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Mexico International Conference Calls

Hosting a conference call from Mexico has been expensive and difficult to arrange despite competition among mobile and domestic Mexico telecom service providers.

Here's how it works

1 Activate your account to receive global access numbers, PIN and easy user guide.

2 Send your Mexico participants the Mexico toll-free or Mexico City access number. And send your other attendees the access number for their country from the included list.

3 All participants dial in and enter a PIN. They are immediately joined on a crystal clear global connection.

Everyone can now speak and be heard internationally.

Mexico Mexico City Skyscrapersbased businesses have discovered international conference calls as an affordable way to make low-cost worldwide collaboration possible from Mexico with attendees any other country.

With aitelephone's
Mexico conference call service, you can side step the default Mexico phone companies and gain access to a high quality, international conference calling network - and its PSTN reliability.

Mexico Telecommunications

The general assessment per the CIA World Factbook is that Mexico has adequate telephone service for business and government; improving quality and increasing mobile cellular availability, with mobile subscribers far outnumbering fixed-line subscribers.

This includes a domestic satellite system with 120 earth stations; extensive microwave radio relay network; considerable use of fiber-optic cable and coaxial cable.

Despite the opening to competition in January 1997, Telmex remains dominant; Fixed-line teledensity is less than 20 per 100 persons; mobile-cellular teledensity is about 80 per 100 persons

Mexico main telephone lines in use approximately 20.22 million (2012)

Mobile cellular users about: 100.786 million (2012)

Using the Connect App from Mexico

Using the Free Optional Connect App from Mexico

Connect Remote Access
Use it with iPhone, Android, PC or Mac

The free included Connect App enables
easy connection to the conference call with
no access numbers to enter or remember.

Adding Remote Guests Dial-out from Mexico

Dial-out to or from Mexico
Adding Remote Participants

Another Optional free feature
You can connect
anyone to your call regardless of their country location using the included dial-out feature.

Primarily used to add a participant in a remote country or to add another attendee while a call is in progress.

Mexico Conference Call Features

Mexico Conference Call Features

  • 100+ country toll free access numbers
  • Dial-out rates to any country
  • Includes Mexico toll-free and local access numbers
  • No activation fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No monthly minimum usage requirements
  • No contract term
  • 24 hour customer and operator support
  • [ 0 0 ] summons on-call operator, 24/7
  • Complete array of leader keypad commands
  • Superb quality international toll free network
  • Automatic attendance reports after each call
  • Session recordings
  • Account control panel

Use Mexico conference call service from any of these cities

Mexico City (The Federal District)
Iztapalapa (The Federal District)
Ecatepec (Mexico)
Guadalajara (Jalisco)
Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua)
Puebla de Zaragoza (Puebla)
Tijuana (Baja California)
Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl (Mexico)
Gustavo A. Madero (The Federal District)
Monterrey (Nuevo Leon)
Leon (Guanajuato)
Zapopan (Jalisco)
Naucalpan de Juarez (Mexico)
Guadalupe (Nuevo Leon)
Merida (Yucatan)
Tlalnepantla (Mexico)
Chihuahua (Chihuahua)
Alvaro Obregon (The Federal District)
San Luis Potosi (San Luis Potosi)
plus any other city that can access the provided Mexico access numbers.

Mexico Conference call participants

Attendees can login FROM Mexico with the included Mexico Toll Free access number or use the included Mexico City access number.

Optionally the chairperson can use the included dial out feature to easily bring attendees into the conference call at any time.

If your have a participant located in a country that is not on the toll free list, that participant can still access your conference call using our local U.S. bridge number (provided upon account activation).

Maquiladoras Conference Calls

Major commercial and industrial enterprises located at the US/Mexico border and in the interior of Mexico use international conference calling services to collaborate with their US and global suppliers, partners and associates on a daily basis from Mexico.

Major commercial enterprises use international conference calling services to collaborate with their US and global suppliers, partners and associates on a dialy basis from Mexico.

