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Nigeria's low quality telephone network poses a problem for business professionals doing business internationally in the country making international conference calls to or from Nigeria.

Fortunately, international conference calls to or from Nigeria can be made that bypass the national infrastructure. Using our international conference calling service allows you to route calls over a modern telephone network, ensuring both superior call quality and low per minute rates.

Though international calls can go through the Nigerian telephone network, the network's quality adversely affects these calls. Sound quality, dropped calls, connection problems, and other issues continue to make global conference calling a problem in Nigeria. Meanwhile, calling costs are a valid concern for Nigerian business professionals.

Currently, there is no toll free access for Nigeria, but don't let the lack of toll free access stop you from making international conference calls to Nigeria. Instead, use the included dial-out option to dial your participants into the conference Nigeria directly.

As an optional feature, introduce the free Connect App to your Nigerian moderator or participants which uses Wifi to access the conference call with NO access numbers required, just a smartphone, PC or MAC.

Conference Call Nigeria

Here's how it works

  • Notify all participants around the world of the upcoming international conference call and invite them to attend at the appointed time and date.

  • Issue toll free access numbers to participants in countries that are supported by this feature.

  • For participants in Nigeria inform them that you will dial their numbers directly at the appointed time and date. Don't worry, this is easier than you may think.

  • To dial a participant directly, dial into the conference call as you normally would and then press *1 to enter dial-out mode. Dial the participant's phone number, wait for your conferee answer, and then press *2 to connect the participant to the conference call. Optionally, you could ask the live operator to handle dial-out for you. Do this by pressing *0 during the call and then provide the operator with the participants Nigerian mobile or landline number.

  • Using the dial-out feature makes it possible to hold a high quality international conference call with participants in Nigeria and any country worldwide. Another option for Nigerian participants is Skype. If any of your Nigerian participants have Skype, they can use the US conference bridge number to connect to your global conference call.

  • With dial-out (an inbound call to the participant), the call bypasses the traditional Nigerian phone network, allowing for crystal clear audio communications with your Nigerian colleagues.

Nigeria - By the Numbers

Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with more than 177 million residents. Compared to the NIGERIA - CIRCA 1986: A stamp printed in Nigeria from the rest of the world, Nigeria is the eight most populous nation in the world. Only Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, the European Union, India, and China have larger populations.

Nigeria's population is young with a media age of just 18.2 years. This is due to a low life expectancy and high death rates. The nation has been particularly hard hit by AIDS. Over 60 percent of Nigeria's population is younger than age 24. Over 43 percent is younger than age 14.

As of 2012, Nigeria had roughly 418,200 main lines in use and more than 112 million mobile cellular phones in use. Its fixed-line telephone network is in need of modernization and expansion. Due to its poor telephone quality and the introduction of mobile cellular services, mobile cellular growth has exceeded fixed-line growth. Fixed-line subscribership currently stands at about 1 main phone line per 100 people whereas mobile cellular subscribership is close to 60 cellular subscribers per 100 people.

In addition to its telephone subscribers, Nigeria had nearly 44 million Internet users as of 2009 (9th in the world).

Numerous telecommunications companies operate within Nigeria including: Accat Nigeria Limited, Bourdex Telecommunications Limited, Cell Communications Nigeria Limited, MTN Nigeria, GloMobile (Globacom), Mobitel Telecommunication Company, MTS First Wireless, Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL), and many others.

Nigeria Telecommunications

Nigeria's telecommunications industry is regulated by the Nigerian Communications Commission, an independent National Regulatory Authority responsible for facilitating a competitive telecommunications environment.

Nigeria serves as the landing point for the SAT-3/WASC fiber-optic submarine cable that connects to Europe and Asia. It is also home to three satellite earth stations.

Despite its low life expectancy and other challenges, Nigeria is an economic powerhouse. Nigeria's economy, like its population, is the largest in Africa. Its gross domestic product for 2013 was estimated to be about $502 billion. Oil has long been a primary driver of Nigeria's economy but it's not the only one. Nigeria's continued 6-8 percent annual growth also comes from gains in agriculture, telecommunications, and various services.

According to A Survey of the Nigerian Middle Class by Renaissance Capital, about 23 percent of Nigeria's population falls in the middle class. Nigeria's middle class is well educated, optimistic about Nigeria's future, and religious. 48 percent have Internet access.

