Conference Calls Local access number

Conference Calls Local Toll access number



Flat Rate Conference Calls | How it Works

 The access number provided for the Unlimited Flat Rate plan is not toll free. It is a standard U.S. telephone number.

Why pay for Toll-Free access if you don't need it?

The access number provided for the Unlimited Flat Rate plan is not toll free. It is a standard U.S. telephone number.

Toll Access Conference CallThe access number will be located in Texas, Iowa or Nebraska, or another state where the conferencing bridges are located.

Most of our
flat rate customers do not care that the access numbers are not local to them because more and more people are subscribed to 'unlimited long distance' plans that -include- state-to-state long distance calling.

Therefore there is a no cost consequence to dial an out of state phone number. Users of this plan can also use a cell phone that has nationwide long distance calling.
So in these cases, dialing an access number out-of-state has no extra costs to the caller. This enables savings because paying extra for toll-free access is not as necessary as it once was.

If your Conferees dial-in using a Cell Phone

Air-time minutes might be deducted unless the conference occurred during the cell phone users free nights and weekend period or if the cell phone user had an unlimited mobile calling plan.

Unlimited Long Distance Plan Users

If your participants subscribe to an 'unlimited long distance' plans, dialing the toll (not toll free) access number will be at no additional cost to that participant.

Need international conferencing service?
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A land line or cell phone user with nationwide long distance permits dialing out-of-state access number with no long distance fee.


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