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Chiamata di conferenza telefonica con Italia

While Internet users in Italy can take advantage of VoIP options and social networks to stay in touch with people living outside of Italy, those who use landlines or mobile phones to call international countries from Italy often incur hefty international long distance tolls.

Workarounds include using international calling cards and pay-as-you-go
international conference calls.

Italy Conference Calls

For instance, instead of dialing an international number on a standard landline and accepting their carrier's long distance fees, Italians could sign up for an international conference calling plan and use the plan's "moderator dial out" tool to dial international callers. This can result in superior sound quality (due to switching to a better network) and lower rates.

According to the CIA World Fact Book, Italy's telecommunications system is modern, well-developed, fast; fully automated for telephone, telex, and data services.

Italy has the largest domestic fixed-line system in the region. reports that Italy's country code - 39; a series of submarine cables provide links to Asia, Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and US; satellite earth stations - 3 Intelsat (with a total of 5 antennas - 3 for Atlantic Ocean and 2 for Indian Ocean), 1 Inmarsat (Atlantic Ocean region), and NA Eutelsat (2011)

Despite its relatively modern telecommunications system, mobile phones outnumber landlines by about 9 to 1 in Italy. As of 2011, Italy had about 21.656 million (2012) fixed-line phones in use and about 97.225 million (2012) mobile cellular phones. Italy also has about 29.235 million (2009) Internet users.

Italy Telecommunications

Italy's domestic telephone system consists of high-capacity cable and microwave radio relay trunks. Italy is connected internationally via a series of submarine cables and satellite earth stations that link the nation to Asia, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.

According to the book, Telecommunications in Europe, Italy's telecommunications system was once one of the most institutionally complex. It had been described as a "shared monopoly of five organizations," two of which were government-owned and the remainder semi-private.

Liberalization of the telecommunications market was eventually implemented in the mid-1990s. Italy created a regulatory regime to stimulate competition in the telecom market that was considered one of the most pro-competitive of its kind at the time. Italy's telecommunications liberalization coincided with the EU's efforts to liberalize the European market with much of Italy's framework inspired by EU directives.

Regulatory reforms opened up the domestic, long distance, and international markets in Italy, resulting in competition, more choices, and lower prices for consumers. Today, dozens of telecommunications service providers operate in Italy including Telecom Italia, Omnitel, EasyTel, Digitel, and Budget Telecom to name a few.

Italy Global Conference Call Features

  • 100 country toll free access expanded plan
  • Italy Local and Toll access number included
  • Dial-out rates to 196 countries
  • No activation fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No monthly minimum usage requirements
  • No contract term
  • 24 hour customer and operator support
  • [ 0 0 ] summons on-call operator, 24/7
  • Complete array of leader keypad commands
  • Superb quality international toll free network
  • Automatic emailed attendance report
  • Free MP3 session recording of any conference call
  • Initiate conference calls via Global Toll Free numbers
  • Add additional conference call rooms for other users
  • Monthly PDF itemized invoice
  • Free mobile app for easy conference call access

You can now have 'toll free' multi-country conference calls from the following countries:

Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, Turkey, UAE, UK, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

Host or join 'toll free' multi-country conference calls from Italy

International conference call participants located in Italy access your conference call by dialing a local Italian Toll Free phone number. This call is free to the caller.

For example, your office in Italy can host a united conference call connecting associates located in any other country including a consultant in the USA, a VP of sales in the UK and a project manager in Australia.

Italy International Conference calls can be hosted from Italy or joined from Italy utilizing the Italy International Toll Free access number (ITFS) or the Italy local access number sent to the account owner upon account activation.

The conference call host in Italy can also use the
dial out feature to bring attendees into the conference call located in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Catania, Venice or any city in Italy or worldwide city in addition to 60 global toll free countries.

If your have a participant located in a country that is not listed, that participant can still access your conference call using our local U.S. bridge number (provided upon account activation). Or, the moderator can use our dial-out feature to bring the participant in to the conference call.

