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Overseas Conference Calling How it Works, Questions, Benefits

International Conference Calling
the easy way

  • Pay-as-you-go usage only
  • 65 country toll-free access numbers
  • 24 hour U.S. based operator assistance
  • Dial-out option
  • No sign up fees
  • No recurring fees of any kind
  • No prepayment
  • No contract

Legacy Toll Free International Conference Calling

Hosting a Global Conference Call

1 All participants dial in from their country using a local toll-free number. Upon passcode entry the attendee is instantly connected to the conference room.

2 All attendees can now speak and be heard internationally.

What to expect
Clear, high quality audio connections with no fading or distortion, no drop-outs or audio clipping, no garbled conversations.

How Global Conference Calls Work

Alternatives to toll-free dial in

  • If the meeting guest is located in a country that does not have a toll-free access number, the chairperson can use the dial-out feature and easily add a guest to the international conference call no matter where the participant is located.

  • Your participant can also dial-in using Skype. We include a standard U.S. dial-in number for any participant that wants to dial-in directly.

  • Your account has 24 hour operator backup. If help is ever needed, the operator will assist at any time.

Easy Dial-In

Adding your country's access number to your contacts list on your smartphone or landline is the easiest way for fast connections to your international conference calls.

Adding your country's access number to your contacts list on your smartphone or landline is the easiest way for fast connections to your conference calls.For instance, if you are located in the U.S, you would set-up the U.S access number in your smartphone or landline's built-in speed-dial feature.

Connecting to your meeting is a simple matter of selecting that saved number.

Global Conference Call Access

For example if the attendee is located in Australia, he/she dials the included Australia Toll Free access number.

If a participant is located in the U.S., they dial-in with the included U.S. Toll Free access number to join your global conference call.

If guest is in China, the attendee dials the included China toll free access number.

Should your participant be located in a country not on the toll free country list, the chairperson can easily place that guest into the international conference call using the dial-out feature.

Worldwide Conference Call Access

Top Feature List
  • Highest quality line clarity using global PSTN network
  • 24 hour operator assistance
  • No contract, no term commitments
  • No prepayment, no minimum usage requirements
  • No monthly account fees of any kind
  • Toll Free access from 65 countries
  • Be the chairperson from any Toll-Free country
  • Dial-Out feature to any country
  • Free session recording with MP3 file downloads
  • Free Outlook plugin
  • Free Live Conference Viewer
  • Detailed monthly PDF account statement
  • Emailed attendance report after each conference
  • Free Connect App - iPhone®, Blackberry® and Android®

No local access number?
dial-out is the solution

If you have participants located in a country where a local Toll Free number does 'not' exist (not on our Toll Free list), simply enable the Leader Dial-Out option on the sign up form.

The Dial-Out option enables the Host to make international calls to participants and place them into the conference meeting no matter what their country location is.

How to set up an International Phone Conference

How to set up an International Phone Conference

  1. Notify your participants of the date and time of your overseas conference.

  2. Send an email to your guest with a passcode and toll-free number for their location.
Upon account activation, you will receive a welcome email which includes a list of all global Toll Free access numbers that your participants will use to join international conference calls, along with a user friendly guide.

As a free optional feature, your account can be enabled with leader dial-out upon request. See sign up form.

The dial-out feature of international conference calling enables the moderator to fetch a participant, located in any country, into a conference. The per minute rate is typically lower than toll free access -depending on the country location of the participant.

Optionally, our full time 24 hour operators can assist the host with dialing out to conference participants abroad.

The Dial-Out option is useful if you have overseas conference call participants located in a country where there is no toll free access number or if dialing out is simply preferred by the moderator.

Said another way, international conference calling allows you to easily connect with participants located in any country using either Toll Free access or the Dial-Out feature, and both methods can be used on the same call to connect all attendees to your conference.

To view International Dial-Out rates for global conference calls, click here.

Dial-out rates are typically lower than Toll Free dial-in rates depending on the country.

Simple Overseas Conference Calls

Is there a contract or minimum usage requirement?
There are no usage commitments, no contract, no activation or set up fees.

No reservations or scheduling necessary
This audio conferencing plan is reservation-less. You can plan your calls on your schedule, no need to schedule your meeting with an operator, only your attendees. Use your account whenever you wish, 24/7.

Free MP3 Conference Call Session Recordings
Unlimited Audio (MP3) files of recorded conference calls are provided free of charge. You can Record, download and retain free MP3 files of all recorded international conference calls for future reference.

By default, the conferencing bridge automatically generates an attendance report at the end of each conference. The report is emailed to the account owner.

