Location Centric Conferencing Enables Easy Global Collaboration
Customize Your Own Global Network of Conference Call Access Numbers

Despite the size of our global network offering, our location centric conferencing plans are flexible and nimble.

Toll free access numbers for over 100 countries are included in our standard plans such as Legacy and Expanded Services.

Our standard offering includes local city and country specific access numbers for major population centers around the world such as Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan, Paris, France; Tel Aviv, Israel; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Stockholm, Sweden; and Bangkok, Thailand (to name just a few).

While our regular access number offering is typically more than adequate for most of our global customers, additional city specific access numbers are available upon request. Some of these locations have monthly usage requirements, most do not.

Remove barriers and enhance collaboration

The ability to add local access numbers in distant countries enables building your own custom network as may be required by your enterprise as opposed to toll-free numbers.

Example of special access number cities and countries that can be requested:

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth

Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Steyr

Antwerp, Kortrijk, Leuven


Rio de Janeiro





Lille, Lyon, Marseille

Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart




Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune







New Zealand



Panama City

Papua New Guinea

Saint Petersburg




Baden, Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, Zurich





Contact with us any special country number requirements you may have
Location Centric Conferencing
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Request an access number for a country that is
not listed on either of the two international plans
we provide.  We will do our best to
accommodate your requirement.

Customers that host international conference
calls know the importance of country specific
access numbers to accommodate their invitees.

aitelephone® takes this a step further enabling customers to
acquire access numbers in regions that were previously

Today's global organizations have a powerful tool for real-time
collaboration with employees, associates, branch offices,
colleagues, partners, vendors, officials and other parties around
the globe with location centric conference calls.

What is Location Centric Conferencing?

It enables connecting individuals from around the world into a
global conference call - with each individual joining by dialing a
country specific access number local to their location.

Whether an individual is located in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Peru,
India or China - or elsewhere in the world - joining a conference
call is as simple as dialing a local or toll free phone number.

Benefits of Global Access Numbers for

With our conferencing plans, organizations can build a huge
global access number footprint, enabling participants located in
far-off lands to easily collaborate in group conference calls with
other attendees from around the globe.

Each team member, branch office manager, associate, or
partner simply dials one of our local or toll free access numbers
for their specific location.

Below are just a few of the many benefits larger enterprises
typically experience when adopting global conferencing.

Ease of use

With an in-country access number it's easy for participants to
use. Since access numbers are local to the participant, there's
no need to figure out how to place an international phone call.
Rather than worrying about dialing country exit codes or
international country codes, participants simply place a local call
to join your global conference.

Reduced costs

It virtually closes geographical distances and reduces your
company's reliance on travel. Instead of booking a flight, hotel,
and rental car, book a global conference call. Meanwhile, by
providing location centric and/or toll free global access
numbers, individual branch offices, partners, and other parties
incur fewer, if any, costs associated with their participation.

Centralized Management

Imagine holding a global conference call with your branch
offices around the world where each participant dials the same
access number.  Determining the actual cost of that conference
call could be difficult, if not impossible, due to international toll
charges appearing on multiple branch office phone bills from
various vendors around the globe.

With our location centric conferencing plans, your business
could distribute appropriate global access numbers for your
distributed teams to use, yet manage and view activity from a
central location.

Productivity improvements

Location specific access numbers encourage collaboration and
communication across your global team, supply chain network,
or customer base. By empowering your network to hold global
conference calls as needed, decisions can be made faster,
problems can be solved quickly or even prevented, and both
knowledge and innovative ideas can be exchanged.

Improved Relationships

Location centric conferencing helps to build stronger work and
customer relationships. The human touch often gets lost when
communicating via email or text whereas voice conferencing
allows participants to interact on a more personal level as well
as pick up on verbal cues, personality traits, and tone of voice.

Use Cases

The possibilities for using geographical conference call
access numbers in a global business are virtually unlimited.
The following examples help illustrate.

Collaboration with offshore partners

Whether you're working with a new offshore manufacturer,
adding new products to your lineup, need to expedite an order,
or have encountered unexpected bureaucratic red tape, location
centric conferencing is one of the fastest and easiest
communications channels available.

Your partners could be located virtually anywhere, including
China, Taiwan, Guatemala, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Russia,
Lebanon, or Vietnam, yet each would use a location-centric
access number to join your conference.

Branch office communications

Global enterprises often have branch offices in dozens of
countries. Use our service to host everything from smaller
regional conference calls to enterprise-wide calls with every
branch office joining in.

Global emergency response

Media companies, first responders, charities, government
agencies, and NGOs alike can all benefit from our global
network and location centric conferencing.

An efficient emergency response requires an army of people
working together behind the scenes to ensure that relief arrives
promptly and expediently. Whether your conference calls
involve airport authorities in France, national security officials in
USA, reporters in Haiti, or philanthropists in Hong Kong, having
a bank of global access numbers to draw upon helps remove
barriers to a quick international conference call.

Press conferences

Whether announcing a new product or responding to an urgent
matter, hold a telephone conference call with the international
community is an efficient means of getting your message out
quickly and allowing for questions and answers.

Bidding conferences

Work directly with bidders from around the world in a group
audio call where you can lay out the details of your bid
requirements, answer questions from bidders, and explain the
nuances of your project.

Whether you're part of an organizing committee for a global
sporting event, a chief procurement officer, or a developer
soliciting competitive bids for your next development, being able
to hold global conferences in advance or at a moment's notice
provides you with an efficient way to share your requirements.

Board meetings

Is your board of directors scattered around the globe? Whether
traveling or permanently residing in a diverse set of countries,
participating in location centric conference calls helps to ensure
continuity as the board communicates amongst itself and
conduct its work.

Board members in remote locations can join the call utilizing
existing plan access numbers or by requesting an additional
access number per your requirements.
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