Communicating Internationally with Video Conferencing

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International Video Conferencing
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International Video Conferencing

Working across state lines and international borders is much more practical than it used to be thanks to modern video conferencing tools such as Video Pro conference. Our desktop video conferencing plan takes place in a standard web browser, yet includes powerful voice, video, and data features that make collaboration a breeze, even if you are half a world apart.

Why Use Video Pro for International Meetings and Conferences?

Our voice and video technology makes it possible to hold meaningful face-to-face global video conferences with two to 100 attendees from around the world. You can use the included VoIP audio for attendees that prefer to use their headset or speakers.  You can also pair the plan with our international PSTN audio conferencing plan for exceptional sound quality. Either way, your colleagues, business partners, clients, or loved ones are always just a video conference away.

If any of your meeting attendees need to join the meeting and do not have Web or VoIP access, they can dial-in using toll-free numbers from over 100 countries. View more details here.

Video Pro’s features are ideal for hosting both domestic and international video conferences.

For example

  All-on-one - The video conference interface includes several communications options in one:
video chat via webcam and VoIP, text chat, and collaborative notes.

  Screen sharing - Sometimes, a picture speaks louder than words, and this is especially true when language barriers might be an issue. Whether you have a presentation you want to share or need to show your international attendees a step-by-step demonstration, our screen sharing feature makes it easy.

  No dial-in required (but available as an option if desired) - Communicating internationally over the phone has its challenges due to both international calling costs and dialing conventions. With our video conference plan, there’s no dial-in number required (though you can optionally pair Video Pro with our international audio conferencing plan if desired).

  No plugins or downloads required for attendees - Your attendees do not need to do anything special in order to attend your video conferences other than click a link and interact with you.

  Video Conference Records - Keep records of all of your video conferences with our auto-generated attendance reports and video recording features. At the end of each video conference, you will receive a detailed attendance report via email. A one-click recording button allows you to record your meeting for later review.

  Attendee Status - Want to quickly see if you’ve reached a consensus on a given topic? Ask your attendees to use the status button to indicate agreement or disagreement. This field is color-coded, too, so you can instantly see which attendees agree (green) and which ones don’t (orange). Additional status settings include ready (blue), question (red), and away (gray).

Common Use Cases for International Video Conferencing

There are dozens of different ways our users are using international video conferencing.

Below are just a few:

  Import / export business arrangements

  Communicating with loved ones in different countries

  Collaborating with others in an international virtual team

  Business consulting

  Coordinating international tours

  Hosting educational seminars

  Customer service training

  Virtual meetings with a distributed team or branch offices logo