If the 'record' feature was activated during the call, a link to the MP3 audio file would be included within the emailed attendance report.

The MP3 audio file of the recorded conference can be saved locally to your hard drive.

Recordings are available for 21 days, prior to which time you can download the MP3 file.

It's important to have 24 hour operator assistance available for any on call requirements you may have.

It's important to have 24 hour operator assistance available for any international conference call needs you may have.
There are many global conference call service providers that have limited or 'no' operator assistance for it's customers.

This can make the difference between a successful international conference meeting or one that has to be rescheduled because of an issue that may be easy to resolve quickly by an operator.

Expert 24 hour operator assistance is crucial if the host desires a high quality international conference experience for all involved -and we provide it.

24 hour operator assistance is included.
It's the crucial free feature

Even at 3am

Operator assistance is used by an active account that requires instant assistance while hosting a call.

The moderator or participant can get assistance by dialing a keypad command (* 0) from their phone while on the conference.

Since access to operator assistance is provided free -on a 24 hour 365 day a year basis, it is particularly useful for international conference calls that may need to take place at a time of day or night created to accommodate international time zone differences between host and attendees.

It makes all the difference knowing that no matter what, there is an easily accessible operator to assist, should you need it.

The operators are actually located at the conferencing bridge in the U.S. and can clear up any issues fast without escalation to any other department or person.

If you use one of our operators while on your conference, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the experience.

To reiterate, you need an Operator to assist you when you need it. And you get 24/7 operator assistance with this overseas conferencing plan.

High Quality International Connections

High Quality International Connections
This service offers the highest international connection quality available, it is not VoIP (Uses PSTN, does not transport Toll Free access connections over the Internet nor does the conferencing facility use VoIP to process calls if the dial-out option is used).

High Quality multi-country Conference Call ConnectionsThis does not prohibit a participant from using a VoIP phone to access your international conference.

Many companies that provide conference call international have now moved to VoIP conference bridges. As a result, call quality has suffered for those customers because of the unpredictable nature of Voice Over the Internet Protocol or VoIP. This includes packet loss that can result in clipping, audio artifacts, garbled audio stream, dropped calls, etc. We believe this defeats the purpose of attempting to host an important and 'high quality' overseas conference call.

The Good Old Telephone Conference Call
Read a customer experience, click here.

Conference Calling Uses

Date: 4/28/2013

Enhance marketing efforts with global conference calls
by Michael Framer

Conference Call PanaceaInternational conferencing services are offered to provide several benefits to businesses of all type and sizes.

With included global access numbers, the service is very convenient and well suited to a multinational enterprise.

Many marketing teams working with international clients prefer to use their communications budget rather than the travel budget to further negotiations along.

Conference calling is not a panacea
At times the international audio conference call can effectively replace expensive international in-person meetings. However we all know the international conference call cannot completely replace all in-person meetings. But it will certainly create an instant connection with existing or potential new business opportunities overseas.

Greatly improves business productivity
transcontinental conference calls will permit your company to offer advice, instructions and resolve queries when you are not in the same country as your meeting participants.

Instant Collaboration without Travel
Business travel has become a common practice for international firms. Of course it consumes a great deal of time and money plus possible travel risks. With the help of international conferencing it's possible to replace a physical business meeting and get the same result, efficiently and quickly with an audio conference.

Using overseas conference calls as a marketing tool
We have customers that use overseas conferencing as a 'warm call' marketing tool. They identify their niche market, develop an email contact list, email an invitation and meet their potential client on the phone at no cost to their international prospect.

An example - host an international phone meeting with a prospective customer located in Sao Paolo, Brazil along with a marketing executive located in New York and a product specialist located in Los Angeles, all on the same call. The results can be a relevant, productive 'all questions answered' meeting with all the experts on the line in real time including the decision maker.

Because of high quality connections, results can be excellent using overseas phone conferencing especially used with web conferencing to add a visual element to the meeting.

Join a conference call using a mobile phoneCut the cost of long distance communication with carrier class collaboration services
No matter where your guests are located, if you have team or customer meetings, using international conference calls can prove to be beneficial for you. By utilizing a high quality telecommunication network, an international teleconference offers an opportunity to save money and at the same time provide high voice quality telephone conversations between multiple attendees in different countries -all on one call.

Summary of International Conference Calls Systems

The International conference call system was originally designed for use with nothing required other than a telephone. Now there are other versions. International conference calls now have an online component with cost effective economics which can include the telephone and an online system both transmitted over the internet.

