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International Conference Call Meetings
Connect with Others Globally

Hosting an international conference call

Notify you participants with the date and time of your conference

Send your participants date and time of your call

This is an on demand reservationless service, no scheduling or booking is required. Host a call any time 24 hours a day.

Your international guests dial-in, enter a passcode to join your call. All parties can speak and be heard, globally.

Participants dial-in, enter a passcode to join

You will receive passcodes and international access numbers immediately upon account activation.

Dial-Out at any time during the call. The moderator can use the included dial-out feature to add a participant in any country.

Chairperson dial-out during a call

The dial-out option is an included feature for the chairperson.

You can use dial-out to
add a participant in any country.

Dial-out feature makes it effortless to add attendees in countries that do not have access numbers or if it's desired that the host place the participant into the call at a desired point during a call.

Easily add participants to your call typically at lower dial-out rates

The power of the dial-out feature

There are over 200 countries worldwide. Since it is not possible to provide access numbers in every country, the dial-out feature enables the moderator to add participants located in any country easily and quickly.

The dial-out feature is also used by customers that find it useful to
add a participant to an ongoing call in progress. It can be helpful to add a guest to a call at the appropriate time, for example, after a pre-conference with others.

Many customers find the dial-out feature can save on costs because many countries have dial-out rates that are lower than toll-free access. Each country has a different
dial-out rate.

Self Managed Host Controls

Chairperson key pad commands



* 0

Request an operator

* 1

Dial out to a participantDial Out to a Participant

+ * 1

Join a new participant to the conference

+ * 2

Return with a new participant

+ * 3

Return without a new participant

* 2

Conference record on/off

* 3

Conference playback on/off

* 4

Increase / decrease line volume

* 5

Conference lecture mode on/off

* 6

Mute line on/off

* 7

Lock conference on/off

* 8

Participant count or roll call

* 9

Stops Roster playback

* 91

Enter a Billing Code

* 94

Replay a conference recording file number

* 98

Turn leader hang-up on/off

# #

Force end of conference



Self Managed Participant Controls

Attendee key pad commands

* 0

Request an operator

* 3

Conference playback on/off

* 6

Mute line on/off

* 8

Participant count or roll call

* 9

Stops Roster playback

Participants can join your call by dialing a toll-free number from their country at no cost to them

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Global Dial-Out RatesDial-Out Rates

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Meet with your attendees no matter where in the world they may be located
The included dial-out feature enables conferencing with participants in any global location.

It's simple to do. You can dial-out to a participant through your conference call account by dialing a keypad command
* 1 ] and add a guest into your meeting instantly.

Simply follow the voice prompts to complete a dial-out and add a participant manually.

The dial-out feature is built in to your account.

The dial-out call is routed through our conferencing network only. You do not pay anything to your phone company to use the dial-out feature when you dial-out to an international participant.

You are billed the dial-out rate to the participants country.

Example use of the dial-out feature
Assume you need to have two attendees located in Laos and Mongolia on your call or any other non toll free access country.

There are no access numbers in Laos or Mongolia.

The easy solution

The dial-out option enables quickly adding these two remote locations above to your call.

To use the dial-out feature, you must know the phone number of the overseas attendee.

Your account will be billed the dial-out rate to the attendee's country.

The attendee receives an inbound call from your conference account and joins your call and can then talk and participate as normal.


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