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Unlimited Conference Call Service | How it Works
Hosting a Call is Easy
Unlimited Conference Call Service How it Works

  All attendees dial-in and enter a PIN

  When the chairperson enters the call, all participants can speak and be heard

Access Number and PIN

  Your access number and PINs are sent to you immediately upon account activation.

Hosting Calls

Once your account is activated, you can host conference calls anytime 24 hours a day.

Make as many conference calls as you require with no concern about 'minutes', frequency or call length.

This plan offers unlimited and unmetered account usage.
Name Announce
You can request the 'name announce' feature be enabled. Once 'name announce' is enabled, when the participant logs into the conference call, a voice prompt will ask that person to say their name. Our system records the name and announces it to the entire call.
Beep Tones
A single beep indicates someone has joined the conference.  A double beep indicates someone has left the conference.  (beep tones can be enabled or disabled)
Auto Hang Up
With this feature enabled, once the chairperson hangs up from the conference, the entire call is disconnected. Optionally, you can disable this feature so that the conference can continue even after the moderator hangs up.
Music on Hold
Until the leader logs in to the conference, the participants that may have arrived early will hear music. The music stops when the chairperson logs in.
Live Conference Viewer
The Free Live Conference Viewer will enable the chairperson to have more control over the conference calls.

It's an included account feature and can be used any time web access is present when you host your calls.  See screen capture below.
Call Recording
The chairperson can begin recording a call by entering [* 9] keypad command.  An MP3 file will be created and available for download.  Also, the recording can be heard by dialing a special phone number and listened to telephonically.
Private Attendee Count
The chairperson can use the keypad command [* 2] to hear a count of how many attendees are on the call in at any point during the conference call.
Secure the Conference
The chairperson can use the keypad command [* 7] to block additional entries into the conference call.
Live Conference Viewer
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