However, economic strength has not translated into a strong infrastructure or a thriving population. The nation's infrastructure remains poor as does a significant amount of its people. In fact, more than 62 percent of Nigerians live in extreme poverty.

Conducting a Successful International Conference Call in Nigeria

What if you're located inside Nigeria and need to hold an international conference call? You can definitely do so. As the host of the call you will be given an access number for the call; however, it will not be a toll free access number due to lack of toll free support in the country.

As with all international conference calls, we recommend recording your Nigeria conference calls. This gives you options. For example, you may want to share the recording with others who were unable to attend the call live or have the call transcribed for later distribution amongst participants.

Nigeria International Conference Call Features
  • 100+ country toll free access numbers
  • Dial-out rates to Nigeria and any country
  • No activation fee, No recurring fees
  • No minimum usage requirements, No contract term
  • 24 hour customer and operator support
  • [ 0 0 ] keypad command summons on-call operator, 24/7
  • Complete array of leader keypad commands
  • Superb HD quality international PSTN network
  • Automatic emailed attendance report
  • MP3 session recording of any conference call
  • Monthly PDF invoice
  • Host multi-country conference calls. Our conferencing bridge is located in the U.S. but the moderator can initiate a conference call from any country on the Toll Free list.
  • Enable geographically diverse and remote international offices to join Nigeria conference calls to provide input on issues that affect their regions.
Nigeria International Conference call guests can connect to your conference call by receiving a dial-out call from the leader or using the free Connect App.

As an example, now your office in Nigeria can join a conference call with your manufacturer located in China and your call center in the Philippines.

Participants can be placed into the call with the dial-out optionand add attendees located in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Maiduguri, Zaria, Aba, Jos, Ilorin, Oyo, Enugu, Abeokuta, Abuja, Sokoto, Onitsha, Warri, Calabar, Katsina, Akure, Bauchi, Ebute Ikorodu, Makurdi, Minna, Effon Alaiye, Ilesa, Owo, Umuahia, Ondo, Damaturu, Ikot-Ekpene, Iwo, Gombe, Jimeta, Gusau, Mubi, Ikire
and any other city in Nigeria.


The moderator can use our dial-out feature to add a participant in to the conference call 24/7

You can now have 'toll free' multi-country conference calls with Nigeria and the following countries

Nigeria - group and team members who travel to Nigeria can easily connect to your global conference call meetings.
Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, UAE, UK, Uruguay and Venezuela

Nigeria and it's largest import Trading Partners

United States 16.8%
India 12.1%
Netherlands 8.6%
Spain 7.8%
Brazil 7.6%
United Kingdom 5.1%
Germany 4.9%
Japan 4.1%
France 4.1%
(all 2012)

Nigeria's major trading partners USA India Netherlands Spain Brazil UK Germany Japan and France

20 Nigerian Companies who made the Forbes Africa Top 25 Companies in West Africa 2012

Dangote Cement
Zenith Bank PLC
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated
Nigerian Breweries Plc
First Bank Plc
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
United Bank for Africa
Guinness Nigeria
Nestlé Nigeria
Access Bank
Flour Mills Nigeria
Union Bank of Nigeria
Stanbic IBTC
First City Monument Bank
Lafarge Cement WAPCO
Total Nigeria
Unilever Nigeria
PZ Cussions
Cadbury Nigeria Plc

View the list

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Nigeria conference calls are easily set up whether your participant is located in Lagos or another Nigerian city. Your guest can join your Nigeria global conference call.

International Conference Calls - Sign Up Form

Invite attendees into your Nigeria international conference call utilizing our Nigeria dial out feature.

Join international conference calls FROM Nigeria.

You can be located in Nigeria as a participant or the chairperson.

To use this service, the conference call Moderator would simply use the dial out feature to call any city in Nigeria and bring the guest into the conference call.

Another method | use the free included Connect App with a wifi enabled smartphone, PC or MAC.

The system will connect to your phone number in Nigeria once triggered by the App. Join the call without dialing any access numbers or codes from Nigeria.

MP3 session recording
makes it convenient to record and retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls.

Nigeria Cities with conference call access:

As an example, now your client in Nigeria can join a conference call with your marketing department located in Philadelphia and your IT people in India, all on the same call.

The dial-out feature enables the Leader of the call to bring attendees into your Nigeria conference call located in Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Maiduguri, Zaria, Aba, Jos, Ilorin, Oyo, Enugu, Abeokuta, Abuja or any other city in Nigeria.


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