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Attorney Conference Call Service for U.S. and Canada Law Firms

Client Matter cost accounting for your firm


Your practice will be able to assign a client matter ID code to each conference call.


  • This is done with a pass code/pin code system. After the Moderator dials-in to the conferencing bridge, the system will prompt for chairperson pass code.


  • The system will then prompt you for a case code entry. This is the Client Matter ID you wish to apply to this conference call.


  • This feature enables you to have complete accountability on which calls should be billed to which clients.


You can either use the online portal or the live conference viewer to view your call details or you can use the billing summary on your monthly invoice.


Optionally you can request invoices daily which will provide you with up to date billing information for client matter billing purposes. Simply request daily billing instead of monthly.

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US - Canada Toll Free access number *

1 866 678 6823
* Includes toll-free dial-in access from Canada, US Mainland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Marianna Islands, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, Saipan
U.S. Local access numbers

205-383-1331 AL Birmingham
501-712-4854 AR Little Rock
602-654-0401 AZ Phoenix
850-391-1311 FL Tallahassee
504-264-5400 LA New Orleans
313-355-5344 MI Detroit
816-654-6761 MO Kansas City
609-385-4786 NJ Atlantic City
201-918-3085 NJ Jersey City
518-621-5609 NY Albany
929-209-3600 NY Brooklyn
716-332-3757 NY Buffalo
315-410-0850 NY Syracuse
216-353-1292 OH Cleveland
405-694-4562 OK Oklahoma City
615-499-5838 TN Nashville
512-646-2999 TX Austin
832-280-0991 TX Houston
210-892-1414 TX San Antonio
801-214-0007 UT Salt Lake City
804-212-0717 VA Richmond
206-402-0821 WA Seattle
509-315-0260 WA Spokane
Canada Local access numbers

647-847-8463  Toronto
438-238-1455  Montreal
778-775-1114  Vancouver
418-478-2125  Quebec City
587-887-1945  Edmonton
343-883-1933  Ottawa
403-879-1119  Calgary
902-702-0352  Halifax

International Dial-in numbers are available.

Law Practice and Two Primary Concerns


  • Client Service
  • Practice Profitability


Let us help turn your law firm conference calls into a profit center.


Here's How

World Class Technology

Detailed Call/Time Reporting/Matter Number Billing:
Issued to you within 24 hours to allow for prompt and precise client billing and related fee collections. Our service will provide case specific reporting as required.
Individual Billing Option
As an option, your firm can have billing set up for each party (law firm) that is on a call and then bill them directly for only their parties that are members of that law firm. In a class action law suit, there may be fifty law firms on the call. You gain the ability to account for the individual costs of each law firm and then invoice each firm directly, instead of having your firm taking the time to divide up the bill and then collecting the money separately to remit to the company.

Deposition Conference Calls
With a deposition call, you can use audio only or audio and video together. Each party would dial into the conference bridge for the audio portion of the call and use their web cam with a web conferencing service for the video part of the call. Both audio and video should be recorded for future playback and a link to or a copy of the recording sent to the firm. Deposition calls eliminate the travel and time needed for in person depositions.

Court calls can be used to save judges, attorneys and their client's time and money by actually adjudicating cases via conference call. Again, either audio or audio plus video can by used to facilitate these cases. Typically all attorneys and their clients dial into the conference bridge. When all parties are present, the conference operator then dials the judge on the case and places everyone in conference. Video can be used with web cams and web conferencing software and both audio and video can be recorded.
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