easy conference call access

  • Offer international toll free access numbers to your company team members who travel abroad so they can easily connect to your global conference call meetings.

  • Enable geographically diverse international offices to join conference calls to provide input on issues that affect their regions.

You can now have 'toll free' multi-country conference calls from the following countries:

Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, Turkey, UAE, UK, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

As an example, now your client in Belize can join a conference call with your IT department located in Miami, Florida and a marketing person in the UK on the same call.

International conference calls from
the following Belize cities

You can use the dial out feature to bring
use our dial-out feature to bring the participant into the conference callattendees in to your conference call located in Belize City, San Ignacio, Orange Walk, Belmopan, Dangriga, Corozal, San Pedro, Benque Viejo del Carmen, Punta Gorda, Valley of Peace and any other city in Belize plus participants in any other country.

If your have an invitee located in a country that is
not on the toll-free access number list, the moderator can use our dial-out feature to easily bring the participant into the conference call.
About Belize
Located on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize is an English-speaking nation of 340,844 people as of July 2014 estimates. Belize has been an independent commonwealth realm since 1981. However, Queen Elizabeth II remains the head of state of Belize. Belize operates under English common law.

Belize's economy is largely powered by tourism followed by the export of marine products, bananas, citrus, cane sugar, and garments. In 2006, oil discoveries have helped the economy expand. Belize has a wide gap in income between the rich and poor, but it also has Central America's second highest income per capita. 41 percent of Belize's population lives below the poverty line.

Belize's work force is broken into the following occupational sectors: Services (71.7 percent), industry (18.1 percent) and agriculture (10.2 percent). The nation has a shortage of skilled and technical labor and a high unemployment rate of 15.5 percent as of 2013.

Belize Export Trading Partners

United States
United Kingdom
Trinidad and Tobago

List of Belize based Companies

Belizean Fine Woods
Belize Oil
Bismar Enterprises
ABC Boutique
Suzi Co.,Ltd.
General Technologies of Belize
Bessa Decor2
Zhosting inc
Hummingbird Furnishing
Global Corporate Services Limited
Heritage Foods
Hiri Puri
Teakettle Enterprises Ltd.
Belize Pet World
Zenmex Trade Ltd
Market Developers Inc.
Bel-Car Export & Import Company Limited
Blue Marlin Lodge
Belizean Artwork
Ste Delink International Ltd
MGB Ltd.
Quality Poultry Products Co. Ltd.
Toledo Moringa Producers
Bob's Imports
Citadel Holding Ltd
Belize Logistics
Balam Jungle
Black Orchid Resort
Alejandro Rafael Perez And Associates
Ashween International LTD.
Maya Wood Company
Corona Partners Ltd
Belize Pharma Supplies Limited
Jacob Pedro Harms
Zhejiang Jiuchong Doors Co.,Ltd
DLM Holdings Ltd.
kiddsmark sales
Belize AME Consulting Group
Belize Beans
Womandonna Ltd
Madisco (Marketing & Distribution Co. Ltd)
Pure Nature Enterprises Ltd.
Southside Distributors
Habet & Habet Ltd.
Caricom International
Bardalez Plants
Internet Power
Metro Cash N Carry Co Ltd.,
Little Belize Exporters Co. Ltd.
Cayo Tropical Fruits Ltd.
Africa Mobile

International Conference Call Belize With Participants Located In Belize City Or San Ignacio Or Any Other City Can Join Or Host A Global Conference Call.

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Host international conference calls with people located in Belize. You can be located in Belize as a chairperson or an attendee.

To use this service, the conference call host simply sends the included Belize toll-free access number to the Belize located participants.

MP3 session recording
makes it convenient to record and retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls.

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