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Are your Conference Calls for Internal Training or are they company administration conference calls

Are your Conference Calls for Internal Training or are they company administration conference calls

If you are using the service to facilitate a 'training' for your own employees, agents or associates, the unlimited flat rate plan will be your most economic choice.

Customer Acquisition Conference Calls

If you are using audio conferencing as a means to communicate and present your company, product or service to prospective clients, a toll free number is probably in order.

You may not want to provide the conference meeting to these participants 'free of any charges' to the caller.

For Toll Free, view these two 'toll free' plans below:

Pay As You G0 Toll Free Conference Calls
Toll Free Bucket of Minutes Flat Rate

Today's 'real' Cost to Access a Conference Call

These days 'most' (90%) people own a cell phone. If a conference call is taking place and the caller owns a cell phone, there is a very high probability that the conferee will dial into the conference using his/her cell phone.

The cost of using a cell phone to access a conference call

If the cell phone owner has 'nationwide long distance calling' included in their cell phone monthly plan, the access call to a 'non' toll free number is at no additional per minute charge.

Therefore, for the cell phone user, the cost is the 'same' whether they use a toll free number or a normal 'toll' number (no matter where the access number is located).

What about cellular phone air time minutes ?

If the conference call takes place during normal business hours, there will be 'airtime minutes' deducted from the cell phone subscribers monthly allotment of minutes by their cell phone provider. (unless they have a flat rate cell phone plan, then it's free).

Again, if they have 'nationwide long distance' in their cell plan, there will be no extra charges to call a 'toll' phone number. It will be included in their cell phone plan.

What about using a cell phone for a conference call on free nights and weekends ?

Assuming the caller has a cell phone plan that includes free nights and weekends (which most do) there would be no airtime costs and no difference between calling a toll free versus a toll number. In other words, the call would be totally free to the conference call participant.

What about dialing a 'toll' number from a landline ?

There may be normal long distance costs. The current rates offered for 'long distance calls' have dramatically declined for most everybody in the U.S.

Most people use a discounted long distance plan so that costs are minimal for state-to-state calls, usually between 1.9¢ and 4.9
¢ per minute depending on your local phone company. Many local companies and cable companies bundled 'unlimited' long distance in to their service billing along with cable TV and Internet access.

If the caller has an unlimited flat rate long distance plan on their home or business phone, the access to the conference call is at no cost to them no matter what. It's included in their existing unlimited long distance plan.

Is the Unlimited Flat Rate Plan ia good deal for your company ?

This is our most economic conference call plan and is particularly well suited for customer that would like to reduce costs by paying only one flat monthly fee for unlimited account usage.

This is a plan you can count on to save you money and 'may' be at no cost to the caller depending on the above circumstances.

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Unlimited Flat Rate Audio Conference Calls | Toll Free Access Number

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