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Expanded Plan International Conference Call Benefits
Expanded Plan Enables Global Convenience

Your attendees enter your conference call using a familiar toll-free or local access number from their country.

More than 150 access points globally including over 50 local international city access numbers are available to accommodate your guests.

We'll send you the entire global toll-free access number list upon account activation.

Simply send out the country access number to your attendee with the passcode and meet together on your call as you require.

    View country access list and pricing examples hereView country access list and pricing examples here

    1 Send out the country access number to your attendee along with date and time of the call.

    2 If no access number exists for your participant's country, use the included leader dial-out option to easily add a guest manually using a simple keypad command.

Expanded Plan
  • Conference with anyone in any country
  • Reservationless
  • Activate account, then use when needed
  • Pay as you go for usage only
  • No term contract or usage commitment
  • No account activation or start up fee
  • No prepayments
Session Recording Option with MP3

A link to your MP3 file of any recorded conference call is emailed to you after your international conference call has ended.

Attendance Reports After Each Call

For your reference, after each conference call, a detailed attendance report is automatically emailed to the address on file.

Business Dependability Conference Call Service

Hear and be heard with perfect call quality, globally.
You can expect superb international audio call quality.

Your international conference call uses PSTN call processing. (Public Switched Telephone Network) The conference calls are
not transported over the Internet so you will not experience packet loss or garbled conversations.

It's Reservationless
  • Host your conference call anytime - 24/7.

  • No reservations are necessary. Simply notify your participant's of the date and time of your call.

  • Everyone dials in at the time and date you arrange with your invitees.

  • They enter their passcode and the conference call begins.

  • Your account is at your command 24 hours a day.

U.S. Staffed 24 Hour Operator Assistance

24 hour operator U.S. based operator assistance.

This means regardless of time zones, you
and your guests are assured of operator assistance around the clock, if needed.

Dial-out option

With the optional 'dial-out' feature, you can connect participants to your call no matter their country location.

Why is this important?
In some countries, a toll free access number or any access number may simply not exist. The dial-out feature solves this issue and enables the leader to add participants anywhere, worldwide.

Dial-out rates are typically
lower than toll free access depending the country location of participant.

Included Connect App

You can optionally use the included Connect App to join your calls. The App works with iPhone, Android, PC or IOS.

You'll need a web connection.

Phone compatibility

Your attendees can use any phone type they wish to access your call including Skype.

Add Additional Passcodes

If you have more than one chairperson or user, we can issue as many sets of passcodes that you require. A set of passcodes can be indentified with a name, department ID or any ID you prefer.

Monthly Statement Details

The monthly statement contains all call details. The report contains complete itemization of all users, department ID's, with caller ID, date, time, duration, access number, etc.

Billing cycle is the first week of the month for any previous months usage.


Expanded global toll-free access numbers enable international phone meetings with attendees located in any country

Toll-free and local access numbers worldwide.

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Expanded International Toll Free Conference Call Benefits