You can host or join Italy international conference calls from the following cities:


Optionally the chairperson or attendee can use the web '
Connect' feature to trigger a callback to his/her phone to enter the Italy conference call.


Your participants in Italy can access the conference call by dialing an Italian Toll-Free or Milan local number from any location in Italy.

Diagram of normal collaboration between Italy trading partner countries.

As an example, your office in Italy can host a conference call with your customer located in France or any country.

List of Italy Companies

Acotel Group SpA
Acque Potabili SpA
Acsm - Agam SpA
Aedes SpA
Aeffe SpA
Aegon NV
Aeroporto di Firen
Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo SpA
Aicon SpA
Aion Renewables SpA
Alerion Cleanpower SpA
Allianz SE
Ambienthesis SpA
Ambromobiliare SpA
Amplifon SpA
Anima Holding SpA
Ansaldo STS SpA
Antichi Pellettieri SpA
Arc Real Estate SpA
Arena SpA
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore SpA
AS Roma SpA
Ascopiave SpA
Assicurazioni Generali Spa
Astaldi SpA
Atlantia SpA
Autogrill SpA
Autostrade Meridionali SpA
Azimut Holding SpA
B&C Speakers SpA
Banca Carige SpA
Banca Finnat Euramerica SpA
Banca Generali SpA
Banca IFIS SpA
Banca Intermobiliare SpA
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA
Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna
Banca Popolare dell'Etruria e del Lazio Banks
Banca Popolare di Milano Scarl
Banca Popolare di Sondrio SCARL
Banca Popolare di Spoleto SpA
Banca Profilo SpA
Banco di Desio e della Brianza SpA
Banco Popolare SC
Banco Santander SA
BasicNet SpA
Bastogi SpA
Bayer AG
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
Beghelli SpA
Beni Stabili SpA
Best Union Co SpA
Bialetti Industrie SpA
Biancamano SpA
Biesse SpA
Bioera SpA
BNP Paribas SA
Boero Bartolomeo SpA
Bolzoni SpA
Borgosesia SpA
Brembo SpA
Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare SpA
Brunello Cucinelli SpA
Buzzi Unicem SpA
Cairo Communication SpAM
Caleffi SpA
Caltagirone Editore SpA
Caltagirone SpA
Cape Listed Investment Vehicle In Equity
Carraro SpA
Carrefour SA
Cell Therapeutics Inc
Cembre SpA
Cementir Holding SpA
Centrale del Latte di Torino & C SpA
Centro HL Distribuzione SpA
Cia della Ruota SpA
Cia Immobiliare Azionaria
Ciccolella SpA
CIR-Compagnie Industriali Riunite SpA
Class Editori SpA
CNH Industrial NV
Cobra Automotive Technologies SpA
Cofide SpA
Cogeme Set SpA
Conafi Prestito SPA
Credit Agricole SA
Credito Bergamasco SpA
Credito Emiliano SpA
Credito Valtellinese Scarl
CSP International Fashion Group SpA
d'Amico International Shipping SA
Dada SpA
Daimler AG
Damiani SpA

View a larger Italy Pharma Companies list here

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Italy conference calling with participants located in other countries are simple to set up and enable global collaboration with attendees in any country.

Italy located guests dial-in using the included Italy toll-free or local Milan access number.

International Conference Calls - Sign Up Form

Italy international conference calls require no reservations or booking. Begin your call at any time 24/7, utilizing a local Italy Toll Free access number.

Access to international conference calls FROM Italy are Free to the caller. You can be located in Italy as a participant or the chairperson.

To use this service, the international conference call moderator or participant in Italy simply dials the local in-country Italy Toll Free or Milan number supplied by us.

Italy toll-free - 800182597
Milan local - 0200617505

All global access numbers are provided upon account activation

MP3 session recording
makes it convenient to record and retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls.

Free Connect App
Use with iPhone, Android, PC, Mac
For the moderator and the Attendees


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