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There is no reason to overpay for Conference Calls

AIT offers flexible pricing plans to serve the budgets and usage requirements for conference call users in the U.S. and international conference call users.


Make it easy for your staff, team members, associates and clients to communicate without unnecessary travel.

Unlimited Conference Calls - Flat Rate

Conference Calls USA

Canada Conference Calls

International Conference Call

Toll Free Conference Calls USA
For customers that require a discounted, high quality,
toll free plan with no monthly fees and no term commitment.
hy pay AT&T's prices when AIT can provide the exact
same line quality with more features plus much
better customer service and for 1/3 the cost ?
Plus Free recordings and MP3 download of your conference calls.
Pay As You Go Plan
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International Conference Calls
For customers that require international toll free access conference calls.

International Conference Calls
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Unlimited Conference Calls
For customers with heavy monthly conference call usage.

Flat Rate Toll audio conference call plan.
Pay by the Month
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Canada Toll Free Conference Calls
For customers that require a predictable monthly
Toll Free conference call expense and that already
know their typical monthly Toll Free minute usage.

Canada Toll Free Bucket of Minutes Plan
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Web Conferencing
For customers that need a combination audio and web conferencing plan.
Web Conferencing
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Making a Conference Call

1 After your account is activated, to hold a conference call, simply provide your conferees with the date and time to dial-in.

2 Send the participants the assigned access number and the participant code.

3 The system will ask the conferee to enter the provided passcode followed by the pound [#] key. Anyone that dials-in early hears music (optional) until the 'moderator' logs in. Once the moderator enters the conference, the music stops and the conference call begins.
  • It's very simple to use
  • Comparable quality costs 3 times more
  • Pay As You Go and Flat Rate plans
  • No reservations necessary, use it at will
  • Superb sound quality
  • 24 hour customer service included
  • Feature rich platform in operation since 1996

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Pay As You Go Plan:

This conference call plan provides audio conference calls on a per minute basis.

Canada Toll Free rate:
6.9¢ per minute, per participant.

International Toll Free Access»

Simultaneous Conference Calls

If you have more than one user group, we can set up as many 'sub-accounts' as you desire. Billing reports contain all group ID's, participant, date, time, duration, access number.

Toll Free Access

A Toll Free access number is provided and is accessible nationwide.

If you have participants in other countries, this plan offers country specific international toll free access numbers
from 60 countries and regions.

Immediate Email Summary

An summary of each conference call is automatically and immediately sent to the email address specified on the order form.

This summary itemizes the following: Group ID's, if any, participant, date, time, duration, access number, cost.

The email summary is sent upon the termination of
each conference call. This auto email feature is available only with the 'Pay As You Go' plan.

Partial Feature List
  • Email attendance summary of each conference call
  • Free MP3 session recording of all recorded conferences
  • No setup fees, no monthly fees, no activation fees
  • No cancellation fees, no term commitment
  • No minimum usage requirement
  • Free recording of conferences
  • Sub-accounts for concurrent conference calls
  • Monthly invoice by postal mail or email
  • Low U.S. Toll Free Access Rate of 6.9¢ per minute
  • International Toll Free Access
Pay As You Go Plan


Unlimited Flat Rate Plan:

Unlike other "flat rate" plans you may come across, ours is truly unlimited . This means, you are not charged for any minutes used , only the flat rate of the plan you choose, monthly.

Participants dial a standard telephone access number, not a toll free number.

You have the use of the conferencing bridge, 24 hours a day, all month long, and pay a flat monthly rate based on the number of participants in your plan.

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Web Conferencing - Desktop Sharing

MM Start Visuals is a combination Audio and Web Conferencing plan.
  • Two services in one plan. Audio conferencing and desktop sharing combined. It's interactive audio/visual meetings offered with one flat monthly fee or 'by the minute'.

  • No software or plug-in to download, simply login and use.

  • High quality audio. Not VoIP. Use your normal telephone.

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A reason to change conference call providers.

Many new AIT customers report that after closely examining their previous conference call providers charges, they decided to change to an AIT conference call plan to help contain conference call expenses and improve quality at the same time.

More Conference Call Plans


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