This system that includes a dedicated conference room can be quite expensive if any company wants to implement it in house. But one can use online services from international conference call service providers where you get market competitive pricing with global accessibility. This is kind of service can be found without breaking the bank to setup and implement. It's as simple as registering for an account.

At we provide various other facilities along with our primary service i.e. the international conference call. Customers are offered smart rates and various other additional services free of cost such as unlimited session recordings inclusive of mp3 files.

In addition with the worldwide international conference call reach, we offer a dial-out feature for the participants that may be located in a region where no toll free numbers or local access numbers are available. This feature enables the chairperson to easily add guests to a conference call meeting irrespective of their location in the world.

We look forward to assisting you with your conference call requirements no matter where in the world your attendees are located.

Contact us directly for any clarifications or to explore how we can help solve your current requirements.

Contact Manager


and Dial-Out Rates
Per minute rates - US$

USA Toll-Free access rate



Argentina Toll Free access rate



Argentina dial-out connection option

Argentina Dial-Out


Australia Toll Free access rate



Australia dial-out connection option

Australia Dial-Out


Austria Toll Free access rate



Bahamas Toll Free access rate



Bahamas dial-out connection option

Bahamas Dial-Out


Barbados toll free access



Belgium Toll Free access rate





Brazil Toll Free access rate



Brazil dial-out connection option

Brazil Dial-Out


British Virgin Island toll free Rate

British V. I.


Canada Toll Free access rate



Chile Toll Free access rate



Chile dial-out connection option

Chile Dial-Out


China Toll Free Mobile and Landline for China mainland rate

China Mobile 400


China dial-out connection option

China Dial-Out


Colombia Toll Free access rate



Colombia dial-out connection option

Colombia Dial-Out


Costa Rica Toll Free access rate

Costa Rica


Costa Rica dial-out connection option

Costa Rica Dial-Out


Cyprus Toll Free access rate



Cyprus dial-out connection option

Cyprus Dial-Out


Czech Republic Toll Free access rate

Czech Republic


Czech Republic dial-out connection option

Czech Rep Dial-Out


Denmark Toll Free access rate



Denmark dial-out connection option

Denmark Dial-Out


Dominican Rep Toll Free access rate

Dominican Rep


Dominican Republic dial-out connection option

Dominican Dial-Out


Finland Toll Free access rate



Finland dial-out connection option

Finland Dial-Out


France Toll Free access rate



France dial-out connection option

France Dial-Out


Germany Toll Free access rate



Germany dial-out connection option

Germany Dial-Out


Greece Toll Free access rate



Hong Kong Toll Free access rate

Hong Kong


Hong Kong dial-out connection option

Hong Kong Dial-Out


Hungary Toll Free access rate



India Toll Free access rate



India dial-out connection option

India Dial-Out


Indonesia Toll Free access rate



Ireland Freephone access rate



Ireland dial-out connection option

Ireland Dial-Out


Israel Toll Free access rate



Israel dial-out connection option

Israel Dial-Out


Italy Toll Free access rate



Japan Toll Free access rate



Japan dial-out connection option

Japan Dial-Out


Luxembourg Toll Free access rate



Malaysia Toll Free access rate



Mexico Toll Free access rate



Mexico dial-out connection option

Mexico Dial-Out


Netherlands Toll Free access rate



New Zealand Toll Free access rate

New Zealand


Norway Toll Free access rate



Norway dial-out connection option

Norway Dial-Out


Panama Toll Free access rate



Panama dial-out connection option

Panama Dial-Out


Philippines Toll Free access rate



Philippines dial-out connection option

Philippines Dial-Out


Poland Toll Free access rate



Portugal Toll Free access rate



Puerto Rico Toll Free access rate

Puerto Rico


Russia Toll Free access rate



Serbia Toll Free access rate



Serbia Toll Free access rate

Serbia Dial-Out


Singapore Toll Free access rate



South Africa Toll Free access rate

South Africa


South Africa dial-out connection option

South Africa Dial-Out


South Korea Toll Free access rate

South Korea


Spain Toll Free access rate



Spain dial-out connection option

Spain Dial-Out


Sweden Toll Free access rate



Switzerland Toll Free access rate



Taiwan Toll Free access rate



Taiwan dial-out connection option

Taiwan Dial-Out


Thailand Toll Free access rate



Thailand dial-out connection option

Thailand Dial-Out


Trinidad Tobago Toll Free access rate

Trinidad Tobago


Trinidad Tobago dial-out connection option

Trinidad Dial-Out


Ukraine Toll Free access rate



UAE Toll Free access rate



UK Toll Free access rate



United Kingdom dial-out connection option

UK Dial-Out


UK National

UK (0-844)


