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Creating a Hotline

How to set up a hotline

How do I Setup My Account for a Hotline?

Here are easy steps to create your informational hotline:

1   Log into your account portal.
Sent to you upon account activation.

2   Click "Settings" at the top.

3   If you do not want to have email notifications about the calls received to your Hotline - in the Message Notification area turn all toggles to "OFF", then click "Save" on top right.

4   In the Greetings > Main Greeting section, follow the instructions
to create the main greeting for your purchased phone number - this will be your informational message to callers.

5   In the Greetings > After Hours section, make sure the toggle "We are open 24/7" is set to "ON".

6   In the Call Forwarding section, make sure the "Call forwarding toggle at the very top is set to "OFF", click "Save" on top right.

7   In User Settings section, locate the toggle called "Allow callers to leave a message on the main number", make sure it is set to "NO", click "Save" on top right.

When the above steps are complete, your callers will hear your main greeting (the Hotline Content you recorded or uploaded), and then the system will hang up without prompting them to leave a message or connect to the account owner.

You can have up to a 30 minute Hotline recording/presentation that you can either upload or record by phone.

***Customers can upload an MP3 or WAV file, record on the phone, or use any of the other 3 options available in the interface.

***All of the monthly plans choices support creating a Hotline.

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How to set up a 24 hour information hotline

Creating an Information Hotline

Setting up your Hotline

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