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While domestic calling rates tend to be low in Austria, international conferencing poses its share of challenges for business.

For example, hosting a conference call among users within Austria is easy enough; however, callers from other countries may incur hefty international charges simply to access the global conference call. Moreover, toll free numbers only work within designated regions.

One of the best ways to tackle these challenges while simultaneously allowing international participants to get together in a global conference call is to use an international conferencing service designed for the task.

With an international conference calling plan, you can host a global Austria Business team participantcall in Austria and issue toll free numbers specific to your participants' countries. These access numbers route the calls over a traditional PSTN telecommunications network into a conference bridge without requiring international users to dial a
foreign number or incur international long distance charges.

For example, a caller in the United States would dial a regular U.S. toll free number, yet would be connected to the global teleconference in Austria. Meanwhile, a caller in South Africa would dial a toll free South Africa access number, and so on.

Connect Remote Access - Join calls easily with your smartphone or desktop
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smartphone, PC or MAC

Not located in Austria but need to provide international conference numbers local to Austria? You can host your international conference calls from virtually anywhere in the world and issue international access numbers for dozens of countries around the world, including Austria.

As the host of an international teleconference, you would be charged for toll free access on a per minute per caller basis, much as you would be charged for a regular toll free phone number. Each country has its own rates, and several options are available including the option of issuing local numbers or using moderator dial out to connect callers from unsupported countries.

Pay as you go, contract-free international conferencing plans are available, providing you with the ultimate in flexibility. With no prepayment, no startup costs, no monthly fees, no minimum requirements, and no long-term commitment required, you can hold as many, or as few, international conference calls as you

Our toll free, local, and dial-out international conferencing rates are incredibly low, too, and the audio quality is unbeatable. Hold an international conference call today and see how easy and affordable international conferencing with participants inside or out of Austria can be.

International Conference Call Features
  • 100 country toll free access expanded plan
  • Austria Local Toll access number included
  • Dial-out rates to any country
  • No activation fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No monthly minimum usage requirements
  • No contract term - No commitment
  • 24 hour customer and operator support
  • [ 0 0 ] summons on-call operator, 24/7
  • Complete array of leader keypad commands
  • Superb quality international toll free network
  • Automatic emailed attendance report
  • MP3 session recording of any conference call
  • Initiate conference calls via Global Toll Free numbers
  • Add additional conference call rooms for other users
  • Monthly PDF itemized invoice
  • Free mobile app for easy conference call access

  • Offer international toll free access numbers to your team members who travel abroad so they can easily connect to your global conference call meetings.

  • Host multi-country conference calls. Our conferencing bridge is located in the U.S. but the moderator can initiate a conference call from any country.

  • Enable geographically diverse international offices to join conference calls to provide input on issues that affect their regions.

About Austria

Located in the heart of Europe, Austria is a landlocked country of more than 8 million people. After being occupied following World Austria MapWar II, Austria was recognized as being independent in 1955 with the signing of a state treaty. In 1995, joined the European Union. In 1999, it entered the EU Economic and Monetary Union.

Austria's ethnic makeup consists primarily of Austrians (91.1 percent) and former Yugoslavs (4 percent) with a handful of Turks and Germans. The official language spoken in Austria is German.

Austria Telecommunications

Austria's Telecommunications System According to the CIA World Factbook, as of 2012, Austria had 3.342 million main line telephones in use and 13.59 million mobile cellular subscribers. This preference for mobile phones over landlines is similar to the preference of other nations, with landline use falling due to the
advantages and availability of mobile phones. In fact, landlines have been declining since the mid-1990s.

Austria's highly developed telecommunications system is fueled by an extensive fiber optic network. The country is home to 15 satellite earth stations and around 600 VSATs.

In addition to delivering all telephone services, Austria's telecommunications system includes all Internet services. Roughly 3.5 million Internet hosts are in Austria and over 80 percent of the population uses the Internet. DSL service
dominates the broadband market; however, mobile services, cable, fiber optics, and SDSL are also available. Austria's main ISPs include: Telekom Austria, Tele2, UPC, and KabelPlus.

Austria's Telecommunications Market Originally part of the Ministry for Transport's Postal and Telegraph Administration (PTV), Austria's telecommunications service became a joint-stock company known as Post and Telekom Austria AG in 1996. Three years later, Post und Telekom Austria AG split
in half as two companies: Telekom Austria AG and the Austrian Postal Service.

The Republic of Austria owns just over 30 percent of ownership in Telekom Austria with the remainder privately owned. As a member of the European Union, and in accordance with its laws, Austria's telecommunications market underwent privatization. It has been fully privatized since the late 1990s.

A new legal framework for the telecommunications sector went into effect in 2003. This framework is made up of several European Parliament and Council Directives (2002/19/EC, 2002/20/EC, 2002/21/EC, 2002/22/EC, and 2002/58/EC)
covering: access to networks, authorization of networks and services, a common regulatory framework, universal service and users' rights, and privacy and electronic communications.

Telecommunications services in Austria have been regulated by Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications and the Telecom Control Commission since late 1997. Both entities are independent authorities. These two regulators are responsible for encouraging and regulation telecommunications competition, consumer protection, dispute resolution between consumers and operators, telephone number assignment, and frequency bands.

Austria's Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology is responsible for developing telecommunications policy and legislation, universal services contracts, rights of way decisions, and conducting a centralized frequencies policy.