Businesses based in Mexico

Ferreteria Y Varios F Y V, S A De C V
Lavanderia Los Alpes, S A
Tobali, S A De C V
Tonala No 357, Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
Novo Casas, S A De C V
Cuenta Con Tu Casa, S A De C V
Estrategia De Aire, S A De C V
Minera El Porvenir De Zacualpan, S A De C V
Global Safety, S A De C V
Promotora Jalisciense Puerto Vallarta, S A De C V
Zipango, S A De C V
Terramovil, S A De C V
Emprosoft Mexico S A De C V
Comextra, S A De C V
Hermanos De Italia, S A De C V
Motel Real La Viga, S A De C V
Doberman Seguridad Privada, S A De C V
Funerales Barrera, S A
Inmobiliaria Generosa, S A
Grupo Eficiente, S A De C V
Inmobiliaria Isiva, S A De C V
Hacienda De San Patricio, S A De C V
Mexta, S A De C V
Hacienda De San Patricio, S A De C V
Mexta, S A De C V
Grupo Wasimbudy, S A De C V
Barnetche Bernal Y De Wit Sc
Bufete Alatorre Mendieta S C
Cocodrilo Ii, S A De C V
Centro Cambiario Roma, S A De C V
Correo De Ultramar, S A De C V
Hacienda De San Patricio, S A De C V
Mexta, S A De C V
Grupo Wasimbudy, S A De C V
Barnetche Bernal Y De Wit Sc
Bufete Alatorre Mendieta S C
Cocodrilo Ii, S A De C V
Centro Cambiario Roma, S A De C V
Correo De Ultramar, S A De C V
Instituto Transeuropeo De Mexico Item , S C
Calca Distribuidora, S A De C V
Jardin De Ninos Fatima, A C
Arpi Empresarial S A De C V
Office Club, S A De C V
Poliplastic, S De R L De C V
Promotion & Marketing, S A De C V
Quimica Biomedica, S A De C V
Intech Mexicana, S A De C V
J P J Seguridad Privada, S A De C V
Lightmex, S A De C V
Corporaciones Elektron, S A De C V
Operadora De Alimentos Procesados, S A De C V
Comercializadora De Bares Y Eventos, S A De C V
Martinez Zavaleta, Felipe
Constructora Saldierna, S A
Cristal Inastillable O Templado S A De C V
Vigilancia Y Servicios, S A De C V
Arte Precolombino Arpreco, S A De C V
Diseno Y Proyeccion Empresariales, S C
Playa International, S A De C V
Equus Promotora, S A De C V
Ferreteria Y Varios Sa
Pull & Bear Mexico, S A De C V
Muebles Y Electronica Santo Domingo, S A De C V
Pinturas Flomorama, S A De C V
Valet Parking Ardi, S A De C V
Vera Abogados Sc
Idea Impresa, S A De C V
Intalbe, S A De C V
Iria Flavia, S A De C V
Jeanken, S A De C V
La Casa Del Buen Pozole, S A De C V
Distribuidora Cruza S A
Creaciones Susi Sa
Fletes Magos, S A De C V
Kapra Edificaciones Y Construcciones, S A De C V
Popline, S A De C V
Itc Zaragoza Computacion, S A
Gastronomica Milagros, S A De C V
Comercializadora Practico, S A De C V
Pernas Y Compania Editores Y Distribuidores, S A De C V
Sam Young Pacific, S A De C V
Depositos Dormimundo, S A De C V
Grupo Plastico E Inmobiliario, S A De C V
Comercializadora De Textiles Zaga, S A De C V
Karisma Restaurante,S A De C V
Metalpract, S A
Vazservis, S A De C V
Pinturas Pinta Todo, S A De C V
Promociones Marriott, S A De C V
Instituto P/Desarrollo Y Actulizacion De Profecionales
Chiles Y Tequilas, S A De C V
Cinematografica Gabal, S A De C V
Colegio De Computacion E Informatica Para Ejecutivos
Mdi - Mercadotecnia Directa Internacional, S A De C V
Centro Escolar Hermanos Revueltos, S C
Tiendas Extra, S A De C V
Diclean, S A De C V
Construcciones Sta Maria, S A De C V

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You can host a Mexico conference call with attendees located in any country.

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Customers located in Mexico, use the included Mexico toll-free access number. It provides the connectivity for the host and attendees located in Mexico to connect with participants globally.

Mexico toll-free access numbers


Mexico City Local 5547770538

Connecting with others using these access numbers will be possible once an account is activated.

Attend international conference calls
from Mexico.

You can be located in Mexico as a Participant or the chairperson for your global conference call.

To use this service, the international conference call moderator or participant in Mexico would simply use the local Mexico Toll-Free or local number supplied by AIT.

Session recording
makes it convenient to record and retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls for future reference.


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