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Expanded Plan Frequently Asked Questions

The Service

Quick summary

Is the service easy to use?

Which states/territories are included with the U.S. toll-free access number?

Do the global dial-in numbers work well?

How do I sign up for service?

Is this a VoIP conference call service?

Do the participants need to have a computer?

Do I need to schedule or book my conference in advance?

What are the toll-free rates?

What are the dial-out rates?

How does the dial-out option work?

Can we have more than one set of passcodes?

Global Access

Are toll-free numbers available in every country of the world?

Are local access numbers available globally?

Operator Assistance

What if I need operator assistance?

Network Quality

How is the sound quality of the network?


Is there a monthly fee?

Is this a pay as you go plan?

What is the billing cycle?

Can my company be invoiced for usage?

Will a monthly statement be sent?

Is a call summary sent after each conference call?

Can I see my call details online?


How do I determine the cost of a conference call?

Do attendees pay when they join my conference call?


Are there any monthly fees?
No there are no monthly fees, no activation fees and no minimum usage requirements. The account is billed for actual usage. Once you receive account activation, the conferencing facility remains ready for your use 24 hours a day with
no ongoing costs, it's usage only.
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Is this a pay as you go plan?
Yes, this is a pay-as-you-go plan. The account owner pays for the conference call connections of all the participants. The toll-free rates or optional dial-out usage is applied to the account owner.
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What is the billing cycle?
The billing cycle is the first week of the month. For example, if your account has usage this month, it would be billed the first week of next month.
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Can my account be invoiced instead of credit card billed?
Yes your account can be set-up without a credit card. Your company needs to be at least four years old, have a working web site and your contact email needs to be a business domain email address.
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Will a monthly account statement be sent?
Yes, all customers receive a monthly statement detailing each call by date, time, duration of each participant, caller ID of attendee, dial-in number, etc.
Credit card billed accounts receive a detailed statement of all usage for the previous billing cycle.
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Is a call summary sent after each conference call?
The email address associated with the account automatically receives an attendance summary for the call just completed.
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Can I see my call details online?
To view an attendee list, login to your account dashboard.
We send you a link. Click on 'Conferences'.

You will see a list of your conference calls for the past 6 months.
If you click on a specific conference start time, you will see the connect and disconnect time for each originating phone number that joined your conference call.

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The Service

Quick summary

1. Global dial-in numbers are immediately sent to you upon account activation.

2. Simply send the access phone number to your conferencing guest that matches his/her country location. They will use that number to connect with you on your conference call.

For example, if your participants are located in Malaysia or India, send them the Malaysia and India access numbers. If attendee is located in Singapore, send them the Singapore access number, etc.

Host conference calls with conferees located in any country
Talk Together Globally

You'll receive a list of all global access numbers with your welcome email.

. Use the service whenever you wish, 24 hours a day. Meet your attendees on the international conferencing bridge anytime.

4. There are no contracts, no activation fees, no monthly recurring fees or minimums. Pay only for the minutes you use.

5. Your conference call is carried over dedicated top tier PSTN global voice lines for the highest quality call experience.

6. Conduct your meetings with up to 250 participants.

. Should you have a question or need help while on a call, you can reach 24 hour U.S. based operators for assistance.
Dial [ * 0 ] star key + zero on your phone keypad and an operator will ask how they can assist you.

. More advanced features are included such as global dial-out and the free Connect App.

. Get your account activated using this form

10. The US toll-free access number is accessible from all of the continental U.S. plus Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico at 2.5¢ per minute rate.

Is the service easy to use?
Participating in an international conference call is very easy.
  1. The moderator typically emails the date and time of the call and the access number to the attendees.

  2. All you need to do is dial-in at the same time you choose to hold your call, and enter a PIN code. You will instantly be joined with the invitees in your conference room.

  3. You will receive a user friendly guide upon account activation. Plus you can always call or email with any questions you might have.

