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Unlimited Flat Rate Conference Call Suitability

Customer Suitability
Flat Rate Conference Call Suitability
Is the Unlimited Conference Call plan suitable for your requirements?

Customers that benefit from this plan determine that the toll access number is acceptable and do not care that it's not a Toll Free dial-in access number.

The flat monthly fee enables you to host unlimited conference calls throughout the month and not pay any per minute conferencing fees nor pay a premium for Toll Free access.

Reasons Customers use the Unlimited Conference Call Plan

Customers prefer that their call participants pay their own way and access the conference call using whatever plan the caller may have available such as a flat rate digital phone service or cell phone.

Either of these network plans may have unlimited long distance calling included. Your conference call participants may be using a flat rate long distance service or a cable long distance service or VOIP provider or a cell phone that has built-in long distance calling. e.g. no extra charges to make a U.S. long distance call.

Any of the 'long distance included' services for business and residential users mean that the location of the access number is irrelevant as it is cost free to the caller.

So if you are located in Florida, you can call a number in Seattle free of charge because you have included US calling with your providers service plan.

Said another way, if your attendee has 'nationwide long distance' included with their phone service, the geography or area code of the access number becomes a non-issue if the access number is in New York, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota or New Mexico or wherever in the USA it happens to be located.

Customers simply want to lock-in a predefined monthly conference calling cost and it's incidental that the callers dial an out-of-state access number.

No matter how many conference calls our customers host during the month, they pay only the flat rate monthly plan fee that works for their requirements.
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Unlimited Conferencing Plan Customer Suitability