Telekom Austria currently provides universal service in Austria. However, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology periodically reviews universal services to ensure affordability. At some point, it is believed, if competition becomes robust enough, the universal service requirement may be

Austria's Telecommunications Market and Competition

Austria's Telecommunications Market - Competition Like many countries, Austria has high usage rates for mobile phones. Austria's adoption of mobile phones is among the highest in Europe, and competition is strong. As a result, rates are low.

Austria is home to several nationwide GSM and UMTS networks operated by: A1 (Mobilkom), T-Mobile, Orange, and Drei.

You can now have 'toll free' multi-country conference calls from the following countries:

Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, Turkey, UAE, UK, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

You can host or attend international conference calls from the following Austria cities:


Optionally the chairperson or attendee can use the web '
Connect' feature to trigger a callback to his/her phone to enter the Austria conference call without dialing an access number.


Top 10 Austria Export Countries
United States
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Diagram of largest export partners with Austria.

For instance, your associates in Austria can join a conference call with your office in Italy and your architect in France and any other country, all collaborating together on the same call.

List of Austria's Largest Companies

OMV (oil and gas company)
Porsche Holding (cars)
Strabag (construction)
Voestalpine (steel)
Spar Group (retail)
Rewe Austria (retail)
Magna International (car and engine manufacturing)
Siemens Austria (electronics and engineering)
Borealis (plastics production)
Mondi (wrapping materials)
ÖBB (national railways)
Telekom Austria (telecommunication)
Spar Organisation (retail)
Heineken Central and Eastern Europe (beer)
Böhler-Uddeholm (steel)
BMW Österreich (cars, obviously)
Alumet (metals, mostly aluminium)
Andritz (engine manufacturing)
Hofer (retail)
Red Bull (the energy drink that gives you wings)
Verbund (energy supplies)
mobilkom austria (telecommunication)
BMW Motoren (car engines)
Porr (cranes and engineering for construction)
voestalpine Stahl (steel)
Casinos Austria (gambling)
Alpine Bau (construction)
Swarovski (glass for optical and decorative applications)
ZEV Markant (retail)
Wienerberger (brick production)

List of consulting firms in Vienna, Austria

Alvarez & Marsal
Aon Consulting
Arthur D. Little
A.T. Kearney
Bain & Company
BMC Software Consulting
Booz & Company
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
BPI Group
Buck Consultants
Computer Associates
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
Corporate Value Associates
Deloitte Consulting
Egon Zehnder International
Ernst & Young
Grant Thornton
Harris & Associates
Hay Group
Hewitt Associates
IMS Health
KPMG Consulting
McKinsey & Company
Mercer Consulting
North Highland
PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Qedis Consulting
Robert Half International
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
SAP Consulting
Simon Kucher & Partners
Tata Consultancy Services
Towers Watson
Unisys Consulting
Wipro Technologies

List of Austria Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies

QPS Grambach, Austria Clinical Research
JSW Life Sciences (Cato Research) Graz, Austria Contract Research for CNS Drugs

Biocrates Innsbruck, Austria Diagnostic Biomarkers

CROMA Leobendorf, Austria Medical Devices, Small Molecules

Austrianova Biotechnology Maria Enzersdorf, Austria Bioinert polymer encapsulation

Baxter Orth, Austria Small Molecules, Biologics

PAA Laboratories (GE Healthcare) Pasching, Austria Cell Culture Products

Anagnostics St. Valentin, Austria Automated Multiplex Diagnostics

Sandoz (Novartis) Unterach, Austria Contract Manufacturing

Activartis Vienna, Austria Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy

AFFiRiS Vienna, Austria Therapeutic Vaccines

Apeiron Biologics Vienna, Austria Anitbody, enzymes

Aposcience Vienna, Austria Treatments composed of mixture of cytokines

Arsanis Biosciences Vienna, Austria Fully human monoclonal antibodies

Astrid Bioscience Vienna, Austria Genetic Analysis, Other Software

Baxter Vienna, Austria Small Molecules, Biologics

Biomay Vienna, Austria Disease Modifying Allergy Therapeutics

eBioscience (Affymetrix) Vienna, Austria Cell Analysis Products

EverCyte Vienna, Austria Immortalized Human Cells for Drug Testing

f-star Vienna, Austria Antibody Engineering

Haplogen Vienna, Austria Antiviral Drug Discovery

Nabriva Therapeutics Vienna, Austria Small Molecules

Octapharma Vienna, Austria Biologics

Pfizer Vienna, Austria

Savira Pharmaceuticals Vienna, Austria Viral Inhibition

Valneva Vienna, Austria Biologics Manufacturing

VelaLabs Vienna, Austria GMP Contract Services

BIA Separations

International Conference Call Austria with attendees in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck or any other city in Austria is easy.

International Conference Calls - Sign Up Form

Austria based guests dial-in using the supplied Austria toll-free or local Vienna access number.

If a participant is located in a remote country, the included dial-out option enables the moderator to quickly add that guest to the call through the conferencing account.

Austria Toll-Free and Vienna numbers

0800 88665151

An activated account is required to use these access numbers to connect with your associates

MP3 session recording
makes it convenient to record and retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls.

Austria Resources

Austria Web Cam   Austria Hotels   Austria Restaurants   Current Austria Weather   Austria Postal Codes

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