International Conference Calling Video | How to host an international conference call

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International Conference Calling Video


International Conference Calling Video - How to host an international conference call

No matter where your conference calls are hosted, you can utilize international conference calling to connect with associates by telephone worldwide.

It's relatively simple to collaborate with associates, clients or any conferees even though you may all be located in geographically diverse locations.

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Youe conferees can be located in the USA or any of 60+ other countries where an International Toll Free access number is available. International Toll Free Access Service, commonly known as ITFS, enables participants to dial-in at no cost to them and access your conference call from their country.

When planning an international conference call meeting, it's important that your conference call provider offers a large enough list of ITFS countries to meet your needs. In other words, the toll free access countries must correspond to the geographical locations of your planned attendees.

For example, if you desire to host an international conference call with attendees located in several countries, such as India, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Brazil and the USA, you will need a conference call service company that offers ITFS lines within those countries. Dialing in from these countries using the supplied ITFS numbers will be a free call to the conference call conferees.

In addition to finding a conference calling company that offers international toll free access numbers that are located within the countries of your participants, it may also be necessary to have the option to use a dial-out feature. For example, what would happen if you had a participant located in a country that does not have an ITFS line available? How would you include that participant into your conference call?

The dial-out feature permits the leader or moderator to connect to those participants without using international toll free service. The feature is called leader dial-out. If your international conference calling company offers only ITFS and does not provide the dial-out feature, you may be handicapped in your attempt to hold a successful international conference call.

Perform the research to locate a conference call company that provides both ITFS lines and also leader dial-out. In addition to what to look for in a provider of international conference call service, because of time zone issues typically associated with international conference calls, it can be very important to have access to 24 hour customer support and operator assistance just in case it's needed.

24 hour operator assistance can be important for a multitude of possible reasons, for example if one or more participants need to be brought into your conference call because there is no ITFS service in their country. Or a participant may need assistance because of some local connection issue in his/her country, an operator can provide the answer to these issues and provide an instant fix.

When you wish to host an international conference call, you'll need a call conferencing company that at a minimum provides toll free access (ITFS) from many countries and includes features such as free MP3 recording downloads, leader dial-out option and 24 hour operator assistance.

To learn more about International Conference Calling, view the informational video located here.


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American International Telephonics offers international conference calling plans that provide international conferees, including those in any country, with the ability to collaborate on conference call no matter where they may be located. If you need to set up international conference calling, AIT offers an easy solution. Global Conference Calls are now possible on a pay-as-you-go basis with no monthly fees or long term contracts.


Setting up international conference calling entails finding a conference calling company that enables your participants to dial-in toll free or that provides you with dial-out capability so that you can collaborate on a conference call regardless of where your attendees may be located. ITFS and dial-out rates depend on the country location of the participant.


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International Conference Calling Video | How to host an international conference call