Uruguay Toll Free access rate





Virgin Islands (US) Toll Free access rate

U.S. Virgin Islands


Venezuela Toll Free access rate



Venezuela dial-out connection option

Venezuela Dial-Out








Some rates have three decimal places

For example, U.S. rate is $0.039 per minute or 3.9¢ (cents)

Rates in US Dollars

View dial-out rates here

International conference calls with toll-free access from 65 countries

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Features and options
How Dial-Out Works Dial-Out option
Live Conference Call Viewer Live conference manager
Calculating Costs Explained Calculating costs
Free Conference Call Recording MP3's Free recording

Making a Conference Call Host a Conference Call

24/7 Operator Back-Up

24 hour operator assistance for activated accounts
If you ever need help during a call, our U.S operators are on standby 24 hours a day.

24/7 Operator Back-Up

You can be the moderator of phone conferences from overseas.

You can host global conference calls from any country on the toll free list at left.

You do
not need to be located in the U.S. to initiate an international conference call.

China Toll Free access number is included - China access number for attendees using either Mobile phone or Landline from anywhere in mainland China.

Customer Comments

Customer Comments
"We already used it! Thanks so much for the quick service!!! That was fabulous!
Enjoy your day!"

Tina D. -Canada

"Using your service about 4 to 6 times a month. We use it to speak with personnel in the U.S., UK, Hong Kong, Canada and Bermuda."
Eduardo P.
-Sao Paulo Brazil

"We are please with the line clarity and had excellent support from start with account activation, very fast. Meetings with Hong Kong, Malaysia and India are weekly from our office. Thank you."
Steven L.
-Shanghai, China

"I was telling my counterpart in our USA office that one of the reasons I love your service is that all parties can be heard even if they all talk at the same time."
Martina R.
-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Our board meeting call was perfect and we did record it. Several members joined the conference from the US and Dubai. Thanks for setting it up for us so quickly."
Elizabeth S,
-New York, USA

"We did a test conference service last night for approx 40 minutes and it worked very well ! Thanks for providing such a great service. I would like to know more about how to set up sub-accounts for different projects/grants in our office. Thank you."
Lisa C.
-South Carolina, USA

"We need international conference call capabilities to facilitate discussions between remote members of our Ministerial Search Committee and potential candidates. We did have the occasion to contact your 24 hour support line and were assisted with a connection to one of our distant conferees in a country not on your list."
Joseph Z.

"The call had no issues except for some late arrivals, our fault so not your problem. Toll Free number in Indonesia worked from our office in Jakarta plus Hong Kong, China and the US participants all joined us. We will likely have this call twice per month."
Ameya T.
-Jakarta, Indonesia

Overseas conferencing inquiry

Overseas conferencing inquiry

"Please send me all relevant account information. I need to organize a conference meeting with participants located in the U.S., UK, China, India and Singapore." serves customers with similar overseas conferencing requirements serves customers with similar overseas conferencing requirements everyday.
We will assist you!

Controlling a far flung Conference Call

Free Sign Up Form

Account Activation

Order activation takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on order flow at the time your service request is received.

Operator assistance
Operator assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The moderator of the conference simply uses the phone keypad command star-zero ( * 0 ) and our operators will immediately become available and assist with any issue or question.

View PDF - Host an International Phone Meeting
Worldwide Teleconferencing

What do your conference attendees hear when they access your international conference?
"Welcome to the Conference Center, please enter your passcode followed by the [ # ] key."

Overseas conferencing attendees will hear the exact same voice prompt as do the conferees that dial-in to your call from inside the U.S.


UBlast Automated group Dial-Out - A free feature

Click to view information about UBlast here. This optional free feature automatically dials out to your pre-designated list of participants.

It's especially useful if you often host international conference calls with the same participants.

You can also edit, modify, add, delete your dial-out list instantly online, 24/7. Use your smartphone or tablet computer to access your UBlast list on-the-fly.

Conferencing Access Versatility
Send out the Toll-Free access number to some participants, or 'dial-out' to other participants.

You can
use both methods on the same call. Use any combination of connectivity that benefits you or that you find the most convenient.

Connect participants to your conference at a lower rate
If you wish to host conferences that include participants located in other countries, we provide in-country toll free access numbers from many countries for distribution to your overseas participant.

Optionally, the host can utilize the
dial-out feature to bring participants abroad into your conference.

Leader Dial-out is especially useful when a conferee is located in a country that does not offer a Toll Free access number.


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