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Toll free conference calls are generally paid for by the host of the call with the call being free for participants. Expect to pay per minute, per participant. Because minutes quickly add up, it's important to find a service provider with low Canadian toll free rates.

Once you've registered, here's what to expect: Your conference call will be assigned a toll free phone number that your participants will dial. Since all or most of the participants are in Canada, the toll free number will be specific for Canadian callers however callers in the lower 48 will also be able to access the toll free number. Once the callers are connected, they will be prompted to enter the access number to your teleconference and the call begins.

Hosting a Conference Call from Canada
As the conference call's host, you'll need to do some work in advance. Start by creating a list of all participants and identify their time zones. When you invite your participants, make sure to let each one know what time, in local time, the call is scheduled for. For example, if your call is scheduled for 1:00 PM in Quebec, your callers based in Winnipeg will need to call in at 12:00 PM and your callers in Vancouver will call in at 10:00 AM.

Next, estimate your call's total cost by taking the call's expected length in minutes and multiplying that with the number of participants. Once you have the total number of minutes, multiply that by the cost-per-minute rate of your provider. For example, if you are planning a 40-minute teleconference with ten participants, your call will total 400 minutes. Multiply 400 minutes times the cost-per-minute and you'll have a good idea about what to expect.

Even when using a low-cost conference calling service, you'll want to pay attention to the teleconference's time. Create an agenda for the call and carefully follow it. Not only does adhering to an agenda ensure that your teleconference stays within budget, it also respects your participants' time.

If you expect some of the callers to present specific information, let them know of your expectations before the call so that they can prepare. For example, if you need the regional manager from Toronto to discuss sales figures, let him know so that he'll have the latest sales results in front of him.

Participating in a Conference Call from Canada
If you're a participant in a conference call from Canada, your involvement in the call is relatively simple. Depending on how the call is set up, you'll either be assigned a toll free or non-toll free Canadian phone number that you'll dial as well an access code. Simply dial in a minute or two before the teleconference's scheduled time and participate in the discussion. If the call is toll free, you won't incur any long distance fees.

Make sure to use a phone with good sound quality as a phone that generates static can be disruptive to the entire teleconference. To reduce extraneous noise, use the mute button until you are required to speak. When you do speak, briefly announce your name so that others will know whose speaking.

Whether you're hosting or participating in a conference call from Canada, you'll find that teleconferencing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of meeting with your Canadian peers.

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AIT offers toll free conference calls from Canada. Whether you need to host a call with Canadian participants only or a call involving an international audience, AIT has low rates and exceptional conference calling features.

Conference calling from Canada? You'll need a telecommunications service provider that can supply you with a
toll free number for Canada. You'll also want to consider additional factors such as budgeting, planning, and time zone differences.

Hosting a conference call from Canada isn't overly complicated, especially if you go with a telecom company that specializes in providing Canadians with robust, yet affordable, toll free conference calling services.

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