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How do I sign up for service?
Click here to go to the secure Expanded Plan service request form.
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Is this a VoIP conference call service?
No, this is a high quality PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) service. The difference is PSTN does not suffer from packet loss, garbled conversations or other issues that can interfere with audio quality if the call is carried over the Internet.
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Do the meeting participants need to have a computer?
No computer is required, only a landline or mobile phone.
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Do I need to schedule or book my conference in advance?
The service is reservationless so there is no scheduling required. You can use your account at anytime, 24/7. Simply set up the time of your conference call with your team or associates.
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What are the international toll-free rates?
International toll-free rates are located here.
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What are the dial-out rates?
International dial-out rates are located here.
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How does the dial-out option work?
The dial-out feature enables the chairperson to add attendees in any country to the call through the conferencing account. Instead of your guest needing to dial-in to the conference call, he/she will simply answer their phone when it rings, and be connected instantly to the call. Dial-out rates are typically lower than toll-free dial-in rates depending on the country location of the participant.
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Can we have more than one set of passcodes?
Yes. You may want to have additional sets of passcodes if you have different departments or teams that need to host international conference calls simultaneously. There is no charge for adding passcodes to your account and they can be identified by ID number or name for accounting purposes.
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Network Quality

How is the sound quality of the network?
Our international conference call service effectively joins geographically diverse associates, clients and partners providing fast and clear, HD audio quality global connections to your conference room. The network is PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) via state-of-the-art bridging and not carried over the Internet.
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Do the global access numbers really work?
Yes they work, you can depend on it. We have this question asked by new customers that want to sign up but are hesitant due to a negative experience with another service.

Their inquiries range from
percentage of uptime to 'can you send us the dial-in number for Saudi Arabia' or Costa Rica, etc. so we can make certain it works before our call? Of course we will send the numbers upon request.

Our worldwide business customers use the service daily. The global access numbers must work 24 hours a day.
Their business depends on it.

In the rare event that a country access number should have an issue, it's fixed before anyone becomes aware of it due to constant 24 hour network monitoring.
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How do I determine the cost of a conference call?
The cost is based on the per minute rate of the country where the guest is connecting from.

View all available
international rate options here.
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Do attendees pay when they join my conference call?
If your attendees dial a Toll-Free access number from their country, they will join your call at no cost to them.
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Global Access

Are toll-free numbers available in every country?
100+ country toll-free numbers are included with your account. If there is no toll-free access number for some of the countries where your guests are located, you can connect them easily to your conference using the dial-out feature. You can use dial-out to add participants and connect with any phone numbers worldwide.
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Are local access numbers available globally?
Yes, there are many local access numbers available and included with your account. For example, Spain has toll-free and Madrid local access, Cyprus has both toll-free and Nicosia local, as does Luxembourg, etc. See country list
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Operator Assistance

What if I need operator assistance?
For activated accounts, operator assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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Any questions about international conference calls?
Let us know
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Do I need to schedule my calls with an operator?

The service is what we call reservation-less, no scheduling or reservations are required.

Host your conference calls any time, day or night. Ask your participants to dial-in and meet you at a date and time you choose.

View Expanded Plan Sign Up Form

Global Toll-Free RatesToll-Free Rates

Global Dial-Out RatesDial-Out Rates

Connect AppConnect App

Calculate PricingCost Examples

How do I host a multinational conference call meeting?

1 Simply send your guests the date and time of your call.

2 Send them the access phone number for their country and the passcode.

3 Now enjoy multinational conference call meetings whenever required, 24/7/365

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Conference Call Jamaica
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Conference Call Jordan
Conference Call Kazakhstan
Conference Call Kenya
Conference Call Korea
Conference Call Kyrgyzstan
Conference Call Lebanon
Conference Call Latvia
Conference Call Lithuania
Conference Call Luxembourg
Conference Call Macau
Conference Call Malaysia
Conference Call Malta
Conference Call Mexico
Conference Call Moldova
Conference Call Monaco
Conference Call Montserrat
Conference Call Morocco
Conference Call Netherlands
Conference Call New Zealand
Conference Call Nigeria
Conference Call Norway
Conference Call Oman
Conference Call Pakistan
Conference Call Panama
Conference Call Paraguay
Conference Call Peru
Conference Call Philippines
Conference Call Poland
Conference Call Portugal
Conference Call Puerto Rico
Conference Call Qatar
Conference Call Romania
Conference Call Russia
Conference Call Saudi Arabia
Conference Call Serbia
Conference Call Singapore
Conference Call Slovakia
Conference Call Slovenia
Conference Call Somalia
Conference Call South Africa
Conference Call Spain
Conference Call Sri Lanka
Conference Call St Kitts
Conference Call St Lucia
Conference Call St Vincent
Conference Call Sweden
Conference Call Switzerland
Conference Call Taiwan
Conference Call Tajikistan
Conference Call Thailand
Conference Call Trinidad
Conference Call Turkey
Conference Call Turks and Caicos
Conference Call Ukraine
Conference Call UAE
Conference Call UK
Conference Call Uruguay
Conference Call USA
Conference Call Uzbekistan
Conference Call Venezuela
Conference Call Vietnam
Conference Call Zimbabwe


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