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Video Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
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Record your meetings on your device to share or view later at your convenience.
Watch YouTube Videos

Simultaneously stream YouTube to all your attendees from within your Video Meeting room.
Pop-Out Video Screens

Create independent floating video windows of your attendees.  Great for multiple displays.
Pass the Presenter Controls

Turn over your presenter controls to any attendee at any time.
Invite Attendees

Send a quick email invitation from within your meeting or invite attendees to future meetings from within your dashboard.

Attendees can exchange messages in the chat window with the presenter and with each other.
Look Who's Talking

The Active Talker indicator easily identifies who is or is not speaking.
Personal Share Space

Share meeting documents like recordings and notes from your password protected account share area.
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Screen Share
Share anything on your computer. Includes any
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photos plus stream
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Web such as
Screen Sharing
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How to Improve Office Communications with Desktop Video Conferencing

Think desktop video conferencing is just for remote workers, distributed teams, and sales professionals? Think again!

Bringing desktop video conferencing into your office environment can be beneficial across the board, even if none of your employees telecommute or interact with external partners or clients. Below are a few ways that you can improve office communication with Video Pro Conferencing.

Enjoy Video Conferencing with Co-Workers

While desktop video won't, and shouldn't, eliminate in-person interactions with employees and co-workers, it can bring them closer. Need to clarify an invoice with someone in the warehouse? Rather than sending an impersonal email and waiting for a response or walking across the building and parking lot, a quick video call can bring you both face to face. You can even display the invoice using the screen sharing feature and get your questions answered quickly and easily.

Hold Impromptu Video Conferencing

Similarly, Video Conferencing can be used to hold impromptu meetings as needed. Rather than heading to the conference room, which might already be occupied, you and the other parties can meet using desktop video conferencing.

Impromptu video meetings in the office are ideal for any number of situations that may come up including:

Crisis management
Customer service issues
Event planning
Troubleshooting a problem

Brainstorming Collaborate with Screen-Sharing

Collaborating with co-workers in the office often results in several people peering over the shoulder of another person.  Attempting to demonstrate a task or present an idea this way is far from ideal.

Desktop video with screen-sharing provides a better user experience - even if everyone is seated in the same room. While it may seem silly to hold a video conference while working side-by-side, you’ll appreciate being able to share your screen or view another’s without the crowding. Likewise, your video conferencing sessions can include shared collaborative notes, YouTube videos, chats, and recordings that can be viewed later.

Video Conferencing Records Training Sessions

Desktop video is ideal for office training sessions and general knowledge exchange. Not only can you provide your employees and co-workers with a convenient webinar-like way to engage in live training, you can record your training sessions for future employees. Over time, you can build your own library of knowledge.

Not only can desktop video conferencing in the office improve communications amongst your team, it can improve productivity and morale as a result. As an added bonus during flu season, video technology could even help germs from spreading by limiting in-person contact between employees who may be contagious.

These are but a few ways that Video Conferencing can enhance interoffice communications. Whether you need video conferencing and webinar software for long distance interactions or as a handy communications tool internally, try a free 30-day trial of Video Pro Conferencing today.
With the ability to view each other face to face, your attendees will stay engaged throughout the entire meeting.
Choose the Online Meeting Room Layout and decide which features you wish to make available to your attendees.
Packed with easy to use features ensures your meetings will run the way you want them to.
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Attendance Reporting

A detailed attendance report is emailed to you at the end of every meeting.  You can also download your attendance reports directly from your dashboard.
Free VoIP Audio

Talk and listen during your meeting using your computer or mobile device's microphone and speakers.
Lecture Mode

Mute all attendees to avoid interruption while presenter is speaking.
Mobile Apps

Download the Free Mobile App to present or attend from your smartphone or tablet.  (Apple only)
Collaborative Notes

Create, view and collaborate in the Dynamic Notes workspace.  Text is displayed Live on the screen as you or an attendee types.  Attendee collaboration can be easily disabled. logo