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Greeting Only Mailbox Extension

Voice Mail - A 24/7 Information Hotline - Greeting Only Mailbox Extension
How does it work?

Here is an example of how this would work:

Travel Mania International sells Wholesale Travel Packages to the public. The caller has chosen Greeting Only Mailbox Extension 5 to learn more about the Lifetime Vacation Package product from Travel Mania International.

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“Thank you for taking time to make this call. In this brief overview we’ll outline our exceptional product, a product that many people consider to be the best of its kind on the planet today.

Travel Mania offers a lifetime membership package that has been marketed for over 20 years within the travel and resort industry. Tens of thousands of families have enjoyed Travel Mania’s unlimited travel benefits. Benefits that include major discounts on hotels, ocean cruises, dining, recreation and resort condominiums. These are not Timeshare Packages; they are Premium packages that provide Wholesale Travel at your fingertips !

Our vacation packages bring families together in hundreds of beautiful locations. Vacationing provides memories that last a lifetime and brings joy to people’s lives. We are very proud of our travel packages and we can say without reservation that our product stands alone as THE BEST VALUE in the world of travel and entertainment. For only $3,995 we offer consumers a Travel Package with a retail value of way over $10,000.

Included in our package are discounts with some of the most respected names in the industry, companies like Carnival Cruises, Disney World and Kodak, as well as hundreds of well-known hotels and resorts. Our Travel Packages allow people to Travel the World for Pennies on the Dollar! We have the best product in the travel industry; we encourage you to immediately go to our web site to find out more details about this amazing package. Log on to www.------------.com, once again that web site address is www.-------------.com. When you get to the site view the package details online and complete the brief online survey. One of our trained Vacation Specialists will get back in touch with you within 2 business days. When they do, be sure to ask about our easy and simple payment plan! Thank you again for taking time to learn about our exciting Travel Savings package, may your travels be safe and exciting!”

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Create a 24/7 Information Hotline. A Greeting Only Mailbox Extension is the ultimate tool when it comes to providing Product/Service information, testimonials and other types of information around the clock.

Store up to a 30 minute greeting or presentation

Greeting Only Mailbox Extensions are great for hosting audio training information, office location directions, office hours, testimonials, information in multiple languages, audio overviews and anything else you can think of.

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Voice Mail Greeting Only Mailbox Extension