Example global conference call

attendees in U.S., Hong Kong, mainland China, India and Switzerland

International Operator Assisted Call
a customer chooses our operator assisted conference call service for 115 attendees

These days there are many UCaaS apps and VoIP services for collaborating.


If you are planning on conducting a larger event conference call with attendees located in multiple global cities, it may be a challenge without operator assistance.


When users join an international event meeting using a UCaaS (unified communications) or VoIP,

one or more issues below are possible


  • You can hear them, but they cannot hear you
  • They can hear you, but you can’t hear them
  • If web based, screen sharing works for some but not all
  • Video may be choppy or pixilated for some users
  • Voice cuts in and out for some callers
  • People will try to logout and log back in to see if that fixes issues
  • Blame is put on the modem/router and/or computer, rebooting is common
  • Some invitees fall off the call because they can't overcome their issue


These listed items are common to network and collaboration support desks across enterprises.


When your event call depends on reliability

Many of our customers utilize our operator assisted international audio bridge for reliable global conferencing. This provides a very high probability of success.

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