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Video Pro Conferencing
Video Pro Conferencing
Easily Surpasses Clarity and Quality of Competitors

Record your meetings on your device to share or view later at your convenience.
Watch YouTube Videos

Simultaneously stream YouTube to all your attendees from within your Video Meeting room.
Pop-Out Video Screens

Create independent floating video windows of your attendees.  Great for multiple displays.
Pass the Presenter Controls

Turn over your presenter controls to any attendee at any time.
Invite Attendees

Send a quick email invitation from within your meeting or invite attendees to future meetings from within your dashboard.

Attendees can exchange messages in the chat window with the presenter and with each other.
Look Who's Talking

The Active Talker indicator easily identifies who is or is not speaking.
Attendance Reporting

A detailed attendance report is emailed to you at the end of every meeting.  You can also download your attendance reports directly from your dashboard.
Free VoIP Audio

Talk and listen during your meeting using your computer or mobile device's microphone and speakers.
Personal Share Space

Share meeting documents like recordings and notes from your password protected account share area.
Lecture Mode

Mute all attendees to avoid interruption while presenter is speaking.
Collaborative Notes

Create, view and collaborate in the Dynamic Notes workspace.  Text is displayed Live on the screen as you or an attendee types.  Attendee collaboration can be easily disabled.
Mobile Apps

Download the Free Mobile App to present or attend from your smartphone or tablet.  (Apple only)
Getting Started
Many customers run Video Pro Free Trial alongside their existing video conferencing platform to compare quality and clarity
Enjoy a fully functional 30-day trial with no obligation to continue when the trial ends.

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Screen Share
Share anything on your computer. Includes any
documents, image slideshows, Web pages and popular
applications such as Power Point, Word and Excel,
photos plus stream
anything from the
Web such as
Screen Sharing
No More Boring Meetings
You're Always in Control
It's Full of Features

Video Meetings

Collaborate Face-to-Face
Face to face meetings have never been more convenient.
Add a Visual Element with Video

Host webinars, presentations, interviews, board meetings, consultations, conferences and more.

All from your personal online meeting room

Look your best while on your video meetings.
Up to 6 HQ streams available.
With the ability to view each other face to face, your attendees will stay engaged throughout the entire meeting.
Choose the Online Meeting Room Layout and decide which features you wish to make available to your attendees.
Packed with easy to use features ensures your meetings will run the way you want them to. logo